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Top 10 K.E. Ganshert Quotes (2023 Update)

K.E. Ganshert Quote: “Just because a lot of people believe something doesn’t make it true.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “Whoops. Didn’t see you there.” The class erupts in giggles. I look up to find the smug face of one of Summer’s groupies, her expression filled with such abhorrence, I’m too flustered to respond.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “The past is the past. It’s done. It’s over. It only has power if you let it keep you from making the right choice in the present.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “A person can choose not to believe it, but that doesn’t make their soul go away. It’s there, whether they want to acknowledge it or not.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “I take a deep breath, as if the key to confidence is an extra dose of oxygen.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “Fear only has power when we let it make our choices.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “My voice escapes like a mouse.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “In a world where God does not exist, where science has done everything to systematically remove any sort of deity from society, does she turn to one anyway? Despite all its answers and logic, science offers no comfort, no hope. Not at times like these.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “I mean, she’s the president. If there’s one thing our country’s any good at, it’s nitpicking our leader.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “I don’t tell the doctor about what I saw in Mr. Lotsam’s class. I’m not ready to divulge that yet. Dreams can be explained.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “But hear me on this. What I believe? It means very little unless you believe it, too.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “To hold onto all the pieces of good and light in our lives as tightly as we can.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “Maybe that’s another one of the enemy’s weapons. Making us so fixated on what was that we aren’t able to step forward into what is.”
K.E. Ganshert Quote: “Darkness is a tricky, tricky thing. Especially when it masks itself in light. Beside.”
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