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Top 6 K.F. Germaine Quotes (2023 Update)

K.F. Germaine Quote: “This DJ sucks cock, rang out through the speakers. The whole crowd looked at Fernando, who know had his eyes closed as he continued to nod his head. Chance spit his beer in one glorious spray all over the table. Jack’s face was completely colorless.”
K.F. Germaine Quote: “I sat on the grocery store floor for a half hour, reading the labels on all the boxes. I was upset Sydney was at risk for something called toxic shock syndrome, so I followed an old lady down the aisle and she showed me female incontinence products. I thought they did the same job. Turns out I was dead wrong.”
K.F. Germaine Quote: “She laughed. It was supposed to come across as a smooth butter-her-up laugh, but it rang in my ears as a let’s-go-meet-Satan-down-the-hall laugh.”
K.F. Germaine Quote: “Their vaginas were just ships passing in the night, stopping to pick up every dirty sailor.”
K.F. Germaine Quote: “She really loves sherbet, so I was going to take her to Ben and Jerry’s. Todd from our team has one of those vans you can sleep in, you know, with the black bubble window. It was going to be romantic... ” “It sounds like your’re trying to abduct a child, Jack. Jesus, the zoo, ice cream, a creepy van.”
K.F. Germaine Quote: “I stepped into the building. I paused in the front lobby. It was completely empty. No meatheads or groupies like there usually was when I visited Jack. The only sound of life came from above on the second floor. Horrible music. I listened for a few seconds before my ears started to bleed. That poor stereo! But a brilliant move on Gray’s part. He knew it would call to me like a wounded animal, begging to be put out of its misery.”
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