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Top 15 K.J. Sutton Quotes (2023 Update)

K.J. Sutton Quote: “For me, you were never a Nightmare, Fortuna Sworn – you were a dream come to life.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “In that moment, he truly did look like the Unseelie King. Like a dark fairy tale. Like a terrible dream.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “My captors had been careful to avoid physical contact these past three days.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “Like the nightmares that came at night, we were meant to be seductive. We were designed to lure our victims in. Then, when it was too late to draw back, we struck.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “I know exactly what you are... and I think it’s magnificent.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “Sometimes it’s not about being stronger. It’s about being smarter.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “I glared at Collith and wondered if God had created his angels beautiful for practical reasons, rather than aesthetic ones. A beautiful thing was much harder to destroy than an ugly thing.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “Fear is a seed, my love. It can grow from pain or anger... or it can grow from something else. Love. Hope. You are not a monster, Fortuna Sworn. Concentrate on the good, take it into you, and let the rest go.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “God, give me patience or an untraceable handgun, I thought.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “A beautiful thing was much harder to destroy than an ugly thing.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “Watching her go, I wanted to tell my friend how the dark reveals things just as often as it hides them. Stars shine brightest in the sky, plants thrive at the bottom of the ocean, fireflies flicker over the grass.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “Nightmares may be lies, but we don’t have to be liars.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “The sort of grief that couldn’t be given a voice, or it would become so big, so loud, that it ripped you apart from the inside.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “My own face was proof that beauty couldn’t be trusted.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “When you are in a room with a murderer, there are only two kinds of people. One is the killer. The other is the murdered. Which one would you rather be, at any given time?”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “I view life like a story,” Laurie said. “A story in which I am the main character, and every terrible thing that happens is just a chapter in it. Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end, so I always remind myself that I am somewhere in the middle.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “I was the fire to his ice. The shout to is whisper. The run to his walk.”
K.J. Sutton Quote: “If you died, Fortuna, I’d follow you into whatever afterlife there is. The rest doesn’t really matter, does it?”
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