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Top 20 K.S. Villoso Quotes (2023 Update)

K.S. Villoso Quote: “Some memories come at you like a wave. You’re not quite sure when the swell starts, but you know before it hits how it all ends; that after the rise and fall you will still be engulfed by the sea.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Betrayal has a funny way of turning your world upside-down. As familiar as I had already been with it by that point, it still amazed me how far I could stretch that moment of denial. The thought of what had been – of what could yet be – persisted. Perhaps it is not the same for most people. Perhaps, when you love less, it is easier not to let the emptiness become a cavern from which you could no longer see the sun.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Do mages land on their feet, like cats? Because I swear to Sakku if you don’t shut up and leave right now I’m going to push you through that window.” The tone of her voice must have got to him, then, because he finally got up. He sulked along the wall for a few moments, hoping perhaps that she would change her mind, which made her start thinking that strangling was so unsophisticated; it was probably easier to cut him with a knife and drop all the bits in the lake for the fish to feed on.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “I think it’s different, when you’re trying to fight for something. You’re trying to preserve a part of yourself so that you have enough left over for tomorrow. We’re all a little like that, no matter how far off the edge we’ve been.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Five years of regret has a funny way of fermenting inside someone – like wine, it had only gained potency over the years.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “I found it hard to believe that Rai used his charm to pull off such a feat – the man was about as charismatic as the bottom of a chamber pot.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “I sat on one of the sofas, pretending I wasn’t disconcerted by the music, which paused long enough for a new, more sorrowful tune to play out. I twiddled my thumbs. I stared at the fish and named it “Sparky.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “The true story, as always, is in the details.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Ancient oak, actually, is what the boy used to call her, back when he was still a boy. Like all men, he had aged too fast. She still remembers long, summer nights back in Hafod, when she would bake bread with the windows open while he would take his crutches to read his books on the kitchen table. He used to tell her how much he loved her bread, that he thinks it is the most wonderful thing in the world. He was always a flatterer, that one.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “We cling to what is broken when we have no choice. Even love that tastes like poison, that presses like a blade in your throat, is better than gaping emptiness.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Remind me,” I murmured, “why a single moment is enough to outweigh the rest. Why fickle tempers rule over steadfast hearts.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Courage is overrated, or so cowards like me say. Courage implies choice.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “You don’t know if you’re allowed to, you said. But you are allowed, you’re allowed to be happy. What unseen deity stands over us, forcing us not to take what we can out of the mess we’ve been given?”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “A wolf must remain a wolf.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “None of it mattered. My duties were far from over. A wolf of Oren-yaro fights to make it right, down to the last breath. A wolf of Oren-yaro does not beg. A wolf of Oren-yaro suffers in silence.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Time had taken those children and left behind these aging vessels, doomed to continue down the path of yesterday’s mistakes.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “We could own nothing and still have everything.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Somewhere in my memories, I remembered my father telling me that life wasn’t fair; that for everything you were ever given, somebody paid a price.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Someone who had been a slave should have known better – you didn’t own people, you didn’t lay claim to their hearts. For that moment in time, she was with him, and he should’ve found a way to be happy with that. And perhaps he had been – perhaps he had simply forgotten. A moment of love, like a single coin, was too easily spent. You go through your whole life wanting more.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “People speak of love and all these things it ought to be, but the truth is that love is not always a wondrous thing to be carried with pride or celebrated.”
K.S. Villoso Quote: “Moon had this notion that life is not a random occurrence, or at least that even if it were, we owed it to ourselves to make something more from it. It is not just about waking up to go through the motions and then die. She talked about purpose, about changing the world beyond ourselves. How else do we give meaning to the mundane, and make sense out of needless suffering and the transience of this all?”
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