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Top 5 K. Scott Oliphint Quotes (2023 Update)

K. Scott Oliphint Quote: “In Adam we will, even if it kills us, do all that we can to avoid what is patently and clearly made obvious to us by God himself.”
K. Scott Oliphint Quote: “The lordship of Christ is basic to our defense of Christianity. Christ now reigns. He is Lord. All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to him. That authority is the prerequisite to the command to make disciples. Without that authority, baptism and disciple making in and for the church are meaningless.”
K. Scott Oliphint Quote: “The Bible is authoritative not because we accept it as such, but because it is the word of the risen Lord. It has a claim on all people. Its truth is the truth for every person in every place. Why, then, would we be reluctant to communicate that truth in our apologetics? Perhaps because we have not reckoned with the actual lordship of Christ. Perhaps we haven’t really set him apart as Lord in our hearts.”
K. Scott Oliphint Quote: “Unbelief cannot sustain itself; it is unable to make sense of the facts, many of which are the most obvious facts of the world; it assumes, rather than shows, that there is no God, that the world is not created by him, that his character is not obvious in creation, and so on. Then it proceeds to argue its case not by attempting to support those assumptions, but simply by assuming them and then arguing as if the assumptions themselves are, or must be, universal if one is to be “rational.”
K. Scott Oliphint Quote: “Since, however, a covenantal apologetic affirms Scripture as foundational, it will be obvious to us that it is Scripture’s content that must be highlighted as the primary and preeminent logos of persuasion. The content of our discourse and all of its arguments must have its genesis in Scripture. What we wish to communicate, in other words, as the logos of persuasion, is the logos, or Word, of God himself, and ultimately God’s Word made flesh, who is the Lord Jesus Christ.”
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