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Top 25 K. Weikel Quotes (2023 Update)

K. Weikel Quote: “Sometimes to defeat somebody that plays dirty, you have to play dirty yourself.”
K. Weikel Quote: “We can’t always be the bridge. Sometimes we have to be the flooding river.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Desire without action will collapse all hope built inside.”
K. Weikel Quote: “When the choice is life-or-death, you can’t choose rationally. No one can. So let us decide for you.”
K. Weikel Quote: “You never want to try and change someone to fit your expectations because they won’t change for long...”
K. Weikel Quote: “Nothing is purely evil.”
K. Weikel Quote: “You don’t have to forget where you came from to move on.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Sometimes we’re only born to die, my dear. But if that is what you’re destined for – to die – then embrace it and don’t be afraid when it comes.”
K. Weikel Quote: “I wanted to hold you until you weren’t falling apart anymore, and I wanted to be the stitches that helped you heal, but I knew that I’d just infect your wounds further, so I couldn’t stay.”
K. Weikel Quote: “I don’t have the heart to leave shattered pieces where they lay.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Everyone wishes for a better life, and yet they want nothing to change.”
K. Weikel Quote: “We will no longer be outcasts – we will be rulers.”
K. Weikel Quote: “What disease would keep you alive, even when you’re promised death? A disease kills. A miracle saves.”
K. Weikel Quote: “You are more than your mistakes. You are more than your past. The present might be rough, but the future is always bright as long as you reach for it.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Insomnia haunted me like regret.”
K. Weikel Quote: “I’m aware of how hard it is, feeling helpless when you can’t save someone you love...”
K. Weikel Quote: “It’s a baby. A baby can’t be without a mother.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Even though tomorrow will be dark for me, I thank you for trying to bring me to the light.”
K. Weikel Quote: “We’re all flawed. We’re all monsters. Our ugly parts are in different places, but they’re all the same.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Staying safe might be the best option, especially if he contacted you in the midst of danger. Because of that, you either mean a whole lot to him or nothing at all.”
K. Weikel Quote: “If eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, his shutters are locked tight.”
K. Weikel Quote: “You can’t claim you’re the victim when you’re the one inflicting the pain.”
K. Weikel Quote: “The moment he makes you feel like he’s done something to benefit you, walk away, because it’s what will get you into the most trouble.”
K. Weikel Quote: “I was different in a world of things of the same, something we’d strived for generation after generation – but... I never understood why we had to be the same. Of course, I kept this to myself. Equality apparently worked.”
K. Weikel Quote: “When you love someone, you should tell them. It’s up to the other party to decide what comes next.”
K. Weikel Quote: “I can’t obsess over what got me in this situation. I have to focus on how to get out of it.”
K. Weikel Quote: “There will always be darkness. There will always be more rain after the storm has ceased. But we need to search for the rainbow between those moments.”
K. Weikel Quote: “Saying everything is okay doesn’t make you a grown-up.”
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