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Top 20 Kady Cross Quotes (2023 Update)

Kady Cross Quote: “Don’t mistake me, Treasure. I can offer you many things, but friendship ain’t one of them. Now, for once in your life, be a sensible girl and run away.”
Kady Cross Quote: “You’re the very spawn of Satan and I’ll not have you darken this door ever again.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Don’t you dare die. You have to live so I can curse you up and down for scaring me like this.”
Kady Cross Quote: “I’m just disappointed in myself.” “Learn from it and then let it go. Dwelling never helped anyone.”
Kady Cross Quote: “As frightening as we may think her, I believe she finds herself even more so.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Just smashing for a girl’s confidence, that was. Nothing like having a bloke’s attention wander when you were doing your best to divert him.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Emily’s ginger brows were knit tight, the edges of each almost meeting over the bridge of her pert nose. “You know I will, you daft baggage. As if we have any other option.”
Kady Cross Quote: “They were alike, they were. Both predators, both dangerous and both vain. And they each found the other fascinating.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Miss her a little? God, was she daft? He was going to miss her more than a little. No, he wasn’t. He leaped to his feet and practically ran to the door. He wasn’t going to miss her at all. He was going to find her and bring her home.”
Kady Cross Quote: “So Finley did what so many rich girls did when confronted with a situation they did not want to face. She rolled her eyes back into her head and pretended to faint.”
Kady Cross Quote: “It was a little disappointing, really. As an inventor he could at least have had a hunchback assistant, or perhaps a metal one.”
Kady Cross Quote: “When she left her room she locked the door and slipped the key into a small pocket inside her corset – no.”
Kady Cross Quote: “My knee struck a tree root as my vision went black. Suddenly, I was in a building at Haven Crest, kneeling on the floor. Blood, thick and clotted like canned cherries, crept down the walls. The lights above my head flickered off then on with a menacing hum.”
Kady Cross Quote: “The older woman smiled. ‘You’re a good girl, my dear. Just what His Grace needs – someone to take him in hand.’ Finley didn’t think that meant quite what came to mind.”
Kady Cross Quote: “It was almost romantic, in a mad-inventor sort of way.”
Kady Cross Quote: “What I’m trying to tell you, Griffin King, is that I don’t want to live in a world that doesn’t have you in it.” She drew a deep breath and summoned all her courage. “I love you.” Time seemed to stop. He just stared up at her. A swath of her hair fell over her shoulder onto his chest and he didn’t even blink. “Griffin? Did you hear me?” “I did,” he answered without a change in expression. “I’m just waiting to see if maybe I died after all, because this certainly feels like heaven.”
Kady Cross Quote: “I cannot tell my heart what to feel.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Wasn’t living your life based around what people thought and expected of you a little... well, stupid?”
Kady Cross Quote: “Cretin? If only he had a quid for every time he’d been called that. Oh, right. He did.”
Kady Cross Quote: “You aligned yourself with the wron fella and there were consequences. Now you can wallow in it, or you can pull that thick head of yours out of your posterior and help us figure out how to fix things.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Her heart kicked hard against her ribs, seized by a terrible fear that refused to let go no matter how hard she pushed.”
Kady Cross Quote: “Please, don’t let him be naked, she prayed. She might have to gouge out her own eyes if Lord Vincent was prancing about in his flesh pajamas on the other side of the door.”
Kady Cross Quote: “You’re not a mistake. Don’t you ever think of yourself that way. You’re exactly as you ought to be.”
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