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Top 30 Kafka Asagiri Quotes (2023 Update)

Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Do not pity yourself. If you wallow in self-pity, life will be an endless nightmare.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “My call, you say? Like I really had any choice whenever you say something like that!”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “I endured it.” Within the darkness, Akutagawa’s sharp eyes gleamed. “Four times. But any more than that is impossible. There are areas mankind should never step into. If I handle that forty times, even if my body lives I will surpass the abyss of the mental realm.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “I wanted to scream, but I had no throat. I wanted to cry, but I had no eyes. My entire body trembled so violently that it felt like it was going to shatter into a million pieces. I continued to run away from myself. But you can’t run away from yourself. Nobody can.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Dazai’s expression as he placed a finger on his forehead and approached the enemy – that of a child about to burst into tears – remained burned into my eyes.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “I always lose the things I don’t want to lose the most. That’s why I don’t feel anything anymore. The moment you get your hands on something worth going after, you lose it. That’s just how things are. There is nothing worth pursuing at the cost of prolonging.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Even if one were to bathe in the eternal wind and simply become foam in the great sea without ever knowing who they were- without even getting a farewell... The heart shall not move, for it is nothing compared with the loneliness of passing... without you ever knowing.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Emotions are at the very center of our existence, but they aren’t the center of the world. There’s nothing at the center of the world. So don’t let your emotions control you, Akutagawa. Do not pursue the beast within you. Stand on your own two feet, rely only on yourself, and be as cold and tough as you can. You won’t be able to survive in this world otherwise.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “The reason why Ango and I were able to be by his side was that we understood the solitude that surrounded him, and we never stepped inside it no matter how close we stood. But in that moment, I kind of regretted not stepping in and invading that solitude.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “A life with someone you can say good-bye to is a good life, especially when it hurts so much to say it to them.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “The actress winked. ‘It’s a small industry, yeah? People get together... They break up... Maybe someone banged one of the new girls, or they broke up and she quit. Who doesn’t have one or two people on their hit list?’ ‘Do you?’ Fukuzawa asked her, but she just giggled and evaded the question.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Be on the side that saves people. If both sides are the same, then choose to become a good person... You might not see a great difference between right and wrong, but saving others is something just a bit more wonderful.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “However, no matter how brilliant an ideal may be, if the path to realization is too far, then the light at the end is nothing more than an illusion, and those ideals – meaningless. Thus, the quickest path to fulfillment is inscribed on the first page of my notebook: “Do what must be done.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “The death of a person is not some number. Everyone’s lives must have meaning. What’s written here is something you could never feel from the words ‘four dead.’ It’s their breath.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Odasaku,” Dazai said softly. “Forgive me.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Odasaku... ′ Dazai said softly. ‘Forgive me for the absurd wording, but – don’t go. Find something to rely on. Expect good things to happen from here on out. There’s gotta be something...”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Where should I direct this burning resentment, this feeling beyond despair? Who should I curse if I do not even believe in a god?”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “True loneliness is the comet traveling alone through the universe, surrounded by vacuous space and nothingness at absolute zero. It would never have the chance to be seen by someone or approached by another. This dismal silence would simply continue for eons.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Soon, those barbarians will realize they chose the wrong place to try to play God.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “After getting into the car, I recklessly hightailed it to the office. I don’t really remember much about what happened along the way; I might’ve driven down the three-lane highway in the wrong direction two or three times.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Not a single soul opened their mouth as their eyes were glued to the stage. They forgot to make expressions. They even forgot who they were as they gazed intently at the play. The power of performance was making the audience forget they were there – taking them somewhere far away.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “He’s sharp-witted with a mind like a steel trap. And he’s just a child – a sobbing child abandoned in the darkness of a world far emptier than the one we’re seeing.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Fukuzawa looked extremely surly that day. The weekend crowd rolled back like the tide as he strode down the avenue. Even cars stopped as he walked across the pedestrian crossing, even though their light was green. All of this was due to the sullen aura radiating from his expression. However, he wasn’t exactly in a bad mood. He was drowning in self-loathing.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “He had British features.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “I won’t go back to the darkness! I am going to live! Is it really so wrong of me to want to live?!”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “He wasn’t afraid of death, for he believed that hell would be far more pleasant than this place. Nor did he fear the pain of dying, as day after endless day was nothing but torture.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Ha-ha-ha! I never thought you’d be able to scare me like that! You’ve grown, Atsushi! The only way I knew how to reward you was by showing you my secret technique: Cardiac Arrest.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “The more violent this war becomes, the more the deceased start to just look like numbers. How many died yesterday? How many died today? The line between human losses and those of money and equipment begin to blur. There is no individual, no soul, and no dignity to death. But you’re fighting back against that.”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “I know I’m turning forty-three this year, but is it still okay for me to cry in public?”
Kafka Asagiri Quote: “Did Dazai simply tell Atsushi to do this because he thought it would be funny? No, that wouldn’t make sense. Dazai would never play games when people’s live depended on the mission at hand.”
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