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Top 10 Kai Cheng Thom Quotes (2023 Update)

Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “Safety is, I believe, an inherently classed, raced, and gendered experience that frequently runs the risk of being used for regressive ends – ironically, for restricting the freedoms of the vulnerable, those who are never really safe. Often, we see the call for safety actually reinforce the power of oppressive institutions, like the police and the prison system, in our lives. When we choose safety over liberation, our movements fail.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “You will be able to stop hurting people when you stop hurting yourself.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “We sit together and wait. For the time to pass. For the memories to fade. For the waiting to be over.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “Some people will cling on to anything that makes them feel even a little bit free.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “It’s good for you to cry sometimes. Even if there isn’t a reason.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “I wanted to protect you, but I’m starting to think that the best thing you can do for people is teach them how to protect themselves. Every girl needs to be at least a little dangerous.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “A sanctuary is a place where the door only locks from the inside.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “Models of justice that centre punishment do not prevent abuse but only react to it, and they don’t offer a pathway toward healing for either perpetrators or survivors. Nor do they acknowledge the dual reality that a great many perpetrators are themselves survivors.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “Little cocoon apartment, I love how you rattle and shake in the wind. You are mine like nothing has ever been before. Someday you’ll tear open, and I’ll fly out with the wings I have grown inside you. Still shimmering. Still wet.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “My father taught me how to kill a man with my bare hands. He was a martial arts expert back in the day, having grown up in an honest-to-god Shaolin temple and all, and he thought that punching and kicking stuff would make me a man. It didn’t work out for him, but the skills have proven quite useful.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “The world spins and spins. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but surrender. There is nothing you can do but stand in your best friend’s dingy kitchen and bake cakes and cry and hope hope hope for something better to come. Nothing you do will ever stop the world turning, will ever tilt the planet off its axis. All revolutions are futile in the end.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “That’s the difference between love and hunger,” she says. “Hunger is a story you gt stuck in. Love’s the story that takes you somewhere new.”
Kai Cheng Thom Quote: “Kimaya’s smile is a key: it opens doors to places that I desperately want and am afraid to go. It is a map, guiding the way. It is warm butter, melting on toast. It feels like sisterhood. It feels like open arms. It feels like home.”
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