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Top 10 Kai Meyer Quotes (2023 Update)

Kai Meyer Quote: “Ich erkenne traurig, wenn ich traurig sehe.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Irgendwer muss ja schuld sein.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Mad things could be quite normal, so long as you were doing them yourself. Watching someone else doing them, you wrinkled your nose, turned around quickly, and walked away.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Was ist Magie anderes als eine Technik, die die meisten Menschen nicht verstehen – noch nicht, oder nicht mehr?”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Sometimes responsibility sneaked up on you without your seeing it coming, and then, very suddenly, it wouldn’t let you go anymore.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Was bedeutet dir das Lesen?”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Did I promise you too much?”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Auch Gott ist immer nur in denjenigen, der an ihn glaubt.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Ohnehin waren die wenigsten Romanfiguren so detailliert beschrieben, dass Leser und Autor dasselbe Bild vor Augen hatten.”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Merle had the feeling that he almost kissed her, but then his lips only touched her hair briefly, and all she could think of was that she hadn’t washed it for days. It was crazy, really. Here they were, all trapped in this accursed sphinx stronghold, and she was thinking about washing her hair! Was that what being in love did to you? And then, was it being in love that was responsible for the lump in her throat and the fluttering in her stomach?”
Kai Meyer Quote: “Was a mirror that existed only in a mirror not just as real as its original? It fulfilled its role just as well as its counterpart – it reflected. Merle couldn’t think of anything else that was able to do this: to do something without itself being. For the first time, she asked herself whether all mirrors were not always magic mirrors. “Mirrors can see,” Arcimboldo had said. Now she believed him.”
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