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Top 20 Kaia Ra Quotes (2023 Update)

Kaia Ra Quote: “Your divine inheritance includes all of your earthly needs being met, as well as receiving all of your heart’s desires.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “In my delight to accept the sovereign divinity of my humanity, I am aware of my innocence. In my transcendence to accept the sovereign divinity of my humanity, I am aware of my eternal power. In my commitment to accept the sovereign divinity of my humanity, I am aware of my true creative potential. In my peace to accept the sovereign divinity of my humanity, I am aware of my true worth. In my willingness to accept the sovereign divinity of my humanity, I am aware of my omniscient Source.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “I forgive myself for seeking approval outside of the worthiness of my true divine self. I forgive myself for forgetting that heaven is always within me. I forgive myself for defending an idea of an external God separate from others and myself.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Every quantum leap in your spiritual evolution requires a next-level relinquishment of your attachments to suffering.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Communing in the living transmission of a Keycode mentor calibrates your belief systems to vibrationally resonate with their absolute knowledge of your own divinity.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Your personal passion to radically serve humanity’s ascension is mirrored in our own collective desire to wholly support you in this lifetime.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Ascension is a heroic human journey, best traveled with good friends who know The Way ahead.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “This present moment is an invitation to feel your sovereign soul abiding within our perfect union. The self-realization of your divine human potential on Earth requires a full relinquishing of the illusion that we are separate. Although this illusion has previously served your soul’s expansion, it no longer serves you now. You now live in the dawning Golden Age of Miracles in which every aspect of your true self can be embodied through the conscious remembrance of our absolute oneness!”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Always remember that listening to and following your heart will always positively affect the evolution of humanity, far beyond your understanding.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “It is actually the separation of sexual energy from the wholeness of life that is the original sin. The word sin simply means to forget and turn upon yourself in shame. Shame yourself no longer. Divorcing the divine from sexuality is the most effective form of mind control that certain religions execute upon humanity.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “The nectar of life courses through your body when sexuality is consecrated as a personal practice for spiritual awakening and attunement.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “As in all mystery school teachings, the full embodiment of a teaching’s empowerment may only be actualized through divine love.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Omnipresent awareness is the foundational ground for authentic intimacy.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “When your alignment with unconditional love for yourself and others is your principal guiding force in life, the abundance of both realms is revealed to you in ever-expanding measure.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “This next golden age is an invitation for you to reveal the unlimited depths and heights of your sovereign, creative power – rather than seek for the world to change for you. You are the change.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “One of the many miracles of this dawning age is that embodying the sovereign power of your Higher Self liberates the Akashic Record vaults of humanity’s collective suffering – without the need for you to suffer for anyone’s relief. That is to say, the lives of billions of people are directly transformed by your personal willingness to embody the Sophia Christ light of your Higher Self.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Accepting your divinity is essential for truly loving yourself. Authentic love for yourself opens the stargate of your heart, which opens the door to any world that you wish to travel to or create within.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Visionary states of consciousness are direct revelations that provide full downloads of multidimensional blocks of information.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “You are here to integrate and reveal the master who is already shining within you.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Your faith reveals the master who already lives within you when you believe that you can directly commune with us to receive our blessings, divine interventions, soul initiations, DNA activations, emotional support, and personal coaching across multiple planes of reality.”
Kaia Ra Quote: “Remember that your practice as a living master is to recognize, behold, and bless the masters that walk beside you in this great endeavor, both seen and unseen – regardless of all outward appearances.”
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