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Top 15 Kaitlyn Greenidge Quotes (2023 Update)

Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “Guilt is different from shame. It has a different weight. Shame just heavies the bones, in a most insinuating way, rousing them to a dense, salty jelly. Guilt, though, is quick and hot and silvery, and it flashes through you with the regular, metered pulse of an electrical current, animating everything inside you to do something, anything, to make the shock stop.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “But the most dangerous thing that camp had taught me was the awful lesson of country living: out there, in the open, in the quiet, all the emptiness pressed itself up against you, pawed at the very center of your heart, convinced you to make friends with loneliness.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “What I envy is not their skin but their insouciance. I envy the freedom to sin with only a little bit of consequence, to commit one selfish act and not have it mean the downfall of my entire people. Where indecency and mischief do not mean annihilation.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “Last period of the day. Charles had decided that morning that he would talk about tessellations. Last period, they should have been covering sines and cosines. They should have been starting to graph, but he just didn’t have it in him. Tessellations were his favorite.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “They moved together as they sang, and I thought they had found an escape from this world. I thought if I got as close as possible, I could maybe, escape too.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “And I decided when you were born that I would hide my heart from you, because I worried I would love you into nervous oblivion.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “There is a greater comfort in being unseen than being understood and dismissed.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “Being a mother means being someone’s God, if only briefly.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “If you listen closely, water, when it laps against the sides of a bucket, when it mouths a riverbed, sounds like hands clapping. It sounds like a congregation when prayers are done. But what is its message? It is not deliverance, I don’t think. It is not salvation. It is something just underneath that, something that even Mama couldn’t reach with her mind. So what hope was there for me of finding it?”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “Your joy brought something back for me. You will see, when you have your own children – it is as if they are your new eyes and your new heart, and you feel sometimes you can live for a hundred years more, even after all the trouble you’ve seen. You actually want to live for a hundred years more, even knowing how cruel the world is.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “At night, she no longer disappeared into the trees of her mind but, instead, had me sit across from her as she drilled me on the habits of all the plants in the garden, of the uses of the parts of tongues and ears, of the mechanics of a stomach and a lung. It was as if she had become scared that all bodies would sink, as Ben’s had, and that my voice, naming the parts of anatomy, singing of bile and blood, could somehow keep them on the surface.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “Despite what Ben Daisy said about her love of cakes and sugar, I did not think a woman who could drown a man in her arms lived in anything as sweet as fresh water. Her domain was brackish. She would live in salt.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “I am not beautiful and I am sarcastic and I believe I am better than most in this town and that is why I am a thirty-six-year-old orphan with no husband and why no man in Spring City has ever even held my hand.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “I realized I had been raised up in something like a shroud, the muffling shroud of my mother’s grief -for my father and maybe for life.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “My rage at the world returned whenever I sat in that library. I knew what a stronger girl would do – sip her wrath like corn liquor, have it drench her ambition, sweat the rage out her pores as she worked harder and better, be smarter. But instead I suckled my anger like Lenore did the abandoned offspring of the barn cats, and it was about as effective as one of those little animals, doing nothing but mewling and flipping over in distress.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “The only good poem I’ve ever written is you. A daughter is a poem. A daughter is a kind of psalm. You, in the world, responding to me, is the song I made. I cannot make another.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “My mother’s scrutiny was a burden. But this other way of looking, this besottedness, was just as damning. My mother expected great things and constant improvement. He seemed to believe in a perfection that existed apart from my actual self.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “But care, it is our lot now,” Mama was saying. “It is our service to others that defines us. We are doers of the Word.”
Kaitlyn Greenidge Quote: “I am not surprised by the cruelty, Mama,” I said. “I am surprised we are expected to ignore it, to never mention it, to swim in it as if it’s the oily, smelly harbor water the boys dive into by the wharves.”
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