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Top 10 Kaiylah Muhammad Quotes (2023 Update)

Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “True change doesn’t happen overnight; it has to happen gradually. You first have to have a change of heart, then a change of mind, and then your actions will follow.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “Learn how to control your emotions and don’t let them control you.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “A butterfly has to be a caterpillar first; allow yourself time to grow.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “Be the woman a man needs. Don’t be the woman that needs a man.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “The good thing about being numb is that no one can hurt you, but the bad thing about being numb is that no one can love you.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “People can say anything, but a person’s actions show how they truly feel about you. Actions express priority.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “I strongly believe that you have to get lost to find yourself.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “We want to change our surroundings, but we don’t want to change ourselves. We are so quick to point out others’ flaws, but can’t admit our own. We complain about the problems with society, but don’t offer a solution or acknowledge that we could be a part of the problem. And once we feel like we’ve outgrown a problem, instead of sharing what we’ve learned from our experience, we act so enlightened and better than the next man.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “What I’m starting to realize is that when you conform, people are not accepting you for who you are. They’re accepting you for who they think you are.”
Kaiylah Muhammad Quote: “Sometimes it’s not that people bring us happiness, they just bring us familiarity. You know what to expect from them.”
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