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Top 20 Kamel Daoud Quotes (2023 Update)

Kamel Daoud Quote: “As far as I’m concerned, religion is public transportation I never use. This God – I like traveling in his direction, on foot if necessary, but I don’t want to take an organized trip.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “You drink a language, you speak a language, and one day it owns you;.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Nobody’s granted a final day, just an accidental interruption in his life.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “As far as I’m concerned, religion is public transportation I never use.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “To tell the truth, love is a heavenly beast that scares the hell out of me. I watch it devour people, two by two; it fascinates them with the lure of eternity, shuts them up in a sort of cocoon, lifts them up to heaven, and then drops their carcasses back to earth like peels.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Mother, death, love – everyone shares, unequally, those three poles of fascination.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Silence. I hate that word. Its multiple definitions make a lot of noise. Every time the world falls silent, the sound of raspy breathing comes back to my memory.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “I didn’t want to kill time. I don’t like that expression. I like to look at time, follow it with my eyes, take what I can.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “The story in that book of yours comes down to a sudden slipup caused by two great vices: women and laziness.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “What lunacy. Such gratuitous deaths. Who could take life seriously afterward? Everything in my life seems gratuitous.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “The sun was overwhelming, like a heavenly accusation.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Your Meursault doesn’t describe a world in his book, he describes the end of a world. A world where property is useless, marriage practically unnecessary, and weddings halfhearted, where it’s as though people are already sitting on their luggage, empty, superficial, holding on to their sick and fetid dogs, incapable of forming more than two sentences or pronouncing four words in a row. Robots!”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “That’s the best proof of our absurd existence, my dear friend: Nobody’s granted a final day, just an accidental interruption in his life.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “As for me, I don’t like anything that rises to heaven, I only like things affected by gravity.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Good God, how can you kill someone and then take even his own death away from him?”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “But there’s something irreparable as well: The crime forever compromises both love and the possibility of loving. I killed a man, and since then, life is no longer sacred in my eyes.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “But no, he didn’t name him, because if he had, my brother would have caused the murderer a problem with his conscience: You can’t easily kill a man when he has a given name.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Why is it forbidden down here and promised up there? Drunken driving. Maybe God doesn’t want humanity to drink while it’s driving the universe to its place, holding on to the steering wheel of heaven.”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “I’m so old that I often tell myself, on nights when multitudes of stars are sparkling in the sky, there must necessarily be something to be discovered from living so long. Living, what an effort! At the end, there must necessarily be, there has to be, some sort of essential revelation. It shocks me, this disproportion between my insignificance and the vastness of the cosmos. I often think there must be something all the same, something in the middle between my triviality and the universe!”
Kamel Daoud Quote: “Technically, the killing itself is due either to the sun or to pure idleness.”
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