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Top 90 Kameron Hurley Quotes (2023 Update)

Kameron Hurley Quote: “Perhaps every society is a utopia when you fail to peel up all the layers and look at what’s underneath.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Life was what you did with what was done to you.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “And some of us believe in freedom of the individual over the tyranny of the common good.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Shaka Zulu had an all-female force of fighters. Women have been part of every resistance movement. Women dressed as men and went to war, went to sea, and participated actively in combat for as long as there have been people.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Your voice is powerful. Your voice has meaning. If it didn’t, people wouldn’t work so hard to try to silence you.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “But I am a great pretender, sometimes so good at it that I convince myself that what I pretend is what is truly real.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “War makes monsters of us all. But what happens to those of us who no longer wish to be monsters?”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Send a monster to kill a monster.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “We worship the same God and we carry the same sins.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “We must rewrite our story from one of fear to one of celebration.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “I love birds. I love to cage them, you see, because when you first do it, they fight so terribly hard. They are so alive, so defiant. I measure how long it takes for them to lose their spirit. To stop fighting. To resign themselves to their fate... They all give up, eventually. They are all in a cage, you see. There is no way out.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “When you understand what the world is, you have two choices: Become a part of that world and perpetuate that system forever and ever, unto the next generation. Or fight it, and break it, and build something new. The former is safer, and easier. The latter is scarier, because who is to say what you build will be any better?”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “It’s not meant to comfort,” she says. “It’s truth.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “It was the secret to winning any contest, he said, in life or in the boxing ring – you just had to get up more than you fell down.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Aliens bled red, just like everybody else.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “I remember throwing away a child.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “It was strange how you didn’t realise how much you loved a place until you had lost it completely.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Let’s just put it this way: if you think there’s a thing – anything – women didn’t do in the past, you’re wrong.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Your haters are not here for a conversation. They are here to keep you from doing your work.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “What is love anyway but a hunger no meal can satisfy?”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “What if they’d brought some weapon with them, or are launching an assault on the Mokshi right now? How can you or her trust people who are no better than bandits?” I gaze at the human skin stretched over the table. Zan follows my look and quiets. “We are all villains here,” I say.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “All you have to decide, as they say, is what you do with the time given.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “The wonderful thing about being ignorant is that it can be resolved very easily. Foolishness cannot.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “I knew that no matter how hard I worked, no matter how good I became, it didn’t guarantee success or recognition. Other people were not going to be better – they were going to get ahead because of who they knew, because of how much money they had, or because they were willing to lie and cheat their way to recognition.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “We all create the stories we need to survive.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “She had no magical ability, so the face he gazed into carried no illusions. She’d never tried to be anything but what she was, for him or anyone else. She was thirty-two years old, and looked ten years older. Born on the coast, raised in the interior, burned at the front, a woman who was alive only because behind her was a long line of dead men. And women.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Let’s be real: if women were “naturally” anything, societies wouldn’t spend so much time trying to police every aspect of their lives.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Human beings are, if nothing else, dedicated to upholding their narrative of the way the world is supposed to be, whether or not that world ever truly existed.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “You will learn to love it. Or it will destroy you. Neither is unpleasant.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “And for the first time, I pity her, because when she says love, I think she really means it. For her, this is love. This is what she does to someone she loves. And I wonder if I am any better, because this is what I did to Zan all those rotations ago. I seduced her until she loved me with all her heart, and when it came time to do what needed to be done, I was willing to sacrifice that love, but she was not.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “We all fight monsters, she knew. There was no shame in losing.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Bodies are only beautiful if they aren’t yours.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Most people who watch a fight think it’s all about the muscle: hitting harder, moving faster. And, yeah, sometimes it looked that way. But telling somebody that you won a fight by hitting the other person harder and more often was like telling somebody that the way you kept from drowning was by moving your arms and legs.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “The monsters don’t live in the belly of the world like they all say. The monsters live inside of us. We make the monsters.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “She had a lined, weathered face that put Roh in mind of the creased leather spines of old books.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “All I am, and all I love, is war. I don’t know who I will be if I stop. The world, if it is to survive, needs a leader, not a warmonger. The world I want to make does not require me.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “It’s easy to force affection. Far more difficult to entice it.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Lilia did not believe in miracles outside of history books, but she was beginning to believe in her own power, and that was a more frightening thing to believe in.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “She holds up the map. “It’s all fine! I have the traders’ maps.” She squints at it. “According to this, there are some pits, a mountain range, some monster herds, and a couple tribes of mutants. It will be fine! A fine adventure!”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “All you do is learn how to fight a war,” Nyx said. “Nobody ever teaches you how to stop.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Everything hurt. It meant she was alive.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Women in Nasheen didn’t grow up looking for husbands. They grew up looking for honor and glory.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “This is why I write. This is why I keep speaking. This is why I endure. Because if I don’t tell my stories, someone else will.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “And there is good money to be made when things are bad.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “It’s a joke,” Casamir says. “Because of science.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Power is nothing without discipline. Power without discipline is short lived.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “You have to strip all that away to see it for what it is: Sexism is about power. Sexism is about controlling the means of production.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “When we were too frightened to save our own people, we murdered others.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “Just keep in mind,” Liaro said, “they’re not going to remember the words. They’ll remember how you made them feel. Make them feel something.”
Kameron Hurley Quote: “There is nothing I fear more than someone without memory. A person without memory is free to do anything she likes.”
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