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Top 40 Kapil Gupta Quotes (2023 Update)

Kapil Gupta Quote: “Live your life as a lonely stranger. As a wanderer filled with awe and wonder. Leave everything as you found it. For none of it belongs to you. Let the events happen around you, knowing that none of them are happening TO You. And you will live an equanimous life.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “The man who knows that he lives in a prison will find a way to break free of it. But the one who believes that he is free while being imprisoned will remained imprisoned forever.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “That which comes from the heart is natural and satisfying. That which comes from the idea of responsibility is forced, artificial, and often produces resentment and the expectation for reciprocation.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Fear is the natural consequence of man not knowing himself.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “When the mind thinks that it knows, it creates a story. And it makes the person believe the fairy tale. But when it is confused, it has no story to tell you. So you are, for a brief moment, free to learn the truth. Independent of the mind.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Attachment gives birth to hope and need. If you are attached to them, you will need them to do certain things, achieve certain things, be a certain way, and behave toward you in a certain way. When they do not, it will cause you pain. When you experience pain, you will behave toward them in a way that pain compels you to behave. And they will behave toward you in a way that their need for freedom compels them to behave. And this will continue for the rest of your lives.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “A relationship of peace is a relationship that is more parallel than perpendicular. It is two individuals that move side by side. Rather than two individuals that intersect. A maintenance of individuality and freedom results in the prevalence of peace.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Anger is born of unfulfilled desire. It is born of unfulfilled expectation.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “The man who toils for toils sake does so only to satisfy himself that he has “toiled,” as the world as told him to do. And if he does not find Truth, he is content to say that he did the necessary toil and still did not find it, and thus it wasn’t meant to be.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “And when a man becomes nothing, he instantly becomes Everything!”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “We are slaves to ourselves. And we think that we are free. The greatest freedom that we have is the freedom to walk away from ourselves.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Insights are achieved in silence.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “That anger is not as reactionary as you think it to be. It is a weapon that you enjoy using in order to protect your ego and to bolster it.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Responsibility is a societal creation. No one is truly responsible for another. You do not owe your children anything. They do not owe you anything. If you wish to do, then do. If they wish to do, they may also do. That which comes from the heart is natural and satisfying. That which comes from the idea of responsibility is forced, artificial, and often produces resentment and the expectation for reciprocation.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Why do I get angry when I am insulted? A: Because you entertain the verity of the insult.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Forcing oneself is short-lived. As all things that are insincere are short-lived. If one is honest and sincere about his motivations, he will move with himself, instead of against himself.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Two individuals who need each other will only have conflict. They can never have a relationship.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Rather than finding the thing that you can imagine yourself becoming, find the thing that you simply cannot imagine yourself Not Becoming.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “If every man and woman were encouraged to address their own needs and their own issues and faults, we would have a society filled with wisdom rather than a society filled with ideals.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “The false game is to give legitimacy to the notion that there is a hierarchy of importance among human beings.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “What would be the nature of a person’s life if he did not seek pleasure? A: He would live a life of equanimity. He would be content and complete in each moment. Though he may involve himself in lofty pursuits, his contentedness and completeness would go with him. He would have abandoned the ceaseless chase. And when a man no longer feels the need to chase, life begins to chase him.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Dying is common. Living is an outright scarcity. He who believes in death, will soon begin to revere life. He who believes in tomorrow, will have no value for today.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “If you seek to be a legend in your field, it will help you to understand that you will have to be comfortable being an outcast. For you will not fit into this society. And if you do fit neatly into this society, there is no way that you will be a legend.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “One can make a habit of anything. If one is taught from a young age to pray, he will pray out of habit. Prayer is not done for the well-being of the god one prays to. It is done for the well-being of the one who prays. It is also done out of fear. The fear that if one does not pray, something will be taken away from him, or that he will be punished. Man has turned god into a genie and a warden.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “If there is one truth that I have learned, it is that unless you find it inside of Today, you will never find it inside of Tomorrow.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “One can live the whole of his life within it. It is way to accessing the whole of one’s genius. It is the way to unending peace. It is the holy grail of human existence.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “What good does it do a man to gain the world and lose his soul? A man’s greatest prize is his own Life.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “If a human life is devoted to something, one tends to lose oneself in it. As one loses oneself in it, the more blissful one becomes.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Because right and wrong are societo-religious creations. They have no basis in reality.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Life does not happen around you. It is not a chronology of events. Perceiving life in this way keeps you on the edge of life. Ask yourself: What does it mean to LIVE? And you will discover that you’ve never really LIVED at all. Life is to be tasted. Drink it. Immerse yourself in it. And experience it for the very first time.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Your attempt to become a “good person” is an attempt to polish that which is known as ego.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Man’s greatest dilemma is that he lives in a prison and he believes that he is free.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “It has often been the case throughout history that those who became legends in their fields were often recluses, loners, and misfits. They did not feel comfortable in crowds. They lived an almost hermetic existence. It is not coincidental that such a personality often achieves brilliance. For he is not Colored by the contagious mediocrity of a peer group.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “And understand this: life’s nectar lies in experience, rather than reward. Rewards fade from memory. Experiences remain forever.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Happiness and misery are two sides of the very same coin. To seek one is to seek the other.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “You’ve always been told to fight for your freedom Of mind. But the truth is this: the greatest freedom in the world is freedom From mind.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Happiness is the attempt to escape from misery.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “The world refers to this state as resulting from a calm mind. But actually this is not the case. In such otherworldly experiences, it is not that the mind has been calmed or tamed. It is that, for a small fraction of time, the mind has disappeared! This is the state of No-Mind. The Japanese call it Mushin. It was referred to in the Tom Cruise movie, The Last Samurai. No-Mind is the gateway to Atmamun.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Give time and money. And give it freely. But before giving it to another, give it to yourself. Spend lavishly, with your time and your money, on perfecting Yourself. Spend lavishly, with your time and money, on conquering Your mind. So that you may become a light to your loved ones, and the world.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Spirituality is as bastardized as religion.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Spirituality is a concoction of prescriptions and half-truths. It is a circus of orange robes, incense, and ineffective jargon such as love and mindfulness. It is a maze of silent retreats and men with pony tails and yoga pants spouting spiritual psychobabble to those who enjoy the psychobabble. It is the unserious leading the unserious in concentric circles that lead only to more circles.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “You can try to organize your life into neat and organized sections. You can label it and categorize it. You can arrange it in any way you wish. But the minute you turn your head, it will become amorphous once.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “If you are serious about living a peaceful life, drop all matters pertaining to the world, and pursue all matters pertaining to yourself.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “This is too big a word for human beings to understand. Like is more useful and powerful than love.”
Kapil Gupta Quote: “Man does not seek world peace. He seeks self-peace.”
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