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Top 15 Kara Lee Corthron Quotes (2023 Update)

Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “You never know. Somebody can seem cool and then you look in their music library and there’s Katy Perry.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “In a flash, I remember why I don’t care for therapists and why I didn’t want to do this in the first place. They judge. Even if they don’t mean to, they do. They think they know best and, sorse yet, they can convince you it’s true.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I dug her usage of “Spotify” as a verb.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “One Day you might desperately need to hear power chords and indulgent drum solos. Another might be a day for orchestral sounds. Picking one band above all else is just wrong. But, then again, it’s not like what I say has to be etched in blood. Changing my mind later doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a total waffler.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I don’t like being profiled. Doesn’t matter what the truth is.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “Saturday-morning cartoon sure aren’t what they used to be. The animation is lazy. Too clean. He misses being able to detect pencil lines and paint strokes in his favorite cartoon characters, his mind never quite separating the creatures from the art that brought them to life.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I’m awful at hiding it when I’m miserable. Sometimes I think if I were better at it maybe I’d be able to fool myself. Trick the misery right out of me.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “You know gentrification is deep when a garage rock band made up of three white boys is called “Harlem”.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I’m probably the only person in the world that feels physical pain as a reaction to joy.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “Because it’s like taking a vacation from real life, and real life is mostly terrible.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “That’s the problem with getting your heart wrapped up in things. The dumbest stuff starts to carry way too much significance. You think about things way too much. You imagine a hole being filled that rarely bothered you at all when it was empty.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “He kisses my tears, and I laugh. This is a moment. I want to remember this moment. Every detail, every sense. It’s one of those moments in life that makes everything else worth it. One of those moments that feels like an eternity of bliss in one tiny bite of time. It’s one of those moments that falls from some heavenly plane to remind you that life can be wonderful.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “Nobody ever asks for permission to ask you a question you want to hear. Nobody ever says, Can I ask you a question? Would you mind if I gave you a massage and warm brownies every day for a month?”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “Honesty isn’t easy. Or comfortable.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “Knowledge is not always power.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “If I know that I can do something that makes me happy, why do I allow myself to get so depressed?”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I am angry. It is illegal for me to be angry. Remember: Don’t get angry. It is illegal to be a black man and be angry. Right. Got it. I will remember this next time.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I like lots of bands, and I LOVE fewer, but the list is still lengthy. I rarely pick a “favorite” because I think that’s for laypeople who don’t understand the infinite possibilities of music.”
Kara Lee Corthron Quote: “I’m attracted to difficulty, I think. I’m attracted to guys who have truckloads of baggage. With them, it will never, ever be simple. And then they do or say one little magical thing and they own me.”
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