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Top 10 Karan Bajaj Quotes (2023 Update)

Karan Bajaj Quote: “Yoga stilled the fluctuations of the individual mind’s helpless thought waves, allowing it to see the one unchanging energy, the unborn, un-aging, un-ailing, sorrow-less and deathless state within.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “I am the seeker, the act of seeking, and the one who is sought.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “All mountain people are like that. No matter where you go, the mountains call you back.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “Thought is energy, desire is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it just changes form. So our thoughts and desires just find a new physical body when this one wastes away.” He.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “I was just another ordinary traveller on an un-heroic journey;.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “The whole world’s problems are caused by man’s inability to sit quietly by himself in a room.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “They’ve just realized sooner than all of us that man’s soul cries for the infinite in a finite world. That’s why nothing ever satisfies us.” Omkara.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “I see the faces that stop by my cart here. Their smiles are hollow, their eyes are hungry. The yogi’s faces are different. Silent, complete. Like the mountains around them. Asking no questions, seeking no answers, just certain, as though they knew exactly who they were.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “It’s strange to see someone die. One moment they are breathing and moving, and the next moment their bodies are heavy and solid, like stone. Their spirit is gone. It feels random, not like any kind of master plan.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “Breathing attentively is yoga. Complete absorption in your work is yoga. Thinking about others instead of yourself is yoga. Anything which makes you forget your small self and become one with the infinite is yoga.”
Karan Bajaj Quote: “The way out of the cycle was to sublimate the I principle, relinquish all individual desire, to restrain the naturally outgoing mind fueled by the senses and turn it inward. Once it focused within, the mind saw its real nature of pure consciousness and rejected the individual desires and thoughts surrounding it.”
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