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Top 15 Karch Kiraly Quotes (2023 Update)

Karch Kiraly Quote: “No volleyball play can begin without a serve, and the serve is the only technique that is totally under your control. In other endeavors, you cannot succeed without believing in yourself, and that belief is completely under your control.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “Practice like it’s competition and compete like it’s another day on the practice court.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “Not everything you’re going to do in volleyball – or in life, for that matter – is exciting or fully functional, but if you have the willpower to make each minute count, you’ll benefit in some way. And it will make you a better player and a better person in the long run.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “When you’ve done everything you can to train yourself for competition, you’ll sleep well when the tournament is over, win or lose.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “Volleyball is not like a formula so we must give players some freedom.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “It’s a serve and pass game.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “I still get excited just attending a final four, because the process is so long, so arduous, so challenging, that when it finally arrives, the adrenaline can’t help but take over. I love the sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that the indoor game can engender.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “I had four different colors of hats, one of which was pink. I just got on a roll with the pink hat. So what started out as a superstition grew into a tradition and an easy way for my family to find me at tournaments because I am the only one with cojones big enough to wear a pink hat.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “Physically I’m not as strong as I was, but I try to make up for it mentally. It’s a big challenge, and I relish it, competing with guys half my age.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “Most people put a hat and glasses on to go incognito. I take them off.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “We play at the world’s most beautiful beaches but in the world’s most challenging conditions. It is not like you play one match and you go back to air conditioning. We do it all day long.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “I never did. I only prepared to win the next day.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “It’s hard to give a career like this up, when I tell my wife I’m going to the office, and it’s the beach.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “It’s the best. And the job site isn’t too bad, either.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “I played a kid’s game, I got to do it at the beach, and I was able to support my family. I consider myself incredibly lucky.”
Karch Kiraly Quote: “How much we have to hydrate out here in this kind of heat and humidity. I think the most I have ever taken down in one day of fluids is five gallons – a gallon per match. If we didn’t replace our fluids, we would probably keel over and die.”
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