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Top 10 Karen Abbott Quotes (2023 Update)

Karen Abbott Quote: “Leave the fireworks for those who cast no spark of their own.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “There is nudity, of course striptease is an essential component of burlesque but it’s much more complex and intelligent than a display of nudity for nudity itself. And its often laugh-out-loud funny.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “As one prominent obstetrician put it, “Doctors are gentlemen, and gentlemen’s hands are clean.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “The real Rose Hovick was seriously mentally disturbed; June Havoc called her a beautiful little ornament that was damaged.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “Female spies typically represented one of two extremes: the seductress who employed her wiles to manipulate men, and the cross-dresser who blended in by impersonating them.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “A Republican is a man who wants you to go t’church every Sunday. A Democrat says if a man wants to have a glass of beer, he can have it.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “Why the devil they have to put that ‘girlie girlie’ tea party description every time they tell anything a professional woman does, is more than I can see.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “If Lady Gaga and Dorothy Parker had a secret love child, it would’ve been Gypsy Rose Lee. Gypsy arrived for opening nights at the Met wearing a full-length cape made entirely of orchids, while Lady Gaga shows up wearing a full-length cloak made of meat.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “When Gypsy was older, after she became Gypsy Rose Lee, I think she was both proud and slightly ashamed of her Seattle roots. She worked very hard to rid her voice of any trace of a local accent, cultivating an affected way of speaking that sounded as if she pinned the ends of her words.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “An amusing city, Chicago, any way you look at it. I’m afraid we are in for the time of our lives.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “Frank, as he preferred to be called, always believed that God was with him, protecting him even during – perhaps especially during – his transgressions.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “One of the biggest questions to me was whether or not Gypsy the person was capable of loving anyone or anything beyond Gypsy Rose Lee the creation, and even that was a conflicted, tortured relationship.”
Karen Abbott Quote: “There was work for everyone to do, even the women – especially the women. They had to adjust quickly to the sudden absence of fathers and husbands and sons, to the idea that things would never be as they had been. They had no vote, no straightforward access to political discourse, no influence in how the battles were waged. Instead they took control of homes, businesses, plantations.”
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