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Top 60 Karen Chance Quotes (2023 Update)

Karen Chance Quote: “The most temptation I’d experienced had been with Tomas, the Senate’s spy who had been feeding off me without permission, and Mircea, who was probably plotting some nefarious scheme. I have no taste in men.”
Karen Chance Quote: “One day, you will say it to me again. You will be sober. And you will mean it.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Mr. Complete Lack of Sympathy.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Fools fight; winners think.”
Karen Chance Quote: “To know Pritkin was to want to kill him, but so far I’d resisted temptation.”
Karen Chance Quote: “He wasn’t that good looking, he had the social skills of a wet cat and the patience of a caffeinated hummingbird.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Let me get this straight. First you decide I’m a demon because of a power I didn’t ask for and don’t even understand. Then when that falls through you label me a fallen sybil and a ho. Am I missing something or do you just not like me.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Come and take your seat, Lady Dorina.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Great. I’d been dumped in Hell’s waiting room.”
Karen Chance Quote: “The worst part was the silence. Death was supposed to be loud – gunshots, explosions, screams and thunder. Not this eerie quiet that wrapped around me like a shroud.”
Karen Chance Quote: “When good Americans die, they go to Paris,? the ghost said, after taking a drag on a small cigarette. But you’re not dead. I suppose the question must be, are you good?”
Karen Chance Quote: “Prevarication, how divine! I always did get along better with sinners.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I felt betrayed and absolutely livid, but my body wasn’t smart enough to know it. It had liked the feel of his hands, wanted more of it, wanted it now. It was almost like there were two of me, one who heartily approved of the mage and one who would have dearly loved to see him dead.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I lay there, no longer fighting, since my head was spinning too much. And because I wasn’t going to win anyway. And because I kind of liked the feeling of sensual captivity, at least by this particular jailer.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Pritkin and Mircea mixed like oil and water, only not so well.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I wasn’t entirely sure, but a polite John Pritkin might be a sign of the apocalypse.”
Karen Chance Quote: “This was Dante’s. Crazy was what we had for breakfast when we ran out of Corn Flakes.”
Karen Chance Quote: “It’s okay. You aren’t my type. What’s your type? Someone who gets into less trouble.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Nobody said anything that time. Or maybe I just wasn’t listening. After all, someone had to keep an eye on the fridge.”
Karen Chance Quote: “My nerves needed a break, not a reminder of how much trouble we were in. I prowled around, but it didn’t help. I still felt like my skin was on too tight.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Pritkin kissed like he did everything else, straightforward, accepting no prisoners and with an intensity that left me breathless. It was hot and hard and desperate, like he was starving for it, and I opened my mouth and took it, because, God.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Pritkin muttered something that sounded fairly vicious. “My clothes are warded! Even if I wished to accede to your demand, it would not work on them.” “Then strip.” “I beg your pardon?” He sounded almost polite suddenly, as if he believed he couldn’t possibly have heard right.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Fresh blood at midnight isn’t red. It’s a purplish black that easily blends into the shadows.”
Karen Chance Quote: “And then I got to my feet and stumbled toward the door again. And got halfway there before I realized I was naked. Of course I am, I thought angrily, and went back to the bed for a sheet. God forbid I actually wake up dressed anymore.”
Karen Chance Quote: “There are a thousand ways to die,” he told me quietly. “There are so few really to live. I would gladly risk the former for the latter, and it is my choice, is it not? To risk whatever I must, my heart, my body, my soul, in order to be with you. Is that not what love is? – Louis-Cesare.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I’d been declared – over my loud and sustained protests – Pythia, the chief seer of the supernatural world.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I looked up, but had to crane my head back, leaving the features above me wrong-side up. The clear green eyes were the same, and, unfortunately, so was the spiky blond hair. It didn’t look any better from this angle, I decided.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I was tops at the Scarlet O’Hara school of emotional distancing. I always thought about the uncomfortable stuff tomorrow, and, as everyone knows, tomorrow never comes.”
Karen Chance Quote: “But you were Mine. My child. And I would not give you up.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Why has Emrys not killed you? Why has everyone not killed you?” “They’ve tried.” “Not hard enough!”
Karen Chance Quote: “A legend is merely a history man decided to bugger.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I barely heard him, I was too busy watching Pritkin, who had slumped over with his head on the sofa arm, shoulders shaking helplessly, and what looked suspiciously like tears leaking out from under his closed eyes. “Not that bad,” he muttered, and then he was off again.”
Karen Chance Quote: “No they called it the Codex Merlini because it was written by a guy named Ralph.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Let Daddy help.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I thought there was a good chance the fridge was possessed. It was subtle about it, but I had its number. I knew its ways. Oh yes.”
Karen Chance Quote: “The Lord Protector and his hair got off the elevator.”
Karen Chance Quote: “So maybe it was just as well that my companion was more like Mulder. A coked-out Mulder with a lot of weapons, who knew that the monsters under the bed were real and would gut you.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Mircea leaned over to refill my wineglass, and a section of his bare chest showed under the robe, along with a hint of dusky nipple. It’s a good thing I’m too stuffed to move, I thought hazily. I would so have jumped that.”
Karen Chance Quote: “It’s about time! It’s supposed to be a ritual, not a marathon.”
Karen Chance Quote: “If I’d had enough breath, I would have screamed, both at the sensation and at the sheer pettiness of the bastard who wouldn’t allow me even a tiny chance of escape.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I hadn’t realized how much I’d relied on his scowls or his shrugs or his grudging looks of approval to help me figure something out-until they weren’t there anymore. Or how I could talk to some people about a lot of things but only to him about everything. And how unbelievably valuable that was.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I looked up to find a slim blond figure standing in the doorway to the kitchen. For a frozen second, I looked at him and he looked at me, and then I screamed and threw my coffee, which hit him square in the groin.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I stared at him, unable to believe this was happening. That he could just disappear, along with everything rich and strange he’d brought into my life. Vanished, like magic.”
Karen Chance Quote: “You mean you let him talk to you like that and you aren’t even getting any Man what a rip-off.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I leaned back in my chair, stretching luxuriantly, delibrately letting my jacket fall open. Predictably, his eyes moved down my body-some things outlast even the change. I grinned and he looked away, a rueful smile twitching at his lips. I finished breakfast in peace.”
Karen Chance Quote: “Louis-Cesare. It’s good to finally have you in hand.”
Karen Chance Quote: “She was the oddest combination of contradictions he’d ever met -innocence and sensuality, candour and diplomacy, anxiety and utter fearlessness. He hadn’t even begun to figure out how her mind worked. But she was damn well going to live long enough for him to try.”
Karen Chance Quote: “That didn’t reassure me much; Alphonse’s idea of good manners consisted of remembering to bury all the bodies.”
Karen Chance Quote: “I was the kind of gal who thought the nightgown drawer was where old T-shirts went to die and.”
Karen Chance Quote: “More worryingly, my baby fangs were out, which usually happened only when I was perilously close to tipping over into Mr. Hyde territory. I quickly drew them back in. It didn’t help much. I still looked like Dracula’s daughter. Which was completely unfair, since he’d only been an uncle.”
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