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Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Depression gets you nowhere but tangled in an overgrown garden that can choke the life out of you.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “A woman had to be kissed by Dageus MacKeltar to fully understand how devastating it was. How it could bring a woman to her knees.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “My point is you can’t believe only in Voldemort. You have to believe in Dumbledore, too.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I’m as weak and helpless and doomed as any other person. I’m a willing victim, ready, waiting, eager to be destroyed. I know with one part of my mind how horrifying that is, but with another part of my mind – a much larger one – I don’t care. Being a victim to eternal pleasure sounds like the most perfect state of existence I could ever imagine.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “After an eternity of grief and regret, he held the only thing he’d ever wanted as much as he wanted to be God. A second chance.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “When he kisses me again, the last part of me that could stand myself dies.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “To be a protector, you can’t think like a protector. You must always think like a conqueror first.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “When we’re kids,” Dancer said, “we’re made of steel. And we think we’re invincible but stuff happens and that steel gets stretched and pulled and twisted into impossible shapes. Most people are torn apart by the time they’re married and have kids of their own. But some people, the few, figure out how to let that steel heat and bend. And in all the places other people break, they get stronger.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Last night you said you wanted to know what to expect so you could better select your attire. I told you we were going to visit a vampire in a Goth-den tonight. Why, then, Ms. Lane, do you look like a perky rainbow?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “We’re taking back the night.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Jericho Barrons was my poison now.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “When Drustan reached the bottom step, she flung herself into his arms. He swung her up into his embrace and kissed her hungrily. By the time he’d finished, she was gasping for air and laughing. “My turn?” Dageus teased.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “A wing or a thigh? Ah, I’m afraid we don’t have any thighs left.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I didn’t hear him behind me. I felt him. Electric. Wild. One foot in the swamp. Never going to crawl all the way out. And I wanted to have sex with whatever he was. Where was I supposed to put that in my head?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Boundaries were necessary for a successful relationship. Most relationships aborted in the boundary-defining stage. Not because people demanded what they needed. But because they didn’t, then got resentful about it.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Self-pity is wasted emotion. It merely prolongs whatever trauma you suffered by keeping it alive in your head. Dude, you survived it. Move on.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I can, and am. ‘Tis a dying man’s last request,” he said roughly. “I want you to remember me as a man, lass, as your man. Not as a prisoner of Dark Magycks. I doona want you to watch me die. Promise me you won’t, Jessica. Promise me and mean it.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He is my vulnerability.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “The only thing that keeps us rooted in the past is our refusal to embrace the present.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Don’t bother trying to guilt me. Ask my other. It doesn’t work.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “We justify our heartless calls by our commitment to one day defeat all our enemies so the people can live the remainder of their days in peace and prosperity. We’ve become politicians.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “You got me a birthday cake. It was pink. I smashed it into the ceiling.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “By the time you work your way down the hierarchy to a brunette, you got yourself a woman who knows who she is, likes it enough that she ain’t gonna change, and is probably gonna try to change you, if push comes to shove. Pushy, that’s what brunettes are. Even the dainty, fragile-looking ones.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Pain distills. The clarifying emotion.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Born in a generation that thinks cynical and disenchanted is cool, sometimes I’m a little off the beaten track.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “If I entered a tropical beach, would I end up in Nazi Germany with my highly inconvenient black hair?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “You need me as much as I need you. That makes us equal partners in my book. Well, your book is just wrong.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Hope builds a stairway to Heaven. Fear opens an abyss to Hell.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “What the bloody hell are you, Ms. Lane?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Goor or evil, right or wrong, he mattered to me.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “We take care of each other like two monkeys picking each other’s nits. Folks underestimate a good nit-pick.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Vows, like wishes, are dangerous things. Precision matters.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “No lips,” Drustan warned. “Unless you wish me to be kissing Chloe.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I stepped inside and stopped, blinking in astonishment. From the exterior I’d expected a charming little book and curio shop with the inner dimensions of a university Starbucks. What I got was a cavernous interior that housed a display of books that made the library Disney’s Beast gave to Beauty on their wedding day look understocked.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I think dating courtesies are common courtesies that should be practiced in most all civilized encounters. I pine for the days of good, old-fashioned manners.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “A stolen touch can never compete with a voluntary touch of hunger, passion, desire. The aria of choice is joyous, the cacophony of force brutal, ugly, and cold.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Turn your head for me and I’ll kiss you as a woman should be kissed.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “People’s eyes are finally open, money’s as worthless as it always really was. Used to amaze me when I was little how everybody passed around pieces of paper that they all agreed to pretend meant the same thing when everybody knew it didn’t mean anything. It was the first adult conspiracy I became aware of. Made me think maybe no adults should ever be the boss of me. I’m the smartest person I know.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He’s trying not to laugh. I tell him I would have doomed mankind for him, and he’s trying not to laugh.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I stood staring at myself in the mirror trying to reconcile dual images. I was hunting the monster that had killed my sister. I was the monster that had killed his brother.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “The nerve. Threatening you and not being precise about it.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Question: When you’re one of the few people who can do something to fix a problem, just how responsible does that make you for it? Answer: It’s how you choose to answer that question that defines you.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “No simple cherry picker for me, she thought. I get a time-traveling genius who comes with a world of problems and sends me back through time to fix them.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I don’t know about you, but I call impromptu vomiting harm.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He’d surely been spawned by some cataclysmic event of nature, not born.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I was stunned to see that he looked stunned himself, which was an exorbitant display of emotion for Barrons.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “But Band-Aids for my disease aren’t what I’m after. I want a surgeon to perform an operation that leaves a deep incision where something nasty used to be, followed by a scar to remind me every day that it’s over and I survived.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Flirtation doesn’t have to go somewhere; it certainly doesn’t need to end up in bed. I like to think of it as a little friendlier than a handshake, a little less intimate than a kiss. It’s a way of saying hi, you look great, have a wonderful day.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He stepped into the morning feeling more alive than he’d felt in months. Hold fast and believe in me, love, he whispered across the centuries. Because love and belief were serious magic in and of themselves.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He wasn’t just masculine and sexual, he was carnal in a set-your-teeth-on-edge kind of way; he was almost frightning.”
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