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Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I hope they change my drugs soon. Whatever I’m on isn’t working.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Do you, Gavrael Roderick – ” “I do.” Jillian nudged him. He arched a brow and frowned. “Well, I do. Must we go through all this? I do. I swear a man has never ‘I do’d’ more fervently than I. I just want to be married to you, lass.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “These are my rapists, the ones that turned me inside out, ripped my mind from my body and shredded it. They are also, unfortunately, hot as hell.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “You, Ms. Lane, are a menace to others! A walking, talking catastrophe in pink!”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Kids. Pain in the ass. Don’t know why I ever made them. Hell on relationships.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I’ve spent enough time behind a bar that I’ve formed a few opinions about what people wear and what it says about them. Guys who wear black from head to toe fall into two categories: they want to be trouble, or they are trouble.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I have lived behind walls that have made me alone.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Those who were so long imprisoned in ice and darkness seem to find the sunlight jarring, painful. The longer I walk around with this grief inside me, the more I understand that. It’s as if sunshine is a slap in the face that says, Look, the world’s all bright and shiny! Too bad you’re not.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “One day you do meet a man who kisses you and you can’t breathe around it and you realize you don’t need air.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Think you two puny Druids can hold this keep for a single night?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I resent being cued. It makes me not want to know.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “And there my dear Fio, you make one of Womankind’s greatest mistakes: falling in love with a man’s potential. We so rarely share the same view of it, and even more rarely care to achieve it. Stop pining for the man you think I could be – and take a good, long, hard look at the one I am.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “There aren’t many sins in my bible. Giving up is the greatest one of all.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “When she’d finally cranked up her favorite Godsmack CD in an effort to tune him out, he’d let out a roar that had rattled the windows in her car: By all that’s holy, woman, what is that hideous noise? Cease and desist! A battlefield at full charge could be no more cacophonous!”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I snicker at my joke. Dude, if ya can’t crack yourself up, ain’t never gonna crack anybody else up.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Why do they always ask for words? Why do they ever believe them?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Gwen started to speak, but he laid a finger to her lips. “Please, lass, just kiss me. No more words. There have been enough of them between us.” He paused before adding quietly, “If you have aught to say to me, let your heart speak now.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He can deal with not being able to control you as long as you let the world believe he does. He’s king here, honey. Kings can’t be challenged publicly.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Holy psychotic PCs, Robin, we’ve a murderous MacBook on the loose!”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Haud yer wheesht, woman.” “Hold my what?” “It means ‘hush,’ Jessica. Just hush. Would it kill you to hush?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I would have bargained with the devil for you, too, lass,” he said softly. “I’d have done anything too. I love you, Jessica. You are my one true mate, lass. Never forget that.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “You weep for me, woman?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Face says one thing. Body says another. I listen to the body. Keeps me alive.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Flames of another kind. Hellfire. You will believe you canna possibly endure the agony.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “She scowled as the possibility occurred to her that she’d actually made herself ill merely by planning to pretend she was.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Were not there you, I’d be not too.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “It seemed Barrons had finally gotten his cake and eaten it too.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I always thought fainting showed an inherent weakness of character, but I understood it now. It was an act of self-preservation. Confronted by emotion too extreme to handle, the body shuts down to keep from running around like a chicken with its head cut off, potentially injuring itself.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He goes for stark versus accessorized, dark over bright, jewel tone instead of pastel, carnal over flirty.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Whatever happened to the good old days when books just got along, cozied up together on bookshelves, hanging out, waiting to be read?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Sometimes the most heroic action you can take looks a lot like inaction to the rest of the world. Sometimes the hardest, longest walk is the one the white-hat takes offstage.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He wasn’t handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Life is not black and white. The closes we ever get to either of those colors is wearing them.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “We were watching Barrons. Why were you watching Barrons? Barrons needs watching.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I began peering into the corners of the room, making sure all the shadows were cast by objects and obeying known laws of physics.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Relax. Live. Keep your eyes open. See what comes.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Drustan didn’t tell me either. He regretted that later, when I kissed Dageus because I thought he was Drustan. Drustan didn’t care for it one bit. They’re possessive about their women, but I’m sure you know that. I’m Gwen, by the way, Drustan’s wife.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “There’s only one question that matters, Ms. Lane, and it’s the one you never get around to asking. People are capable of varying degrees of truth. The majority spend their entire lives fabricating an elaborate skein of lies, immersing themselves in the faith of bad faith, doing whatever it takes to feel safe. The person who truly lives has precious few moments of safety, learns to thrive in any kind of storm. It’s the truth you can stare down stone-cold that makes you what you are. Weak or strong. Live or die. Prove yourself. How much truth can you take, Ms. Lane?”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Love doesn’t build cages. It builds stairways to the stars.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “The most critical, defining battles we wage in life, we wage alone. Against ourselves.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “All myths contain a grain of truth, Ms. Lane. I’ve handled books and artifacts that will never find their way into a museum or library, things no archaeologist or historian could ever make sense of. There are many realities pocketed away in the one we call our own. Most go blindly about their lives and never see beyond the ends of their noses. Some of us do.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He didn’t just occupy space; he saturated it. The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “He’d made her feel what Barrons made me feel. Bigger than I could possibly be, larger than life, on fire with possibilities, ecstatic to be breathing, impatient for the next moment together. She’d been happy in those last months, so alive and happy.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “You can’t unkiss a man you’ve kissed. I.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “As I moved deeper into the room, his gaze dropped to my feet, and worked its way back to my face. I was wearing faded jeans, boots, and a snug pink Juicy T-shirt I got on sale at TJ Maxx last summer that said I’m a Juicy girl. “I bet you are,” he murmured.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “For what other reason would you have me save you? Because I like you? Better to be useful than liked.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I wanted to walk beside this man for a long time, and to do that I’d have to be able to be completely myself.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Using some of your own time to make someone else’s life better is, like, the nicest thing you can do for anybody. I almost can’t stand it, it makes me so happy.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “Dude, you are one sick feck.” “Och, Dani, my love,” he says, gliding toward the bed, “you’ve really no idea.”
Karen Marie Moning Quote: “I had a sudden dismal view of my future, of being led around and asked incessantly, like one of those Verizon commercials, Do you feel sick now?”
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