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Top 200 Katy Perry Quotes (2023 Update)
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Katy Perry Quote: “They think that I was like Amy Grant, when actually no! The label went bankrupt and maybe sold a couple hundred records and that’s about it. I was just trying different things.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I always tell my fans that are closest to me, if it’s not coming from my mouth, my website, or my appointed person, then it’s generally not true. Or it’s an exaggeration.”
Katy Perry Quote: “My dad would give me $10, which is a lot of money when you’re 9, to sing at church, on tables at restaurants, at family functions, just about anywhere.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I have a soft spot for musicians. If a man could ride this roller coaster with me and come out alive, then I guess we’d deserve each other’s company.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I’m a woman who likes to be courted – strongly.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I still have a spiritual base and a spiritual foundation.”
Katy Perry Quote: “This is the city that taught me how to write all of these cool songs. Yeah, you guys definitely need a royalty.”
Katy Perry Quote: “Be yourself, that’s what makes the world go round!”
Katy Perry Quote: “I have to be a ginger for 3 weeks.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I have a lot of ambition.”
Katy Perry Quote: “What I wanted to be and who I am is a singer and a songwriter. I wanted to be onstage, and I wanted the world to hear my music. The product of that is fame and the disgusting celebrity that goes along with it. But celebrity does not equal creativity.”
Katy Perry Quote: “Sometimes I can be distracted by the glamour and the fabulousness.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I love those documentaries where everyone is fabulous and always perfect.”
Katy Perry Quote: “The records are black boxes for me. Like, if you want to know who I am, my views, my perspective, things I love, things I hate, my convictions, my anthems. I’ve never let people’s opinions affect the way I write.”
Katy Perry Quote: “Touring is always important to me. It’s like a big IOU to my fans, because I know they are the reason I exist.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I feel really blessed because of where I come from.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I’ve actually always wanted to make something like an acoustic record.”
Katy Perry Quote: “If you like my music, great, and if you don’t, whatever. I’m going to keep making it either way.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I’d never devote a whole record to heartbreak.”
Katy Perry Quote: “One thing I can’t do, and I hope that there are other people out there that feel the same way, is climb a rope. Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to climb rope! It’s all about grip and arms.”
Katy Perry Quote: “A lot of the time people don’t even know what they want until they see something new.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I’m a woman who likes to be courted, strongly. Never say never, I guess you’d say. I’ll let love take the lead on that.”
Katy Perry Quote: “With songs, I’ve always pledged to be honest. I write my songs because I’ve lived them.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I’d like to say I’d like to be as big as a Gwen or a Madonna, but I think those days of achieving that level are over. The media is bringing everybody down.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I crushed on the most popular guy in school! I saw him at a concert and I shouted out,” Is that Shane Lopes? You were the most popular guy in my class, but you never wanted to go out with me. Instead it was Amanda Wayne. What are you thinking now?”
Katy Perry Quote: “I come from a very non-accepting family, but I’m very accepting.”
Katy Perry Quote: “I did my gospel record, but there was nothing really of it. Maybe a hundred people bought it. But it’s one of those things on the internet that people find and they make into a big deal.”
Katy Perry Quote: “You are a firework!”
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