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Ken Follett Quote: “Grigori had become good at that, and in consequence had won the loyalty of his platoon.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Her Protestant pastor had been sympathetic, until the Gestapo terrified him into silence. Perhaps the same would happen again. But she did not know what else to do. Heinrich took.”
Ken Follett Quote: “She loved his seriousness. Most men, even quite clever ones, became silly when they talked to women. Walter spoke to her just as intelligently as he spoke to Robert or Fitz, and – even more unusually – he listened to her answers.”
Ken Follett Quote: “There’s no rule that says public opinion has to be consistent.” Gus found his boss’s calm admirable, but a bit frustrating. “How the heck do you deal with that?” Wilson smiled, showing his bad teeth. “Gus, did someone tell you politics was easy?”
Ken Follett Quote: “My father taught us to learn as much as possible of any tongue we came across. He says it’s better than money in the bank.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I could weep for all the innocent women and children who were burned and maimed in London – and it doesn’t help at all to know that German women and children are suffering the same.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The world has become wicked. Heresy, lasciviousness, and disrespect are rife. Men question authority, women flaunt their bodies, children disobey their parents. God is angry, and His rage is fearsome. Don’t try to run from His justice! It will find you, no matter where you hide.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I wanted to be some kind of captain of industry. Then I wanted to be in advertising, and then I wanted to be a newspaper reporter.”
Ken Follett Quote: “She shook her head in perplexity. “I’ll never know where you got the idea that you were destined for greatness.” She dropped the rest of the rabbit in the pot and begun to clean the underside of its skin. She would use the fur. “You certainly didn’t inherit it from your forebears.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Fascism is a lie, but an alluring one”.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Maud had feared this. Fitz was no compromiser. He believed that Britain should issue orders and the world should obey. The idea that the government might have to negotiate with others as equals was abhorrent to him. And there were distressingly many who agreed.”
Ken Follett Quote: “What should we do?” “If you want to live, you should go to church, confess your sins, pray, and lead a better life.”
Ken Follett Quote: “When you were trying to enforce law and order, it was difficult to explain that the rules did not actually apply to you personally.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Philip knelt before the altar and stayed there a moment, conscious that righteous indignation was not the appropriate state of mind for a worshiper. When he had cooled down a little he rose and passed on.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Ma and Pa had taught their sons to keep themselves fresh by bathing at least once a year.”
Ken Follett Quote: “If you want to change the world, then foreign relations is the field in which you can do the most good – or evil.”
Ken Follett Quote: “He forced himself to take a single step forward; and once he had done that the second was a little less difficult, and the third was almost easy.”
Ken Follett Quote: “She grinned at her husband. He was wearing a blue towelling bathrobe that was too small for him, and it showed his long, muscular legs. ‘You’re not so bad yourself,’ she said, and she picked up the phone. It was her mother. ‘Happy Christmas,’ she said.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Excessive pride is a familiar sin, but a man may just easily frustrate the will of God through excessive humility. – Cuthbert Whitehead.”
Ken Follett Quote: “You didn’t fail me. You fed me and took care of me... ” But there was something more important than all that, he thought. What Tom had given him was nothing so commonplace as food and shelter. Tom had given him something unique, something no other man had to give, something even his own father could not have given him: something that was a passion, a skill, an art, and a way of life. “You gave me a cathedral...”
Ken Follett Quote: “Perhaps it was irresponsible, Tom thought, to turn down that dull job in Exeter and go looking for a cathedral to build; but I’ve always been able to feed them all, despite my recklessness.”
Ken Follett Quote: “In the struggle for female equality, Maud reflected, sometimes you had to fight women as well as men.”
Ken Follett Quote: “It seemed trivial. After the battlefield it was going to be difficult to take seriously some of the stuff people worried about in peacetime.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Fitz was suspicious of peace plans. His main concern was that Britain should maintain its position as the most powerful nation in the world. He was afraid the Liberal government might let that position slip, out of some foolish belief that all nations were equally sovereign. Sir.”
Ken Follett Quote: “One is a comfortable partnership, where two people share the same hopes and fears, raise children as a team, and give each other comfort and help.”
Ken Follett Quote: “And so, Aldred thought, great ones sin with impunity while lesser men are brutally chastised.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Perhaps the savages will always be in control, Phillip said gloomily. Perhaps greed will always outweigh wisdom in the councils of the mighty; perhaps fear will always overcome compassion in the mind of a man with a sword in his hand.”
Ken Follett Quote: “They all spoke some German, having been living in the German-speaking region of Switzerland. Lenin himself spoke it well. He was a remarkable linguist, Walter learned. He was fluent in French, spoke passable English, and read Aristotle in ancient Greek. Lenin’s idea of relaxation was to sit down with a foreign-language dictionary for an hour or two.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Some men craved deference; others craved wine, or the bodies of beautiful women, or the monastic life of order and obedience. What did Ned crave? The answer came into his mind with a speed and effortlessness that took him by surprise: justice.”
Ken Follett Quote: “No matter how long she argued, people would believe the priests, not.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Next week I shall ask the Congress of the United States to act, to make a commitment it has not fully made this century, to the proposition that” – he had gone formal, but now he reverted to plain language – “race has no place in American life or law.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The working class are more numerous than the ruling class, and stronger. They depend on us for everything. We provide their food and build their houses and make their clothes, and without us they die. They can’t do anything unless we let them.”
Ken Follett Quote: “A fool was just a fool, but a fool in the White House was the most dangerous person in the world.”
Ken Follett Quote: “It was a bold request, but she hated delay: an hour turned into a day, and a day turned into a week, and bright ideas died from lack of oxygen.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Like so many parties, this one was work for a lot of the guests.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The victim had been John Lewis, the theology student. He had been attacked by thugs in a white restroom in Rock Hill, South Carolina.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Every catastrophe begins with a little problem that doesn’t get fixed.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Edgar’s family believed in plans. His father had often said that you had to build the entire boat in your imagination before picking up the first piece of timber.”
Ken Follett Quote: “What we did in that momentous year of 1558 caused political strife, revolt, civil war, and invasion. There were times, in later years, when in the depths of despair I would wonder whether it had been worth it. The simple idea that people should be allowed to worship as they wished caused more suffering than the ten plagues of Egypt. So, if I had known then what I know now, would I have done the same? Hell yes.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Alison was relieved: she would have hated to see Mary lose her dignity as well as her life. “Follow me,” said the sheriff. Mary turned back momentarily and took an ivory crucifix from its hook on the wall over the altar. With the cross pressed to her heavy bosom and the prayer book in her other hand she walked behind the sheriff, and Alison followed.”
Ken Follett Quote: “She had wanted cities, music, people, ideas. Now the desire for those things had left her, and she could not understand how she had ever wanted them. Peace was all a human being ought to ask for, it seemed to her.”
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