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Top 300 Ken Follett Quotes (2023 Update)

Ken Follett Quote: “Hard work should be rewarded by good food.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Fear could paralyse. Action was the antidote.”
Ken Follett Quote: “She loved him because he had brought her back to life. She had been like a caterpillar in a cocoon, and he had drawn her out and shown her that she was a butterfly.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The most expensive part of building is the mistakes.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Culture clash is terrific drama.”
Ken Follett Quote: “No storm can shake my inmost calm While to that rock I’m clinging Since Love is Lord of heaven and earth How can I keep from singing?”
Ken Follett Quote: “A man should have a hobby. It keeps him out of trouble. -Madeleine Pilaster.”
Ken Follett Quote: “It’s great that in the German language I’ve sold almost 30 million books. Isn’t that amazing?”
Ken Follett Quote: “But desperate people find courage.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The research is the easiest. The outline is the most fun. The first draft is the hardest, because every word of the outline has to be fleshed out. The rewrite is very satisfying.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I learned the meaning of the word bittersweet, the acid taste of loss and the honey of hope in one bright fruit.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Man who betrayed you once would betray you twice.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Proportion is the heart of beauty.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The duck swallows the worm, the fox kills the duck, the men shoot the fox, and the devil hunts the men.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Having faith in God did not mean sitting back and doing nothing. It meant believing you would find success if you did your best honestly and energetically.”
Ken Follett Quote: “A secret shared is a secret no more.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Hunger is the best seasoning.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Never use your own money when you can spend someone else’s.”
Ken Follett Quote: “But the lesson of Abraham’s story is that God demands the best we have to offer, that which is most precious to us.”
Ken Follett Quote: “World War II is the greatest drama in human history, the biggest war ever and a true battle of good and evil. I imagine writers will continue to get stories from it, and readers will continue to love them, for many more years.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The greater their ignorance, the stronger their opinions.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The thriller is the most popular literary genre of the 20th century.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I enjoy learning technical details.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Texaco’s chairman, the Hitler-admiring Torkild Rieber, was using the company’s tankers to smuggle oil to the rebels in defiance of a specific request from President Roosevelt.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I want to tell a story that makes the reader always want to see what will happen next.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Women wanted a new deal, and they expected him to know, without being told, what the deal was, and to agree to it without negotiation.”
Ken Follett Quote: “He had quoted Lenin: ‘He who controls Berlin, controls Germany; and who controls Germany, controls Europe.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Trusting someone was like holding a little water in your cupped hands – it was so easy to spill the water, and you could never get it back.”
Ken Follett Quote: “In my books, women often solve the problem. Even if the woman is not the hero, she’s a strong character. She does change the plot. She’ll often rescue the male character from some situation.”
Ken Follett Quote: “In the Arab world, every work of art has a tiny flaw, so that it doesn’t sacrilegiously compete with the perfection of God.”
Ken Follett Quote: “A mistake is a mistake. Another mistake is normal. Only the same mistake twice makes you a fool.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I could fall for you in a heartbeat.”
Ken Follett Quote: “President Wilson says a leader must treat public opinion the way a sailor deals with the wind, using it to blow the ship in one direction or another, but never trying to go directly against it.”
Ken Follett Quote: “All men make mistakes,’ said the ancient Greek Sophocles. ‘But a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only sin is pride.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The ability to listen to smart people who disagree with you is a rare talent – but.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Never call a meeting until the outcome is a foregone conclusion.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I use a professional researcher in New York who does all the legwork, all that stuff which would take me days and weeks of calling, waiting for people to call back.”
Ken Follett Quote: “To someone standing in the nave, looking down the length of the church toward the east, the round window would seem like a huge sun exploding into innumerable shards of gorgeous color.”
Ken Follett Quote: “When you’re thinking, please remember this: excessive pride is a familiar sin, but a man may just as easily frustrate the will of God through excessive humility.”
Ken Follett Quote: “I aim to be translucent, so you don’t notice the words, just their meaning. I haven’t much insight into people’s motivations.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Sergeant Grigori Peshkov. He was elected unopposed. Grigori was pleased. He knew what life was like for soldiers and workers, and he would bring the machine-oil smell of real life to the corridors of power. He would never forget his roots and put on a top hat. He would make sure that unrest led to improvements, not to random violence. Now he had a real chance to make a better life for Katerina and Vladimir.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son. God no longer asks for blood sacrifices, for the ultimate sacrifice has been made. But the lesson of Abraham’s story is that God demands the best we have to offer, that which is most precious to us.”
Ken Follett Quote: “What news? There’s nothing to tell. I’m a nun.”
Ken Follett Quote: “When a man is certain that he knows God’s will, and is resolved to do it regardless of the cost, he is the most dangerous person in the world.”
Ken Follett Quote: “More than two hundred Aberowen men were killed on the first day of July, there on the banks of the Somme River. I have been told that the total of British casualties is over fifty thousand!”
Ken Follett Quote: “All birds and men are sure to die but songs may live forever.”
Ken Follett Quote: “Without books I would not have become a vivacious reader, and if you are not a reader you are not a writer.”
Ken Follett Quote: “What you’re doing is wrong,” he said. “I mean evil. To give up happiness like this is like throwing jewels into the ocean. It’s far worse than any sin.”
Ken Follett Quote: “The Ottoman Empire was in decline, held back from modernization by a conservative Muslim priesthood.”
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