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Top 30 Kent Beck Quotes (2023 Update)

Kent Beck Quote: “Make it work, make it right, make it fast.”
Kent Beck Quote: “I’m not a great programmer; I’m just a good programmer with great habits.”
Kent Beck Quote: “The business changes. The technology changes. The team changes. The team members change. The problem isn’t change, per se, because change is going to happen; the problem, rather, is the inability to cope with change when it comes.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Listening, Testing, Coding, Designing. That’s all there is to software. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming; feedback is the treatment.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Testing is not the point. The point is about responsibility.”
Kent Beck Quote: “If testing costs more than not testing, then don’t test.”
Kent Beck Quote: “If you’re having trouble succeeding, fail.”
Kent Beck Quote: “I’ve known people who have not mastered their tools who are good programmers, but not a tool master who remained a mediocre programmer.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Of the four project development variables – scope, cost, time and quality – quality isn’t really a free variable. The only possible values are “excellent” and “insanely excellent”, depending on whether lives are at stake.”
Kent Beck Quote: “I mean, source code in files; how quaint, how seventies!”
Kent Beck Quote: “A plan is an example of what could happen, not a prediction of what will happen.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Responsible Development is the style of development I aspire to now. It can be summarized by answering the question, How would I develop if it were my money? I’m amazed how many theoretical arguments evaporate when faced with this question.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Sometimes the problem has to mature before the solution can mature.”
Kent Beck Quote: “In software development, “perfect” is a verb, not an adjective. There is no perfect process. There is no perfect design. There are no perfect stories. You can, however, perfect your process, your design, and your stories.”
Kent Beck Quote: “How good the design is doesn’t matter near as much as whether the design is getting better or worse. If it is getting better, day by day, I can live with it forever. If it is getting worse, I will die.”
Kent Beck Quote: “I don’t like the feeling, but I’ve got to say that a little fear makes me a more focused, more responsible programmer.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Write tests until fear is transformed into boredom.”
Kent Beck Quote: “No matter the circumstance you can always improve. You can always start improving with yourself. You can always start improving today.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Software development is a game of insight, and insight comes to the prepared, rested, relaxed mind.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Without planning, we are individuals with haphazard connections and effectiveness. We are a team when we plan and work in harmony.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Learning research tells us that the time lag from experiment to feedback is critical...”
Kent Beck Quote: “I tell people to start implementing when they are pretty sure there aren’t more important stories out there. An iteration’s worth of data is worth months of speculation.”
Kent Beck Quote: “The system metaphor is a story that everyone – customers, programmers, and managers – can tell about how the system works.”
Kent Beck Quote: “The community isn’t nearly as afraid as it thinks it is.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Brilliance in a scientist does not consist in being right more often but in being wrong about more interesting topics.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Pair programmers: Keep each other on task. Brainstorm refinements to the system. Clarify ideas. Take initiative when their partner is stuck, thus lowering frustration. Hold each other accountable to the team’s practices. Pairing.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Responsibility cannot be assigned; it can only be accepted. If someone tries to give you responsibility, only you can decide if you are responsible or if you aren’t.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Sit Together Develop in an open space big enough for the whole team. Meet the need for privacy and “owned” space by having small private spaces nearby or by limiting work hours so team members can get their privacy needs met elsewhere.”
Kent Beck Quote: “Rather than apply minutes of suspect reasoning, we can just ask the computer by making the change and running the tests.”
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