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Top 50 Kristin Chenoweth Quotes (2024 Update)

Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “If you can learn to love yourself and all the flaws, you can love other people so much better. And that makes you so happy.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m constantly learning, and that is the greatest gift of life in my opinion – to always be learning and growing.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Two scoops of crazy with a side of coo coo ca choo.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Not everyone is going to like what you do or what you have to offer. However, if you can’t see yourself doing anything else, and you have the drive and ambition, get the training and go for it.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Life’s too short. I’m not!”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “You will have the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, just remember to always handle yourself with grace and dignity.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “We sing because we can’t speak anymore.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Oatmeal tastes so good on its own, you don’t even need to add sugar.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “It’s good to learn early that every show is a family – complete with dysfunctional relationships, tough love, and plenty of occasion for forgiveness...”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “There’s a difference between making fun of something and having fun with something.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m an actress and a singer and I’m also a Christian. We’re not all crazy right-wingers. I just want to be like Jesus, forgiving and loving and nonjudgmental, accepting of everyone even if they don’t agree.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “A nice pair of Jimmy Choos never hurt anyone.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I love live theater; I like the relationship between the show and the audience. That’s my comfort zone, but more than anything, it’s what makes me happy.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m a wild lady. Not.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m finally dating. It’s fun.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “New York. It’s home to opera, Broadway, museums, the ballet and orchestra – everything that I love. The most real people in the world live there.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “We are what we eat, so I eat as many veggies as I can!”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Broadway is such a diverse community. Everybody knows how I believe, and everyone believes, and it’s not a big deal. But in Hollywood, if you talk about politics – especially if you’re a Republican – or spirituality, it’s just not something people want to hear about.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “We sing because we can’t speak anymore. Dance is an extension of that – we dance because we can’t speak anymore.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Make no mistake, I am a Christian and I believe in God and I don’t believe he makes mistakes, so I believe that being gay is not a sin and in fact it’s how you’re made.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Some relationships aren’t meant to be Great Love; they’re meant to be like a hot fudge sundae – enjoyable but not something you can acually live on.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “The lasting legacy of the Cooter Smash is that I’m the first to know when it’s going to rain. That’s right. I both sing and predict the weather with my hoo hoo.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m sick of people who’ve never been to church telling me that church is full of hypocrites, and people who’ve never read the Bible telling me that it’s baloney.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “But there’s the beauty of life beyond the bubble. It’s possible for someone to see your wicked bits and still love you.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I love eating at Sonic with my family in Oklahoma. And no, I’m not kidding.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “As much as you can eat healthy, it’s also important to remember to drink healthy too. Tea is very healing.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I was on the cheerleading squad and drama and the choir, but I was friends with everybody. I was not a partier. I was too Type A and crazy about my grades, but I was still there at everything.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I want to be a Christian like Christ – loving and accepting of other people.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Laughter is life-giving. It makes you breathe.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Faith is something a lot of people relate to as a God-thing, but it’s also faith in yourself.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I enjoy going to Palm Springs when I’m living in Los Angeles.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I am a creature of the sun. I don’t ever mind being in the heat.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I love London because of the history. The times I’ve been there have been some of the best memories in my life. Singing there, seeing great theater – and the people like a Southern accent.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m kind of a weirdo; I love prison movies and war movies.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I am a Christian and I don’t want there to be any confusion about what I believe or who I am.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Making fun of anyone’s size, height, scarring, anything like that equals dumb.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I’m trying to learn, as I’m in my 40s, to embrace what I’ve been able to achieve and be proud of it. And I know there’s roles that I will want to play before I die, but I’m still just taking one day at a time.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “A professionally trained actress should be a better liar, wouldn’t you think? But no. I am pathetically underachieved in that area. I can think of a great lie. I’m plenty imaginative. But before the words are even out of my mouth, there’s a weird tickle of unease in my armpits, a horsefly of guilt lands on the back of my neck, and before I can stop myself, that gassy little bubble of truth belches out.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I want to eat good Italian food and get better at their language. It seems so romantic too.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Chicago – it’s a mini-New York.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Well, you know, people don’t know me as a country artist and I am new to the genre. But that’s how I grew up singing.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “All my life, I’d been on the receiving end of my mother’s endless tenderness and vigilant care. Being allowed to care for her during her recovery was a gift – the most rewarding experience in my life.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Before I got Madeline, I used to see dog people who were so obsessed, and I’d think, Oh, that’s so sad. But now, here I am, talking about her all the time. I even dress her up in little outfits; I’m madly in love with her.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Norman, Okla. That’s where my folks live, so it’s home to me.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I was a spiritual kid.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I don’t speak during the day. I warm up physically and, obviously, vocally, constantly. And I try to live like a nun.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I used to want to be tall, and then I thought, ‘If I were tall, then people would say I was pretty and not cute.’ And then I realized that there are worse things than being called cute.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “Equality is truly sweet.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “They had me all happy, singing. It was very awkward. I think the writers are frantically planning something appropriate to honor him, but we don’t know what.”
Kristin Chenoweth Quote: “I don’t understand what the big deal is with gay marriage. Get over it, people.”
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