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Laurence Overmire Quote: “Fantasy, myth, legend, truth – all are intertwined in the story that is Scotland.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “A society that has no respect, no regard for its bards, its historians, its storytellers, is a society in steep decline, a society that has lost its very soul and may never find its way.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Public condemnation goes a long way in establishing what is and what is not acceptable in a society. The public good will prevail if the public demands it.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “All of our ancestors give us the precious gift of life. Do we use it wisely? Do we use it well? Do we make a name for ourselves and for our children of which we can be proud?”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Real life is never quite as interesting as the story told afterward.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “My forebears played a significant part in making me who I am. I honor their legacy. I will never forget what they gave me. I will love them until the day I die. And no one can take them away from me.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Racists cling to the false notion that we are separate. They refuse to acknowledge that they are connected to, and even descended from, other people of different skin color. Their egos demand that they be superior and that others be inferior. This is how they seek to justify their hatred of, and cruelty towards, others.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Every creature has a right to be on this Earth. Who am I to disrupt the natural order? “Respect” is a good word worth handing down to our children.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The truth hurts. But if we want to heal the world, we had better start paying attention to the pain.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Over the course of the millennia, all these multitudes of ancestors, generation upon generation, have come down to this moment in time – to give birth to you. There has never been, nor will ever be, another like you. You have been given a tremendous responsibility. You carry the hopes and dreams of all those who have gone before. Hopes and dreams for a better world. What will you do with your time on this Earth? How will you contribute to the ongoing story of humankind?”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “If you can make your ancestors real for yourself, learn their stories and who they were, your life – and death – will take on added meaning. You will see yourself in the Big Picture that includes all human life that has come and gone on the planet.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Every child comes into this world as a gift to humanity. It is up to us, as adults, to see that they are properly taken care of and given all the love and attention they deserve. If we did so, I have no doubt our world would be drastically different and much more humane.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Only through love will we find our way to create a world worthy of our children and our grandchildren.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “There are basically two kinds of people: those who have empathy and care about others and those who don’t. The ones who don’t are creating most of the problems in the world.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “I don’t make much of a living, but I do live much of a making.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “An honest, poor, but otherwise unremarkable man and his loving, tender-hearted wife, though long forgotten and lost to history, may have been the ancestors who are most worthy of our admiration today.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Wisdom is finding the path that is best for all – considering the options, the positives and the negatives – and having the courage to change what must be changed for the sake of the entire world.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Ultimately, the great truths of family history don’t live in any book. They live in the hearts and minds of the living descendants. They live in the way we conduct our lives, in the passing of traditions and values to those who will follow.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “No matter who our ancestors are, our own personal and monumental task is to become the best person that we can possibly be – someone in whom our own descendants in times to come can take great pride and find inspiration.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Those who oppose equality, compassion and social justice have been on the wrong side of history time and time again.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “One could only wish there were more who understood the love of family, of history, and of ancient, sacred bonds that grow deep within us all. If family is not worthy of our time and attention, who or what is?”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “One can never be 100% certain when it comes to family lineage. One must always keep an open mind, willing to go wherever the facts may lead.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Through the various branches of your tree, you are connected to the entirety of human history. When we talk about the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids, we’re not talking about a bunch of exotic strangers, we’re talking about our great-great-many-times-great grandparents!”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Good people turn to love, courage and kindness in times of crisis, not hate, fear and cruelty.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Some of us are given more time on this Earth than others, but none of us should ever take the gift of life for granted. If we strive to be the best we can be, committing ourselves to what is right and true, while helping others along the way, then we will leave our own story worth the telling and be a shining example for our children and our grandchildren and all those great, great, great, great grandchildren in those far off times to come.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Love is active, not passive. It is our love for one another, for Mother Earth, for our fellow creatures that compels us to act on their behalf.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “My charge, then, in putting down my pen, and giving over this work to posterity, is this: Take the time. Take the time to preserve the stories, the photographs, the small mementos that mean so much. This is your legacy to future generations. Give it the attention it deserves. Your children and your grandchildren will thank you for it.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The more we understand the One Idea, how all of life is interconnected and interdependent, the more we can act in positive ways for the good of all.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “While most of our major religions acknowledge the truth of universal brotherhood, too many human beings are still hanging on to their hate and fear of “the other.” We have created our own misery. We can also heal ourselves through kindness, cooperation, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, honesty, understanding and sacrifice. The choice is ours.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “New generations recognize, money is just a plaything. The new bottom line is humanity itself.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Cupid’s bloody bow is strung with a million hearts, wisdom bought at a terrible price, and love laid to rest on the river of Time.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “I have embraced Robert Burns and his beloved Scotland. I have heard the music of the authentic mother tongue. I have walked where he walked, lived where he lived, if only for a brief time, and seen where he died and where he was finally laid to rest. The ghost of Rabbie Burns will continue to walk beside me. And when I am gone, I will walk beside others who fight for the cause of truth.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Love is a powerful thing. It transcends time and place. If you’re looking for immortality, love long and love well. The rest will take care of itself.”
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