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Top 120 Laurence Overmire Quotes (2023 Update)

Laurence Overmire Quote: “Expect nothing and accept everything and you will never be disappointed.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Live with an open mind and an open heart. Always choose love over fear and kindness over cruelty.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “We are the last generation with a real opportunity to save the world.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “You can’t really appreciate a work of art until you can understand how difficult it was to create. And that’s probably true of any work of art – a rock, a tree, a bird, a fish, a sunrise made of light and air.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “To listen to the silence is to hear the heartbeat of the Universe.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “There is no such thing as an insignificant life, only the insignificance of mind that refuses to grasp the implications.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Love is kindness, compassion, generosity, empathy, respect, understanding, forgiveness and sacrifice: the very best in us.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Apathy is the slow poison coursing through the body politic that paves the way to tyranny.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Recognizing your own ignorance is the first step toward wisdom.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Anyone who doesn’t love animals has a serious hole in the heart.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “I am not a skin color. I contain all of humanity in my heart and my mind, my flesh, my blood and my bones, and I am proud of that fact. You should be, too.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Only love and courage will make this world a safer place. Hatred and fear will make it more dangerous.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Every child comes into this world as a gift to humanity.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The future is won or lost in the war of ideas.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Those who refuse to look at or give expression to the dark side of life are in denial-fear preventing passage through the door of growth, truth and, ultimately, wisdom.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Creativity is at the root of love and meaning in this life.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “War, hatred, and violence all spring from one infernal idea: that one person, race, creed, or culture is better than another.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Truth is the greatest enemy of tyrants everywhere.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “If God spent 180 million years making dinosaurs, what makes us think Man is so special, a tick of the clock before midnight?”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “All of our ancestors live within each one of us whether we are aware of it or not.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The age of selfishness and greed is over. The age of kindness and generosity is underway.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Whenever you speak the truth, someone will be offended.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Our stories make us who we are. And each story has its own purpose and its own reward. Each story rings true and each story is worthy of the ages. There is no such thing as an insignificant life.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Dare to find your own truth, despite what others say, then have the courage to live it.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “I reserve the right to evolve. What I think and feel today is subject to revision tomorrow.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “God made in the image of Man is an imperfect master.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Life is a poem most people never read.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Welcome to the figurative world of poetry where nothing is ‘real,’ but everything matters.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Our individual power to effect change may not seem like much, but remember, we are all interconnected: We are One. Powerlessness itself is an illusion. Every positive action we take, no matter how small, will have an impact.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “We are the collective creator of our own agony. It is time for a re-awakening of consciousness when we recognize the best in ourselves and overcome the worst.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “There is no nobler profession, nor no greater calling, than to be among those unheralded many who gave and give their lives to the preservation of human knowledge, passed with commitment and care from one generation to the next.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Every succeeding generation has the opportunity to heal the wounds of the past.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Life is inherently disturbing. That’s why we’ve created the myths-to help us overcome, defend or deny, to transcend the grim reality of what here seems to be.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Americans think anything you do not get paid for is not worth doing. As a consequence, the things that don’t get done are often the most worthwhile.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “There are some who dream their lives away, but end up doing nothing, and others who do their lives away, and end up never dreaming.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Every being has its own important and unique place in the cosmic dance.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Dead people are easy to love. It’s the living ones who are hard.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Doing the right thing, surrendering our short-term self-interest to serve the needs of the whole, has never been easy for humankind, but now, more than ever, that is exactly what we must do. Future generations are counting on us.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Prose pretends to be straightforward in its application to the truth, but truth itself is a dissembler. Poetry, much more honest, knows the deception can’t be overcome.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “There is no such thing as failure for an artist, unless failure is the refusal to attempt, the unwillingness to dream.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Orwell couldn’t see that Big Brother would not be The State, but The Corporation.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The truth is the truth. Denying it doesn’t make it go away.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “The people who change the world never lose hope no matter how bleak the outcome might appear to be.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Being good or being evil is not something that is inherent in our nature over which we have no control, rather we define ourselves by the choices we make, moment by moment, situation by situation. All it takes is an act of will to be the best that we can be.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “When you trace your genealogy, you find connections to many of the people and events that shaped history. History is not the story of some old irrelevant strangers. No. History is your story. Your family was there – your grandmothers and grandfathers, uncles and aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. If not for them, you wouldn’t even be here.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Fantasy, myth, legend, truth – all are intertwined in the story that is Scotland.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “From generation to generation, lights are extinguished and darkness threatens until some one stoops to bear the torch.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “It takes no genius to destroy. The creators, the givers, the lovers, the healers – these are the heroes who know – the building up is so much more difficult than the tearing down.”
Laurence Overmire Quote: “Love is the great truth we all know in our hearts and must eventually recognize.”
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