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Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Man survives earthquakes, epidemics, the horrors of disease, and all the agonies of the soul, but for all time his tormenting tragedy is, and will be, the tragedy of the bedroom.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “When we do not love, we sleep, we are children of the dust – but love, and you are a god, you are pure, as on the first day of creation.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “For us, with the rule of right and wrong given us by Christ, there is nothing for which we have no standard. And there is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “We live in this world like a child who enters a room where a clever person is speaking. The child did not hear the beginning of the speech, and he leaves before the end; and there are certain things which he hears but does not understand.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Every heart has its own skeletons.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “In infinite time, in infinite matter, in infinite space, is formed a bubble organism, and that bubble lasts a while and bursts, and that bubble is Me.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Patriotism is the principle that will justify the training of wholesale murderers.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Genuine religion is not about speculating about God or the soul or about what happened in the past or will happen in the future; it cares only about one thing finding out exactly what should or should not be done in this lifetime.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “We love people not so much for the good they’ve done us, as for the good we’ve done them.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Work is the inevitable condition of human life, the true source of human welfare.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Violence produces only something resembling justice, but it distances people from the possibility of living justly, without violence.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Man cannot possess anything as long as he fears death. But to him who does not fear it, everything belongs. If there was no suffering, man would not know his limits, would not know himself.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “One ought only to write when one leaves a piece of one’s own flesh in the inkpot, each time one dips one’s pen.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Art is a means of union among men, joining them together in the same feeling.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “I must write each day without fail, not so much for the success of the work, as in order not to get out of my routine.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Suddenly I heard the words of Christ and understood them, and life and death ceased to seem to me evil, and instead of despair I experienced happiness and the joy of life undisturbed by death.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “One can no more approach people without love than one can approach bees without care. Such is the quality of bees...”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “When you feel the desire for power, you should stay in solitude for some time.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “All the girls in the world were divided into two classes: one class included all the girls in the world except her, and they had all the usual human feelings and were very ordinary girls; while the other class -herself alone- had no weaknesses and was superior to all humanity.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “I feel that I am entitled to my share of lightheartedness and there is nothing wrong with enjoying one’s self simply, like a boy.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “People jump back and forth in pursuit of pleasures only because they see the emptiness of their lives more clearly than they do the emptiness of whichever new entertainment attracts them.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “He had heard that women often love plain ordinary men, but he did not believe it, because he judged by himself and he could only love beautiful mysterious exceptional women.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “The vocation of every man and woman is to serve other people.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “I have to create a circle of reading for myself: Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, Lao-Tzu, Buddha, Pascal, The New Testament. This is also necessary for all people.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Division of labor is a justification for sloth.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “He soon felt that the fulfillment of his desires gave him only one grain of the mountain of happiness he had expected. This fulfillment showed him the eternal error men make in imagining that their happiness depends on the realization of their desires.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Dear Lord, what a madhouse the world is!”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Do not be sad about what you do not have. Instead, be happy about what you do have. If you will be sad about what you don’t have, you will not be happy about what you do have.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Science is meaningless because it gives no answer to our question, the only question important for us: ’what shall we do and how shall we live.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “He was right in saying that the only certain happiness in life is to live for others.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Which is worse? the wolf who cries before eating the lamb or the wolf who does not.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Death destroys the body, as the scaffolding is destroyed after the building is up and finished. And he whose building is up rejoices at the destruction of the scaffolding and of the body.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Great works of art are only great because they are accessible and comprehensible to everyone.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Woman, you see, is an object of such a kind that study it as much as you will, it is always quite new.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “When I have one foot in the grave, I will tell the whole truth about women. I shall tell it, jump into my coffin, pull the lid over me and say, “Do what you like now.””
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Art is a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that other people are infected by these feelings, and also experience them.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “If goodness has causes, it is not goodness; if it has effects, a reward, it is not goodness either. So goodness is outside the chain of cause and effect.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “In education, once more, the chief things are equality and freedom.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Everything ends in death, everything. Death is terrible.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “The happiness of men consists in life. And life is in labor.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “If so many men, so many minds, certainly so many hearts, so many kinds of love.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “I have found that a story leaves a deeper impression when it is impossible to tell which side the author is on.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Honest work is much better than a mansion.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “In the best, the friendliest and simplest relations flattery or praise is necessary, just as grease is necessary to keep wheels turning.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “The epitaph that I would write for history would say: I conceal nothing. It is not enough not to lie. One should strive not to lie in a negative sense by remaining silent.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “There will be today, there will be tomorrow, there will be always, and there was yesterday, and there was the day before...”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “The chief attraction of military service has consisted and will consist in this compulsory and irreproachable idleness.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Condemn me if you choose I do that myself, but condemn me, and not the path which I am following, and which I point out to those who ask me where, in my opinion, the path is.”
Leo Tolstoy Quote: “Writing laws is easy, but governing is difficult.”
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