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Lisa Cron Quotes

Lisa Cron Quote: “Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution – more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang on to.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “We don’t turn to story to escape reality. We turn to story to navigate reality.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “Elmore Leonard famously said that a story is real life with the boring parts left out.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “The narrative voice is almost always neutral, meaning that as omniscient narrator, you’re invisible and just reporting the facts. Your characters, on the other hand, are free to express their opinion on whatever they so desire. As long as the reader knows whose head we’re in – that is, who the point-of-view character is – you rarely need a preamble at all.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “We think in story. It’s hardwired in our brain. It’s how we make strategic sense of the otherwise overwhelming world around us.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “What is it I want my readers to walk away thinking about? What point does my story make? How do I want to change the way my reader sees the world?”
Lisa Cron Quote: “Remember, when we’re lost in a story, we’re not passively reading about something that’s happening to someone else.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “That’s why in every scene you write, the protagonist must react in a way the reader can see and understand in the moment. This reaction must be specific, personal, and have an effect on whether the protagonist achieves her goal. What it can’t be is dispassionate objective commentary.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “They had mistaken the story for what happens in it. But as we’ve learned, the real story is how what happens affects the protagonist, and what she does as a result.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “Outlining the plot before you develop your protagonist traps you on the surface of your novel – that is, in the external events that happen.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “If you don’t know what the objective is, everything appears random.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “In fact, often the opposite is true, because we’re much better at teaching something that we’ve learned through experience than we are at teaching things we innately know. When we innately know how to do something, we assume it’s part of the standard operating package we’re all born with.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “In short, when we read a story, we really do slip into the protagonist’s skin, feeling what she feels, experiencing what she experiences. And what we feel is based, 100 percent, on one thing: her goal, which then defines how she evaluates everything the other characters do. If we don’t know what she wants, we have no idea how, or why, what she does helps her achieve it. As Pinker is quick to point out, without a goal, everything is meaningless.6 It.”
Lisa Cron Quote: “You don’t need to know exactly how the story is going to end, but you do need to know what the protagonist will have to learn along the way – that.”
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