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Top 25 Lisa Mantchev Quotes (2024 Update)

Lisa Mantchev Quote: “There was no slipper, nor spinning wheel, nor true love’s first kiss. This was not a fairy tale with a happily ever after.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “The illusion of freedom is just another sort of prison-.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “And now, the bane of your existence, the killer of all joys, the Stage Manager-.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “I always walked the ragged edge.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Crazier than a bag full of crazy?”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “The Farthing women tend to leave the party without notice.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Could we wear spandex and blow things up?”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Maybe I got sick of accusations, sick of being Polonius’s daughter, and Laertes’s sister, and Hamlet’s girlfriend. Maybe I wanted, for a short while, simply to be myself.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “I am more than a pretty little windup doll.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Words are like the delicate stitches in the dress you wear, holding the fabric of the garmet together. Without them, the dress and the world are nothing but barren cloth.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “The only reason I’m friends with any of you is because I outgrew the von Trapps, one annoying Austrian at a time.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “What color is pandemonium? It sounds yellow.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Bertie, the boys are trying to eat my boyfriend!? – Peaseblossom.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Attention, please, you demitasse of feminine frippery!”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “I know I’m supposed to be the new Mistress of Revels! But that doesn’t mean I have pockets full of muffins!”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Never mistake complacence for the illusion of control. She is like wildfire, at once utterly beguiling and wholly untameable.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Then it was as though someone had uncorked a bottle of effervescent hatred and directed the resulting spray at me.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Death wears a ball gown.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Life is short, so I’m going to have dessert whenever possible.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “I can’t see where I’m going if I only look where I’ve been, my good man!”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “My dearest Miss Farthing, will you do me the unutterable honor of wearing this cheap bit of metal that will most likely turn your finger green, pretending to love and honor me as your husband for the purposes of subterfuge and stratagem?”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “It might well kill me one of these days, but so might other less pleasant things.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Peaseblossom-decorous, proper Peaseblossom-dropped her trousers to waggle her naked, pale bottom at the Stage Manager. Bertie laughed involuntarily, choked on her coffee, and nearly died as it came out her nose, but it was worth the searing pain in her nostrils to see the look on the Stage Manager’s face.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Don’t look at me like that. Don’t see me as some frail, useless creature. Fall in love with me, not the idea of rescuing me.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Apologize at once, or feel the wrath of my toothpick!”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that a fairy in possesion of a good appetite must be in want of pie.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Penny, my darling,” he mumbled, “I hoped that someday I would wake to find you by my side. I just didn’t think it would be because you tried to kill me.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “Fall in love with me, not the idea of rescuing me.”
Lisa Mantchev Quote: “It is a truth universally acknowledged,” Mustardseed said, flying in lazy loops like an intoxicated bumblebee, “that a fairy in possession of a good appetite must be in want of pie.”
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