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Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Spontaneous actions of individuals, aiming at nothing else than at the improvement of their own state of satisfaction, undermined the prestige of the coercive status system step by step.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The middle-of-the-road policy is not an economic system that can last. It is a method for the realization of socialism by installments.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Progress is precisely that which rules and regulations did not foresee.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is impossible to grasp the meaning of the idea of sound money if one does not realize that it was devised as an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “History can tell us what happened in the past. But it cannot assert that it must happen again in the future.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The boom squanders through malinvestment scarce factors of production and reduces the stock available through overconsumption; its alleged blessings are paid for by impoverishment.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Man is not, like the animals, an obsequious puppet of instincts and sensual impulses. Man has the power to suppress instinctive desires, he has a will of his own, he chooses between incompatible ends.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The struggle for freedom is not the struggle of the many against the few, but of minorities, sometimes of a minority of but one man gainst the majority.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Once the principle is admitted that it is the duty of the government to protect the individual against his own foolishness, no serious objections can be advanced against further encroachments.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Society is joint action and cooperation in which each participant sees the other partner’s success as a means for the attainment of his own.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Planning other people’s actions means to prevent them from planning for themselves, means to deprive them of their essentially human quality, means enslaving them.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Those fighting for free enterprise and free competition do not defend the interests of those rich today. They want a free hand left to unknown men who will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow...”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Depressions and mass unemployment are not caused by the free market but by government interference in the economy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A nation cannot prosper if its members are not fully aware of the fact that what alone can improve their condition s is more and better production. And this can only be brought about by increased saving and capital accumulation.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The elimination of profit, whatever methods may be resorted to for its execution, must transform society into a senseless jumble. It would create poverty for all.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Capitalism or market economy is that system of social cooperation and division of labor that is based on private ownership of the means of production.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The government pretends to be endowed with the mystical power to accord favors out of an inexhaustible horn of plenty. It is both omniscient and omnipotent. It can by a magic wand create happiness and abundance. The truth is the government cannot give if it does not take from somebody.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “There cannot be stable money within an environment dominated by ideologies hostile to the preservation of economic freedom.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Aggressors cannot wage total war without introducing Socialism.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The worst thing that can happen to a socialist is to have his country ruled by socialists who are not his friends.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Nothing is more calculated to make a demagogue popular than a constantly reiterated demand for heavy taxes on the rich. Capital levies and high income taxes on the larger incomes are extraordinarily popular with the masses, who do not have to pay them.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The market and its inescapable law are supreme.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Under certain conditions, index numbers may do very useful service as an aid to investigation into the history and statistics of prices; for the extension of the theory of the nature and value of money they are unfortunately not very important.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Society is best served when the means of production are in the possession of those who know how to use them best.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The aim of the popularization of economic studies is not to make every man an economist. The idea is to equip the citizen for his civic functions in community life.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A nation, therefore, has no right to say to a province: You belong to me, I want to take you. A province consists of its inhabitants. If anybody has a right to be heard in this case it is these inhabitants. Boundary disputes should be settled by plebiscite.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “History does not provide any example of capital accumulation brought about by a government. As far as governments invested in the construction of roads, railroads, and other useful public works, the capital needed was provided by the savings of individual citizens and borrowed by the government.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Every innovation makes its appearance as a ‘luxury’ of the few well-to-do. After industry has become aware of it, the luxury then becomes a ‘necessity’ for all.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A higher standard of living also brings about a higher standard of culture and civilization.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Unemployment doles can have no other effect than the perpetuation of unemployment.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Both force and money are impotent against ideas.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The democracy of the market consists in the fact that people themselves make their choices and that no dictator has the power to force them to submit to his value judgments.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A new type of superstition has got hold of people’s minds, the worship of the state. People demand the exercise of the methods of coercion and compulsion, of violence and threat. Woe to anybody who does not bend his knee to the fashionable idols!”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The characteristic feature of a free society is that it can function in spite of the fact that its members disagree in many judgments of value. Freedom really means the freedom to make mistakes.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “There is no reason why capitalists and entrepreneurs should be ashamed of earning profits.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Do the American voters know that the unprecedented improvement in their standard of living that the last hundred years brought was the result of the steady rise in the per-head quota of capital invested? Do they realize that every measure leading to capital decumulation jeopardizes their prosperity?”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What is needed for a sound expansion of production is additional capital goods, not money or fiduciary media. The credit expansion is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits. It must collapse.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “If the members of parliament no longer consider themselves mandatories of the taxpayers but deputies of those receiving salaries, wages, subsidies, doles, and other benefits from the treasury, democracy is done for.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “If it is unnecessary to adjust the amount of expenditure to the means available, there is no limit to the spending of the great god State.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “There is simply no other choice than this: either to abstain from interference in the free play of the market, or to delegate the entire management of production and distribution to the government. Either capitalism or socialism: there exists no middle way.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Changes in human conditions are brought about by the pioneering of the cleverest and most energetic men. They take the lead and the rest of mankind follows them little by little.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The productivity of social cooperation surpasses in every respect the sum total of the production of isolated individuals.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “No matter how efficient school training may be, it would only produce stagnation, orthodoxy, and rigid pedantry if there were no uncommon men pushing forward beyond the wisdom of their tutors.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “An essential point in the social philosophy of interventionism is the existence of an inexhaustible fund which can be squeezed forever. The whole system of interventionism collapses when the fountain is drained off: The Santa Clause principle liquidates itself.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Socialism is the renunciation of rational economy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The first thing a genius needs is to breath free air.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is necessary to curb the power of government. This is the task of all constitutions, bills of rights and laws. This is the meaning of all struggles which men have fought for liberty.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “In life everything is continually in flux.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is solely bigness in business which makes it possible to supply the masses with all those products the present-day American common man does not want to do without. Luxury goods for the few can be produced in small shops. Luxury goods for the many require big business.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The distinctive principle of Western social philosophy is individualism.”
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