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Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A short time ago the demagogues blamed capitalism for the poverty of the masses. Today they rather blame capitalism for the “affluence” that it bestows upon the common man.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The moneyprice of any commodity in any place, under the assumption of completely unrestricted exchange and disregarding the differences arising from the time taken in transit, must be the same as the price at any other place, augmented or diminished by the money-cost of transport.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What is thus improperly regarded as profit, instead of as part of capital, is consumed by the entrepreneur or passed on either to the consumer in the form of price-reductions that would not otherwise have been made or to the labourer in the form of higher wages, and the government proceeds to tax it as income or profits. In any case, consumption of capital results from the fact that monetary depreciation falsifies capital accounting.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “In the long run the ideas of the majority, however detrimental they may be, will carry on. The future of mankind depends on the ability of the elite to influence public opinion in the right direction.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The agents of etatism have certainly not been lacking in zeal and energy. But, for all this, economic affairs cannot be kept going by magistrates and policemen.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “But when States did debase the coinage, it was always from purely fiscal motives. The government needed financial help, that was all; it was not concerned with questions of currency policy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Hence, the statement that the cost of living is different in different localities only means that the same individual cannot secure the same degree of satisfaction from the same stock of goods in different places.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Inflation made it possible to divert the fury of the people to ‘speculators’ and ‘profiteers’. Thus it proved itself an excellent psychological resource of the destructive and annihilist war policy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “All present-day governments are fanatically committed to an easy money policy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The prevailing legal and moral views of a time are held not only by those whom they benefit but by those, too, who appear to suffer from them. Their domination is expressed in that fact- that the people from whom they claim sacrifice accept them.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “To recapitulate: the exchange-ratio subsisting between commodities and money is everywhere the same. But men and their wants are not everywhere the same, and neither are commodities. Only if these distinctions are ignored is it possible to speak of local differences in the purchasing power of money or to say that living is dearer in one place than in another.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What workers must learn is that the only reason why wage rates are higher in the United States is that the per head quota of capital invested is higher.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What matters is not the allocation of portions out of a fund presented to man by nature. The problem is rather to further those social institutions which enable people to continue and to enlarge the production of all those things which they need.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The aim was to regulate the value of money by increasing or diminishing the quantity of it. The effects of these measures appeared to provide an inductive proof of the correctness of this superficial version of the Quantity Theory, and incidentally concealed the weaknesses of its logic.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “No better is the propensity, very popular nowadays, to brand supporters of other ideologies as lunatics. Psychiatrists.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The people who think that the power of big business is enormous are mistaken.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “There is no western, capitalistic country in which the conditions of the masses have not improved in an unprecedented way.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is not easy to determine whether there are any who still adhere in good faith to the doctrine that traces back the depreciation of money to the activity of speculators. The doctrine is an indispensable instrument of the lowest form of demagogy; it is the resource of governments in search of a scapegoat. There are scarcely any independent writers nowadays who defend it; those who support it are paid to do so.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “All attempts to coerce the living will of human beings into the service of something they do not want must fail.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “One has to recognize that science is not metaphysics, and certainly not mysticism; it can never bring us the illumination and the satisfaction experienced by one enraptured in ecstasy. Science is sobriety and clarity of conception, not intoxicated vision.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Is still fulfilling its social function in supplying the consumers with more, better and cheaper goods.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The biological equipment of a man rigidly restricts the field in which he can serve.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Interventionism cannot be considered as an economic system destined to stay. It is a method for the transformation of capitalism into socialism by a series of successive steps.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Those who disagree with the dictator’s plan have no other means to carry on than to defeat the despot by force of arms.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “An intellectual inferiority of the masses would manifest itself most evidently in their aiming at the abolition of the system in which they themselves are supreme and are served by the elite of the most talented men.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The collapse of an inflation policy carried to its extreme – as in the United States in 1781 and in France in 1796 – does not destroy the monetary system, but only the credit money or fiat money of the State that has overestimated the effectiveness of its own policy. The collapse emancipates commerce from etatism and establishes metallic money again.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What is called “orthodox” economics is in most countries barred from the universities and is virtually unknown to the leading statesmen, politicians, and writers. The.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is inherent in the nature of the capitalistic economy that, in the final analysis, the employment of the factors of production is aimed only toward serving the wishes of consumers.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is not the poverty of individuals and the community, not indebtedness to foreign nations, not the unfavourableness of the conditions of production, that force up the rate of exchange, but inflation.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The characteristic feature of capitalism that distinguishes it from pre-capitalist methods of production was its new principle of marketing. Capitalism is not simply mass production, but mass production to satisfy the needs of the masses.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What impels every man to the utmost exertion in the service of his fellow man. Is, in the market not compulsion on the part of gendarmes, hangmen and penal courts, it is self interest.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What pushes the masses into the camp of socialism is, even more than the illusion that socialism will make them richer, the expectation that it will curb all those who are better than they themselves are.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is extremely difficult for our contemporaries to conceive of the conditions of free banking because they take government interference with banking for granted and as necessary.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “What vitiates entirely the socialists economic critique of capitalism is their failure to grasp the sovereignty of the consumers in the market economy.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The philosophy underlying the system of progressive taxation is that the income and wealth of the well-to-do classes can be freely tapped. What the advocates of these tax rates fail to realize is that the greater part of the incomes taxed away would not have been consumed but saved and invested.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Nobody ever recommended a dictatorship aiming at ends other than those he himself approved. He who advocates dictatorship always advocates the unrestricted rule of his own will.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Etatism, as a theory, is the doctrine of the omnipotence of the State, and, as a policy, the attempt to regulate all mundane affairs by authoritative commandment and prohibition. The ideal society of etatism is a particular sort of socialistic community; it is usual in discussions involving this ideal society to speak of State Socialism, or, in some connexions, of Christian Socialism.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “There is in the universe something for the description and analysis of which the natural sciences cannot contribute anything. There are events beyond the range of those events that the procedures of the natural sciences are fit to observe and describe. There is human action.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The nationalist, too, affirms Socialism, and objects only to its Internationalism. He wishes to combine Socialism with the ideas of Imperialism and the struggle against foreign nations. He is a national, not an international socialist; but he, also, approves of the essential principles of Socialism.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The supremacy of public opinion determines not only the singular role that economics occupies in the complex of thought and knowledge. It determines the whole process of human history.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “When a country has substituted credit money or fiat money for metallic money, because the legal equating of the over-issued paper and the metallic money sets in motion the mechanism described by Gresham’s Law, it is often asserted that the balance of payments determines the rate of exchange. But this also is a quite inadequate explanation. The rate of exchange is determined by the purchasing power possessed by a unit of each kind of money.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Public opinion takes no offense at the endeavors of farmers, workers, clerks, teachers, doctors, ministers, and people from many other callings to earn as much as they can. But it censures the capitalists and entrepreneurs for their greed.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “To seek to organize society is just as crazy as it would be to tear a living plant to bits in order to make a new one out of the dead parts.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “But even a victory of planning will not mean the end of history. Atrocious wars among the candidates for the supreme office will break out. Totalitarianism may wipe out civilization, even the whole of the human race. Then, of course, history will have come to its end too.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “One must rather ask how much could be produced if competition among producers were abolished.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “A third group of inflationists do not deny that inflation involves serious disadvantages. Nevertheless, they think that there are higher and more important aims of economic policy than a sound monetary system. They hold that although inflation may be a great evil, yet it is not the greatest evil, and that the State might under certain circumstances find itself in a position where it would do well to oppose greater evils with the lesser evil of inflation.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “The main achievement of economics is that it has provided a theory of peaceful human cooperation. This is why the harbingers of violent conflict have branded it as a dismal science and why this age of wars, civil wars, and destruction has no use for it.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “Rhetorical bombast, music and song resound, banners wave, flowers and colors serve as symbols, and the leaders seek to attach their followers to their own person. Liberalism has nothing to do with all this. It has no party flower and no party color, no party song and no party idols, no symbols and no slogans. It has the substance and the arguments. These must lead it to victory.”
Ludwig von Mises Quote: “It is in the nature of every application of violence that it tends toward a transgression of the limit within which it is tolerated and viewed as legitimate.”
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