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Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “It’s easy to live loved when I feel loved.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Seeking with all of your heart requires more than just the routine Christian good girl checklist.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Maybe you’ve been entrusted with this. Not cursed with it.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The tweaking of us by God in the quiet is the saving of us in public.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I needed a go-to script for this situation. So, I lowered my head and prayed, “God, I am at the end of my strength here. This is the moment I’ve got to sense Your strength stepping in. The Bible says Your power is made perfect in weakness. This would be a really good time for that truth to be my reality. Help me see something else besides this temptation looming so large in front of me it seems impossible to escape.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Which do I care more about – demanding my rights or displaying right choices?”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Too many of us live with an uncontrolled thought life. It is possible to learn to identify destructive thoughts and make wiser choices. Instead of letting those thoughts rumble freely about in my mind, I make the choice to harness them and direct them toward truth.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God isn’t afraid of your sharp edges that may seem quite risky to others. He doesn’t pull back. He pulls you close.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “A whole lifetime could be spent making excuses, giving in, feeling guilty, resolving to do better, mentally beating myself up for not sticking to my resolve, feeling like a failure, and then resigning myself to the fact that things can’t change.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God is good. He is way more interested in developing our characters to match our calling than in manipulating our circumstances to make us happy.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “If they make the choice to walk over me rather than walk with me, I’ll have to love them from afar.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “We can’t look to our feelings to determine truth. We must look to truth to rein in our feelings.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Don’t we get into God’s Word so it can get into us? So that it can interrupt us, change us, satisfy us? How sad to simply settle for learning facts about the Bible when it was meant for so much more.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Now I’m not saying the act of going to church fixes everything. Just as simply looking at a restaurant menu won’t give you nourishment. We’ve got to engage with what’s offered if it’s going to do us any good. But putting my heart in a place to receive truth certainly got me going in a different direction.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “It’s tough. And yet the Bible makes it very clear that we are to make time for rest. More than just physical rest, we need to take a spiritual and emotional rest from going our own way – literally. Once a week, we are to hit the pause button on life and guard a day of rest for our souls. Guard it fiercely and intentionally – even if the demands on our schedules beg us not to.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “What’s a brokenhearted person to do? We must praise God, seek God, look to God, call to God, experience God, fear God, learn from God, honor God, draw near to God, and take refuge in God. This.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The more we read God’s truths and let truth fill our minds, the less time we’ll spend contemplating untruths.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I don’t know all the details entangled in this issue. But You know all. Therefore, You, God, are the only One who can handle all. There are a lot of things my flesh is tempted to seek – fairness, my right to be right, proof of her wrongdoing, to make her see things from my vantage point – but at this point, the only thing healthy for me to seek is You. You alone. I’m going to be obedient to You and let You handle everything else.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “It’s not about you becoming anything. Your soul was made to simply be with Me. And the more you are with Me, the more you will stop fearing what the world might take from you. With Me you are free to be you. The real you. The you honesty called to at the very beginning of this journey. The you whose core is in alignment with My truth. The you who doesn’t fear imperfections or rejections, because grace has covered those in the loveliest of ways.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Fullness comes to us when we remember to be with Him before going out to serve Him. He wants our hearts to be in alignment with Him before our hands set about doing today’s assignment for Him.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “You will hear human answers that try to tie bows around the big blows of life. These sound good in a sermon but never hold up in real life. And that’s when you will see what a gift it is that you’ve been entrusted with enough hurt to keep you humane. You’ll offer the only real answer available: ‘The Lord helped me survive and He’ll help you too. I’ll hold your hand while you find your way to Him.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Giving with strings of secret expectations attached is the greatest invitation to heartbreak.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “He is jealous for you. He is jealous for me. The fullness of His love and lavish acceptance is the only match for the rejections we will experience. And He absolutely doesn’t want us making other relationships the false gods of our worship. As we seek love and acceptance, God doesn’t want us to test Him; He wants us to trust Him.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “In the meantime, we must hold fast to the truth of who God is and His unchanging nature: God is good. His plans are good. His requirements are good. His salvation is good. His grace is good. His forgiveness is good. His restoration is good.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “We won’t develop new responses until we develop new thoughts. That’s why renewing our minds with new thoughts is crucial.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Rejection has long ties pulling the pain of yesterday into the situations of today. What felt hopeless yesterday will feed a hopelessness into today unless we cut those ties.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Isn’t it funny that when we get married it’s called “tying the knot”? For us, this wasn’t just an act at the altar.2 It’s something we have to do over and over again.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God is who He says He is, and He will do what He says He will do. But to partner with Him in His work of transformation in our lives, we must seek Him with all our hearts. It’s our choice whether we stay stuck in our hurt or get renewed in our hearts.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Thought for the Day: I have to make the choice every day to interrupt my fleshly tendencies of yelling and getting angry over minor things.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “We are supposed to maximize God, which keeps our weaknesses in perspective.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Ask Jesus to help you fully understand the joys of obedience. Also, ask Him how you can be a woman fully committed to obedience without slipping into a legalistic approach to life. We must always remember our goal is pursuing revelations of Him. Our focus can’t be just following rules but following Jesus Himself.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “We must tie our identities to our unchanging, unflinching, unyielding, undeniably good, and unquestionably loving God.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Even Jesus, the Savior of the world, had to take time each day to ask for his portion.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “It was about realizing the power of God taking over my complete weakness.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The emotions that feel so intense today will ease up over time as long as we let them. We just have to watch how we think and talk about this rejection. If we give it the power to define us, it will haunt us long-term. But if we only allow it enough power to refine us, the hurt will give way to healing.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Bad moments don’t make bad mommas.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Imagine this opportunity as an amazingly attractive but fast-moving river. There is so much that looks extremely appealing about this river, you’re going to be tempted to jump right in. But once you are in the river, you have diminished your ability to make decisions. That river is moving so fast that it will take you where it is going. And if you haven’t carefully traced out in advance whether you want to go through and to the places that river flows, you’ll be in trouble.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Eating in excess is a sin.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “If I understand balance, I will eat to live – not live to eat. I will enjoy nourishment, not gorge on empty calories. I will eat until satisfied, not eat to be satisfied. As Romans 6:19 says, I will make right choices that honor God and lead to holiness rather than constant indulgences that lead to defeat.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I admit that so often I have held tightly to my own plans and to the outcomes that I think should come to pass. But I know the story You’re writing for me is so much better than any story I could ever write for myself. Help me to cling to this truth when my circumstances are uncertain and unpredictable. I declare my trust in You above it all. In Jesus’ name, amen.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “With the full assurance God is okay with me even when I’m not okay with me. And I realize, I can’t hold on to the desire to run and at the same time go where God wants to lead me.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “When we know Christ, it should show in our overflow, regardless of our relative success or discouragement in the face of rejection.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Our Lord’s divinity has never been hesitant to step into the mess of humanity. He is the great answer to our every desire. And He will not let our need for divine, deep love meant to be fulfilled by Him alone be cheaply met by lesser things. He may very well give us good gifts. He may entrust to us relationships and success and blessings of all kinds. After all, He loves to give good gifts to those He loves. But He will not honor the chase of these things.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God’s eyes are on me. His face is not against me. And even if others appear to be against me, I must make sure in my reaction to them that I extend grace and honor God.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Do you know how much drama and heartbreak I could have avoided in my life if I would not have set into motion what needs to remain still? Every time this has happened in my life, I can draw a straight line to decisions I made from a hardened heart.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The more we fill ourselves from His life-giving love, the less we will be dictated by the grabby-ness of the flesh.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “So I fight for her. Not because we will reconnect. We haven’t. And we might not. Not because she’s right. Not because I’m right. I fight for her simply because I want to stay right in step with honoring God.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Sometimes a phrase lands in your soul with such weight it leaves the deepest impression.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “You can’t go on this grand adventure with God and keep your old way of thinking.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “When we seek God, we see God.”
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