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Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Sometimes a phrase lands in your soul with such weight it leaves the deepest impression.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “He waits every day with every answer we need, every comfort we crave, every affection we’re desperate for, while we look everywhere else but at Him.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “My imperfections will never override God’s promises.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Why did this happen? Because there’s someone else in the world who would drown in their own tears if not for seeing yours.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God isn’t ever going to forsake you, but He will go to great lengths to remake you.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Our disappointments in ourselves – in our lives – aren’t just isolated pieces of evidence that we fall short and life is hard. No, they are the exact places where we can break secrecy with fellow humans and show up to say, “Me too. I get it. I understand. You aren’t alone. Together, we can find our way home.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “What we look for is what we will see, what we see determines our perspective, and our perspective determines our reality.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The more fully we invite God in, the less we will feel uninvited by others.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Forgiveness is the weapon. Our choices moving forward are the battlefield. Moving on is the journey.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “And the gaping hole left behind is in some ways worse than death. If their absence was caused by death, you would grieve their loss. But when their absence is caused by rejection, you not only grieve their loss but you also have to wrestle through the fact that they wanted this.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I came across a quote from the book Art and Fear that says it best: “Making art provides uncomfortably accurate feedback about the gap that inevitably exists between what you intended to do, and what you did.”3 And the gap never stays silent.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Healthy relationships don’t feel threatening. Loving relationships don’t feel cruel. Secure relationships don’t feel as if everything could implode if you dared to draw a boundary.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.”1.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “A hurtful statement can be called a mistake. But a repeated pattern of hurtful statements or uncaring attitudes or even unjust expectations is much more than a mistake. These patterns are misuses of the purposes of a relationship. Why is this so crucial to understand? Because unchecked misuse of a relationship can quickly turn into abuse in a relationship.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “But I remembered Ephesians 6:12, and it seemed to fit: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I have to trust that first comes the dust, and then comes the making of something even better with us. God isn’t ever going to forsake you, but He will go to great lengths to remake you. What if disappointment is really the exact appointment your soul needs to radically encounter God?”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Walk confidently in the fact that our all-sufficient God did not make you insufficient or broken.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “If we are going to be true to ourselves, we’d better make sure we are being true to our most surrendered, healed, and healthy selves, the ones God made us to be.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “If we are living honest lives that honor God, we must not forget that people not liking our boundary does not mean we aren’t living right before God. We mustn’t let unhealthy people control us or have too much access to our hearts so that their negative opinion shakes us. God’s is the only opinion that matters!”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God will lead us, comfort us, guide us, walk with us, prepare the best for us, and continue filling us with such lavishness that we’re not just full but overflowing.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “You can’t fake yourself into being okay with what happened. But you can decide that the one who hurt you doesn’t get to decide what you do with your memories. Your life can be a graceful combination of beautiful and painful.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “We must respect ourselves enough to break the pattern of placing unrealistic expectations on others. After all, people will not respect us more than we respect ourselves. No, it’s not wrong to need people. But some of our biggest disappointments in life are the result of expectations we have of others that they can’t ever possibly meet.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The roots of this friendship that once nourished me in deep places now ache with a barren flow. The conversations and connections have been hollowed out and replaced with a stabbing throb of a pierced soul. The arrow dug deep.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Cynicism dressed like a security guard, making me believe that if I hoped for less, it would protect me and prevent more pain.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The Devil wants me to fill my emptiness with an unhealthy dependence on the acceptance of others. Because then he can get me so focused on the shallow opinions of others I get completely distracted from deepening my relationship with Christ.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Lord, what will fix this? What will take away this feeling that I’m going to be stuck in seasons of darkness the rest of my life?” Three words popped into my mind: Turn to Me.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “My identity must be anchored to the truth of who God is and who He is to me.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Imagine how differently you might approach each day by simply stating: God is good. God is good to me. God is good at being God. And today is yet another page in our great love story. Nothing that happens to you today will change that or even alter it in the slightest way.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Feelings are broken boards. Only truth is solid, unchanging, and stable through and through.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Numb souls are never growing souls.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God calls us to obey Him. God does not call us to obey every wish and whim of other people. God calls us to love other people. God does not call us to demand that they love us back and meet every need we have.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Our minds and hearts are like dry sponges. What we focus on is what will soak in and saturate us. If it is something foolish, we will make foolish decisions. If it is wise, we will make wise decisions.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Old patterns of thought must be torn out, and a new way of looking at the core of who I am using God’s truth has to be put into place. My identity must be anchored to the truth of who God is and who He is to me. Only then can I find a stability beyond what my feelings will ever allow. The closer I align my truth with His truth, the more closely I identify with God – and the more my identity really is in Him.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “But Jesus doesn’t refuse to reach out to us in the middle of hurts and heartbreaks and mess-ups.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “When you feed negativity on the inside, it’s negativity that you’ll exude on the outside.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Relationships were reduced to attempts at managing what I feared about them rather than enjoying what I loved about them.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I couldn’t keep my old broken beliefs, nail a little Jesus truth to the side, and expect stability. I knew I had to stop assessing God’s goodness by how my life felt at any given time. Feelings are broken boards. Only truth is solid, unchanging, and stable through and through.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “God, I don’t understand this situation. But I do understand Your goodness to me. I thank You for the protection that is part of this rejection even when I can’t see it. I trust You.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Being full of God’s love settles, empowers, and brings out the best of who we are. On the other hand, the more full of the flesh we are, the more we grab at anyone and anything to fill that ache for love and acceptance.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The beliefs we hold should hold us up even when life feels like it’s falling apart.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “A girl without a daddy felt to me like a girl without a place in this world. After all, if he couldn’t love me, who would ever love me?”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I’m going to get into a funk, because that’s what I do. I will feel put off, and then I will put on that ratty robe of rejection and wear it all day long. But I don’t want to keep being a slave to my runaway emotions and assumptions. I don’t want my days to be dictated by the moods of other people. And I really don’t want the rejections of my past feeding my propensity to feel rejected today.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “Which has really gotten me thinking about all the many times I assign thoughts to others that they never actually think. I hold them accountable to harsh judgments they never make. And I own a rejection from them they never gave me.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The devil turns powerless when our minds turn to our all-powerful God.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “If we place our hope and future in the hands of our unchanging, unflinching God who never leaves us or forsakes us, we’ll find healing and freedom. We’ll be able to see something on the other side of all the pain. Something good. Something we know will be so worth whatever it takes to get well.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I only needed to bring my willingness to forgive, not the fullness of all my restored feelings.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “I had allowed to settle into the core of who I am. I talked about myself in ways I would never let another person.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “People laughed at Jesus. People rejected Jesus. People misunderstood Jesus. We know this in theory, but as I sat on that rock that day, I suddenly realized what an everyday reality this was for Him. And because this was a reality for Him, He is the perfect one to turn to when rejection is a reality for us.”
Lysa TerKeurst Quote: “The world’s plan always leads us to places of pain, loneliness, and a deep ache for belonging that seems just out of reach.”
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