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Top 450 Madonna Quotes (2024 Update)

Madonna Quote: “No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.”
Madonna Quote: “A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.”
Madonna Quote: “I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”
Madonna Quote: “Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.”
Madonna Quote: “No one knows you better than you know yourself. Do the thing you want. Don’t wait for someone else.”
Madonna Quote: “Set your goals high and go far. Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.”
Madonna Quote: “Power is being told you're not loved and not being destroyed by it.”
Madonna Quote: “To be brave is to love someone unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. To just give. That takes courage, because we don't want to fall on our faces or leave ourselves open to hurt.”
Madonna Quote: “If your joy is derived from what society thinks of you, you're always going to be disappointed.”
Madonna Quote: “If you want to change the world, change yourself.”
Madonna Quote: “The essence of femininity is to absolutely love being a woman.”
Madonna Quote: “The self-confidence one builds from achieving difficult things and accomplishing goals is the most beautiful thing of all.”
Madonna Quote: “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.”
Madonna Quote: “I don’t care if you hate me or love me, as long as I make you think.”
Madonna Quote: “We all need to treat each other with human dignity and respect.”
Madonna Quote: “Nothing really matters; love is all we need.”
Madonna Quote: “I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dreams.”
Madonna Quote: “I've been popular and unpopular,  successful and unsuccessful, loved and loathed, and I know how meaningless it all is. Therefore, I feel free to take whatever risks I want.”
Madonna Quote: “You’re frozen when your heart’s not open.”
Madonna Quote: “You only see what your eyes want to see. How can life be what you want it to be?”
Madonna Quote: “I always wished that I could find someone as beautiful as you, but in the process I forgot that I was special too. ”
Madonna Quote: “Freedom comes when you learn to let go, creation comes when you learn to say ‘no’”
Madonna Quote: “We are living in a material world and I’m a material girl.”
Madonna Quote: “When I get down on my knees, it is not to pray.”
Madonna Quote: “There’s no greater power than the power of good-bye.”
Madonna Quote: “I’ll rest when I’m dead. I’m hungry and life is short!”
Madonna Quote: “Don’t just stand there let’s get to it. Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it.”
Madonna Quote: “If you want something bad enough the whole world conspires to help you get it.”
Madonna Quote: “Happiness lies in your own hand.”
Madonna Quote: “This will be a revolution of inquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people’s approval, of not wishing you were someone else but perfectly content to be who you are. Someone unique, and rare, and fearless. I want to start a revolution of love.”
Madonna Quote: “I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.”
Madonna Quote: “Like a virgin, touched for the very first time.”
Madonna Quote: “I am a survivor. I am like a cockroach, you just can’t get rid of me.”
Madonna Quote: “I am not reinventing myself. I am going through the layers and revealing myself. I am on a journey, an adventure that’s constantly changing shape.”
Madonna Quote: “Its boring not to take risks.”
Madonna Quote: “Never forget to dream.”
Madonna Quote: “Deep in my heart I’m concealing things that I’m longing to say. Scared to confess what I’m feeling – frightened you’ll slip away.”
Madonna Quote: “I’m not a feminist, I’m a humanist.”
Madonna Quote: “Yoga is a metaphor for life. You have to take it really slowly. You can’t rush. You can’t skip to the next position. You find yourself in very humiliating situations, but you can’t judge yourself. You just have to breathe, and let go. It is a workout for your mind, your body and your soul.”
Madonna Quote: “If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice.”
Madonna Quote: “I don’t give a damn if I go to hell. I love you Satan. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
Madonna Quote: “I must confess that I am usually drawn to sadness, and loneliness has never been a stranger to me. But love tried to welcome me, but my soul drew back, guilty of lust and sin.”
Madonna Quote: “Every time I reach a new peak, I see a new one I want to climb.”
Madonna Quote: “Don’t go for second best. Put your love to the test.”
Madonna Quote: “Why did I want to break all the rules? Because the rules didn’t make sense, that’s why.”
Madonna Quote: “If it’s bitter at the start, then it’s sweeter in the end.”
Madonna Quote: “A good relationship is a competition of generosity.”
Madonna Quote: “I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon but i want to STAY ALIVE.”
Madonna Quote: “One is that we are all responsible for our actions, our behavior, and our words, and we must take responsibility for everything we say and do. I am the architect of my destiny. You can’t blame other people for things that happened to you.”
Madonna Quote: “I am because we are. We all bleed the same color. We all want to love and be loved.”
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