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Top 450 Malcolm Gladwell Quotes (2022 Update)
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Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Gottman has proven something remarkable. If he analyzes an hour of a husband and wife talking, he can predict with 95 percent accuracy whether that couple will still be married fifteen years later. If he watches a couple for fifteen minutes, his success rate is around 90 percent.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “It’s very hard to find someone who’s successful and dislikes what they do.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Our intuitions, as humans, aren’t always very good. Changes that happen really suddenly, on the strength of the most minor of input, can be deeply confusing.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “What is learned out of hard work and trial is inevitably more powerful than what is learned easily.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The lesson here is very simple. But it is striking how often it is overlooked. We are so caught in the myths of the best and the brightest and the self-made that we think outliers spring naturally from the earth. We look at the young Bill Gates and marvel that our world allowed that thirteen-year-old to become a fabulously successful entrepreneur. But that’s the wrong lesson. Our world only allowed one thirteen-year-old unlimited access to a time sharing terminal in 1968. If a million teenagers had been given the same opportunity, how many more Microsofts would we have today?”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “When people are in a group, in other words, responsibility for acting is diffused.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Cultural legacies matter, and once we’ve seen the surprising effects of such things as power distance and numbers that can be said in a quarter as opposed to a third of a second, it’s hard not to wonder how many other cultural legacies have an impact on our twenty-first century intellectual tasks.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We talk a lot here about grit and self-control. The kids know what those words mean.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The trick to finding ideas is to convince yourself that everyone and everything has a story to tell. I say trick but what I really mean is challenge, because it’s a very hard thing to do.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “It is the new and different that is always most vulnerable to market research.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Father: ‘Anything but journalism.’ I rebelled.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The face is not a secondary billboard for our internal feelings. It is an equal partner in the emotional process.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Re-reading is much underrated. I’ve read The Spy Who Came in from the Cold once every five years since I was 15. I only started to understand it the third time.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Your unconscious, in the sense, was acting as a kind of mental valet. It was taking care of all the minor mental details in your life. It was keeping tabs on everything going on around you and making sure you were acting appropriately, while leaving you free to concentrate on the main problem at hand.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Write down as many different uses that you can think of for the following objects: a brick a blanket This is an example of what’s called a “divergence test.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “I know it sounds hard to believe, but habits laid down by our ancestors persist even after the conditions that created those habits have gone away.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Six degrees of separation doesn’t mean that everyone is linked to everyone else in just six steps. It means that a very small number of people are linked to everyone else in a few steps, and the rest of us are linked to the world through those special few.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Sometimes constraints actually create success. Not being able to swim made me run. And running taught me the discipline I needed as a writer.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We have come to confuse information with understanding.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “No food without blood and sweat.” “Farmers are busy; farmers are busy; if farmers weren’t busy, where would grain to get through the winter come from?” “In winter, the lazy man freezes to death.” “Don’t depend on heaven for food, but on your own two hands carrying the load.” “Useless to ask about the crops, it all depends on hard work and fertilizer.” “If a man works hard, the land will not be lazy.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We need to accept our ignorance and say ‘I don’t know’ more often.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We need a better guide to facing giants – and there is no better place to start that journey than with the epic confrontation between David and Goliath three thousand years ago in the Valley of Elah.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Understanding the power of the underdog requires an effort. It requires standing up to conventional wisdom.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “All good parents understand these three principles implicitly. If you want to stop little Johnnie from hitting his sister, you can’t look away one time and scream at him another. You can’t treat his sister differently when she hits him. And if he says he really didn’t hit his sister, you have to give him a chance to explain himself. How you punish is as important as the act of punishing itself.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “But remember, the logic of the inverted-U curve is that the same strategies that work really well at first stop working past a certain point, and that’s exactly what many criminologists argue happens with punishment.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The pitchman must make you applaud and take out your money. He must be able to execute what in pitchman’s parlance is called “the turn” – the perilous, crucial moment where he goes from entertainer to businessman.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “People who are busy doing things – as opposed to people who are busy sitting around, like me, reading and having coffee in coffee shops -don’t have opportunities to kind of collect and organize their experiences and make sense of them.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “If suicide is coupled, then it isn’t simply the act of depressed people. It’s the act of depressed people at a particular moment of extreme vulnerability and in combination with a particular, readily available lethal means.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The Stickiness Factor says that there are specific ways of making a contagious message memorable; there are relatively simple changes in the presentation and structuring of information that can make a big difference in how much of an impact it makes.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Well, it’s roughly how long it takes to put in ten thousand hours of hard practice. Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Roseto Valfortore lies one hundred miles southeast of Rome in the Apennine foothills.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “What screws up doctors when they are trying to predict heart attacks is that they take too much information into account.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The thing you have to understand about that crash,” Ratwatte said, “is that New York air traffic controllers are famous for being rude, aggressive, and bullying. They are also.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “It is quite possible for people who have never met us and who have spent only twenty minutes thinking about us to come to a better understanding of who we are than people who have known us for years.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “I think actually the marketing community is approaching a crisis: There are just too many messages competing for too little attention. That is the fundamental problem.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Successful people don’t do it alone.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Illegitimi non carborundum. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Farkas’s Jewish family trees go on for pages, each virtually identical to the one before, until the conclusion becomes inescapable: Jewish doctors and lawyers did not become professionals in spite of their humble origins. They became professionals because of their humble origins.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “As human beings, we always expect everyday change to happen slowly and steadily, and for there to be some relationship between cause and effect.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In the end, Tipping Points are the reaffirmation of the potential for change and the power of intelligent action.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In epidemics, the messenger matters: messengers are what make something spread. But the content of the message matters too. And the specific quality that a message needs to be successful is the quality of “stickiness.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In a devastating critique, the sociologist Pitirim Sorokin once showed that if Terman had simply put together a randomly selected group of children from the same kinds of family backgrounds as the Termites – and.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Track is full of the absolute nicest and most polite athletes in all of sports, and where does it get us?”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Snap judgments are, first of all, enormously quick: they rely on the thinnest slices of experience. But they are also unconscious.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “I think overall it’s a disadvantage,” Jeb Bush once said of what it meant for his business career that he was the son of an American president and the brother of an American president and the grandson of a wealthy Wall Street banker and US senator.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “When you write down your thoughts, your chances of having the flash of insight you need in order to come up with a solution are significantly impaired.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Affect, Imagery, Consciousness, a four-volume work so dense that its readers were evenly divided between those who understood it and thought it was brilliant and those who did not understand it and thought it was brilliant.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We vary greatly in the natural advantages that we’ve been given. The world’s not fair.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Of course, kids don’t always like repetition. Whatever they are watching has to be complex enough to allow, upon repeated exposure, for deeper and deeper levels of comprehension. At the same time, it can’t be so complex that the first time around it baffles the children and turns them off.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The problem is that buried among the things we hate is a class of products that are in that category only because they are weird. They make us nervous. They are sufficiently different that it takes some time to understand that we actually like them.”
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