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Top 450 Malcolm Gladwell Quotes (2022 Update)
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Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Whenever we have something that we are good at – something we care about – that experience and passion fundamentally change the nature of our first impressions. This does not mean that when we are outside our areas of passion and experience, our reactions are invariably wrong. It just means that they are shallow. They are hard to explain and easily disrupted. They aren’t grounded in real understanding.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “This is the real lesson of Blink: It is not enough simply to explore the hidden recesses of our unconscious. Once we know about how the mind works – and about the strengths and weaknesses of human judgment – it is our responsibility to act.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Perhaps the most common – and the most important – forms of rapid cognition are the judgments we make and the impressions we form of other people. Every waking minute that we are in the presence of someone, we come up with a constant stream of predictions and inferences about what that person is thinking and feeling.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “A vervet, in other words, is very good at processing certain kinds of vervetish information, but not so good at processing other kinds of information.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Contagiousness is an unexpected property of all kinds of things.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Goliath was blind to his approach – and then he was down, too big and slow and blurry-eyed to comprehend the way the tables had been turned. All these years, we’ve been telling these kinds of stories wrong. David and Goliath is about getting them right.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Just think about how many times you have criticized someone else, in hindsight, for their failure to spot a liar. You should have known. There were all kinds of red flags. You had doubts. Levine would say that’s the wrong way to think about the problem. The right question is: were there enough red flags to push you over the threshold of belief? If there weren’t, then by defaulting to truth you were only being human.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “People are in one of two states in a relationship,” Gottman went on. “The first is what I call positive sentiment override, where positive emotion overrides irritability. It’s like a buffer. Their spouse will do something bad, and they’ll say, ‘Oh, he’s just in a crummy mood.’ Or they can be in negative sentiment override, so that even a relatively neutral thing that a partner says gets perceived as negative.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “All of us, when it comes to personality, naturally think in terms of absolutes: that a person is a certain way or is not a certain way. But what Zimbardo and Hartshorne and May are suggesting is that this is a mistake, that when we think only in terms of inherent traits and forget the role of situations, we’re deceiving ourselves about the real causes of human behavior.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The Band-Aid is an inexpensive, convenient, and remarkably versatile solution to an astonishing array of problems.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “They were unconvinced of the power of giants.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “What does it say about a society that it devotes more care and patience to the selection of those who handle its money than of those who handle its children?”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Some of us, after all, are very good at expressing emotions and feelings, which means that we are far more emotionally contagious than the rest of us. Psychologists call these people “senders.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “From experience, we gain a powerful gift, the ability to act instinctively, in the moment.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “There will be statues of Bill Gates across the Third World. There’s a reasonable shot that – because of his money – we will cure malaria.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “You need to have the ability to gracefully navigate the world.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “They painted one another and painted next to one another and supported one another emotionally and financially, and today their paintings hang in every major art museum in the world. But in the 1860s, they were struggling. Monet was broke. Renoir once had to bring him bread so that he wouldn’t starve. Not that Renoir was in any better shape. He didn’t have enough money to buy stamps for his letters. There were virtually no dealers interested in their paintings.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Good writing does not succeed or fail on the strength of its ability to persuade... It succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage you, to make you think, to give you a glimpse into someone else’s head – even if in the end you conclude that someone else’s head is not a place you’re really like to be.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In epidemics, the messenger matters: messengers are what make something spread. But the content of the message matters too. And the specific quality that a message needs to be successful is the quality of “stickiness.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “When people in authority want the rest of us to behave, it matters – first and foremost – how they behave. This is called the “principle.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The deceptions of Ana Montes and Bernie Madoff, the confusion over Amanda Knox, the plights of Graham Spanier and Emily Doe are all evidence of the underlying problem we have in making sense of people we do not know. Default to truth is a crucially important strategy that occasionally and unavoidably leads us astray. Transparency is a seemingly commonsense assumption that turns out to be an illusion. Both, however, raise the same question: once we accept our shortcomings, what should we do?”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “For centuries, the paesani of Roseto worked in the marble quarries in the surrounding hills, or cultivated the fields in the terraced valley below, walking four and five miles down the mountain in the morning and then making the long journey.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “From experience we gain a powerful gift, the ability to act instinctively, in the moment. But – and this is one of the lessons I tried very hard to impart in Blink – it is easy to disrupt this gift.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Paul Revere’s ride is perhaps the most famous historical example of a word-of-mouth epidemic. A piece of extraordinary news traveled a long distance in a very short time, mobilizing an entire region to arms. Not all word-of-mouth epidemics are this sensational, of course. But it is safe to say that word of mouth is-even in this age of mass communications and multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns-still the most important form of human communication.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Our world requires that decisions be sourced and footnoted, and if we say how we feel, we must also be prepared to elaborate on why we feel that way. I think that approach is a mistake, and if we are to learn to improve the quality of the decisions we make, we need to accept the mysterious nature of our snap judgements. We need to respect the fact that it is possible to know without knowing why we know and accept that – sometimes – we’re better off that way.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “But what I have sensed is an enormous frustration with the unexpected costs of knowing too much, or being inundated with information. We have come to confuse information with understanding.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “There is actually a significant scientific literature measuring Asian “persistence.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “I’ve always been baffled by how much we over-rate the statistically insignificant differences that separate competitors at the top end of the distribution.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Popeils had been doing for most of the century, and what all the experts said couldn’t be done in the modern economy. He dreamed up something new in his kitchen and went out and pitched it himself.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “But let’s not forget that if you are reading this book, then you are a reader and that means you’ve probably never had to think of all the shortcuts and strategies and bypasses that exist to get around reading.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “What Wolf began to realize was that.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Why are man hole covers around?” If you don’t knwo the answer to the questions, you’re not smart enough to work at microsoft.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “An innate gift and a certain amount of intelligence are important, but what really pays is ordinary experience.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “What Hartshorne and May concluded, then, is that something like honesty isn’t a fundamental trait, or what they called a “unified” trait. A trait like honesty, they concluded, is considerably influenced by the situation.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In the past generation, the American educational system has decided not to seek the very best teachers, give them lots of kids to teach, and pay them more – which would help children the most. It has decided to hire every teacher it can get its hands on and pay them less.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “That fundamentally undermines your ability to access the best part of your instincts. So my advice to those people would be stop thinking and introspecting so much and do a little more acting.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “There is a place for hyperbole and I believe it’s the back jacket of books.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “This person will have been born in a.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “A certain property fundamentalism, having no connection to our tradition, now reigns in this culture.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Default to truth becomes an issue when we are forced to choose between two alternatives, one of which is likely and the other of which is impossible to imagine.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We would all be sitting in our deck chairs in the backyard, and we would look up, and all of a sudden, the Air House – or maybe even some specific part of the Air House – would be gone. Poof. High-altitude precision bombing. Curtis LeMay won the battle. Haywood Hansell won the war.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “There is no doubt that those Jewish immigrants arrived at the perfect time, with the perfect skills,” says the sociologist Stephen Steinberg. “To exploit that opportunity, you had to have certain virtues, and those immigrants worked hard. They sacrificed. They scrimped and saved and invested wisely. But still, you have to remember that the garment industry in those years was growing by leaps and bounds. The economy was desperate for the skills that they possessed.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “The As were judged to be much more alert, poised, attractive, and well dressed. In fact, the scores on those four dimensions are so different as to make you think you are looking at two different species of humans. You aren’t, of course. You’re simply seeing the difference between those schooled by their families to present their best face to the world, and those denied that experience.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Harlan that allowed them to reproduce in the New World the culture of honor they had created in the Old World. “To the first settlers, the American backcountry was a dangerous environment, just as the British borderlands had been,” the historian David Hackett Fischer writes in Albion’s Seed. Much of the southern highlands were “debatable lands” in the border sense of a contested territory without established government or the rule of law. The borderers were more at home.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “A study at the University of Utah found that if you ask someone why he is friendly with someone else, he’ll say it is because he and his friend share similar attitudes. But if you actually quiz the two of them on their attitudes, you’ll find out that what they actually share is similar activities. We’re friends with the people we do things with, as much as we are with the people we resemble. We don’t seek out friends, in other words. We associate with the people who occupy the same small, physical spaces that we do.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Coupling is the idea that behaviors are linked to very specific circumstances and conditions.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “They were so focused on the mechanics and the process that they never looked at the problem holistically. In the act of tearing something apart, you lose its meaning.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “We have, I think, a very rigid and limited definition of what an advantage is. We think of things as helpful that actually aren’t and think of other things as unhelpful that in reality leave us stronger and wiser.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “Hell, yeah, we’re going to ride,” the cussing preacher said and addressed his board. “Find you any kind of crack you can to hide in if you’re scared, but I’m walking downtown after this meeting and getting on the bus. I’m not going to look back to see who’s following me.”
Malcolm Gladwell Quote: “In other words, in all of the city of Colorado Springs-a town of well in excess of 100,000 people-the epidemic of gonorrhea tipped because of the activities of 168 people living in four small neighborhoods and basically frequenting the same six bars.”
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