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Top 10 Marcela Serrano Quotes (2024 Update)

Marcela Serrano Quote: “Si mucho te contentas con el orden, se dice, te vas convirtiendo en piedra.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “I felt like the most despicable woman in the world for allowing my mother to be a vagabond and not lifting a finger to rescue her. Other nights I cried from rage, from pure hatred, and I couldn’t rid myself of it. Hatred is like blood, it’s impossible to conceal and it stains everything.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Women among women know how not to feel alone.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Value yourself. Without internal resources, you have nothing.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Perhaps the solution is to have a little project every day. If there’s no reason for you to get up in the morning it really doesn’t matter if you are alive or dead.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Hatred is like blood, it’s impossible to conceal and it stains everything.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Everyone suffers, who doesn’t, for God’s sake? So there should be some kind of manual explaining how the hell to bring back happiness in spite of your troubles.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “At times I think I made a mistake by demonstrating how energetic and efficient I am. It’s impossible for them not to take advantage of me. On the days when I wake up feeling far from charitable, I see my husband as a cannibal. He feeds off my vitality, like a vampire. Sometimes, when I’m alone, I lower my guard and collapse in exhaustion.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “Houses are very important. Describe your house and I’ll tell you who you are. Your world is there. It’s what covers you, like a bird’s feathers.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “I think that one person’s story is always part of other people’s stories.”
Marcela Serrano Quote: “I go to great lengths to be a good mother. I’m constantly revising my attitudes, which detracts from the spontaneity, and I will be judged for it in the future, there’s no doubt. You always do badly as a mother, if not because of this, then because of that. The guilt will always be there, no matter what.”
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