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Marcus Aurelius Quotes
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Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Do not expect Plato’s ideal republic; be satisfied with even the smallest step forward, and consider this no small achievement.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Our anger and annoyance are more detrimental to us than the things themselves which anger or annoy us.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “A man should remove not only unnecessary acts, but also unnecessary thoughts, for then superfluous activity will not follow.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Practice really hearing what people say. Do your best to get inside their mind.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The act of dying is one of the acts of life.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Remember that all is opinion.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “You should banish any thoughts of how you may appear to others.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “If it’s in your control, why do you do it? If it’s in someone else’s control, then who are you blaming? Atoms? The gods? Stupid either way. Blame no one. Set people straight, if you can. If not, just repair the damage.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Let men see, let them know, a real man, who lives as he was meant to live.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The world is a living being – one nature, one soul. Keep that in mind.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Live not one’s life as though one had a thousand years, but live each day as the last.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Cultivate these, then, for they are wholly within your power: sincerity and dignity; industriousness; and sobriety. Avoid grumbling, be frugal, considerate, and frank; be temperate in manner and speech; carry yourself with authority.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Give thyself time to learn something new and good, and cease to be whirled around.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “To breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Where a man can live, he can also live well.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Anger cannot be dishonest.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Take it that you have died today, and your life’s story is ended; and henceforward regard what future time may be given you as uncovenanted surplus, and live it out in harmony with nature.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Where life is possible at all, a right life is possible; life in a palace is possible; therefore even in a palace a right life is possible.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “People find pressure in different ways. I find it in keeping my mind clear. In not turning away from people or the things that happen to them. In accepting and welcoming everything I see. In treating each thing as it deserves.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Natural ability without education has more often raised a man to glory and virtue than education without natural ability.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Within ten days thou wilt seem a god to those to whom thou art now a beast and an ape, if thou wilt return to thy principles and the worship of reason.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Failing to understand the workings of one’s own mind is bound to lead to unhappiness.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Death, like birth, is a secret of Nature.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Embellish the soul with simplicity, with prudence, and everything which is neither virtuous nor vicious. Love all men. Walk according to God; for, as a poet hath said, his laws govern all.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Pass then through this little space of time conformably to nature, and end thy journey in content, just as an olive falls off when it is ripe, blessing nature who produced it, and thanking the tree on which it grew.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “It is the act of a madman to pursue impossibilities .”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Does the light of the lamp shine without losing its splendour until it is extinguished; and shall the truth which is in thee and justice and temperance be extinguished before thy death?”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Submit to the fate of your own free will.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Change your attitude to the things that bother you and you will be aware of them.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Observe always that everything is the result of change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and make new ones like them.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The wrongdoer is often the person who left something undone, rather than the person who has done something.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Understand however that every man is worth just so much as the things are worth about which he busies himself.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Each of us lives only now, this brief instant. The rest been lived already, or is impossible to see. The span we live is small – small as the corner of the earth in which we live it.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Look to the essence of a thing, whether it be a point of doctrine, of practice, or of interpretation.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Keep yourself simple, good, pure, serious, and unassuming; the friend of justice and godliness; kindly, affectionate, and resolute in your devotion to duty.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The true worth of a man is to be measured by the objects he pursues.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “The longest-lived and the shortest-lived man, when they come to die, lose one and the same thing.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “There is a limit circumscribed to your time – if you do not use it to clear away your clouds, it will be gone, and you will be gone, and the opportunity will not return.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “From Apollonius I learned freedom of will and undeviating steadiness of purpose; and to look to nothing else, not even for a moment, except to reason.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “We are born for cooperation, as are the feet, the hands, the eyelids, and the upper and lower jaws.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Is your cucumber bitter? Throw it away. Are there briars in your path? Turn aside. That is enough. Do not go on and ay, ‘Why were things of this sort ever brought into the world?’”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “While you live, while it is in your power, be good.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “When you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, remember that your defining characteristic-what defines a human being-is to work with others.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Love the little trade which thou hast learned, and be content therewith.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “All men are made one for another: either then teach them better or bear with them.”
Marcus Aurelius Quote: “Dress not thy thoughts in too fine a raiment. And be not a man of superfluous words or superfluous deeds.”
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