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Margaret Atwood Quotes
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Margaret Atwood Quote: “There’s blood, a taste I remember. It tastes of orange popsicles, penny gumballs, red licorice, gnawed hair, dirty ice.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Death makes me hungry. Maybe it’s because I’ve been emptied; or maybe it’s the body’s way of seeing to it that I remain alive, continue to repeat its bedrock prayer: I am, I am. I am, still.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “It was true, I took too much for granted; I trusted fate, back then.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I hunger to commit the act of touch.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I am not a saint or a cripple, I am not a wound; now I will see whether I am a coward.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Why should the other ones in this play get a second chance at life, but not him? Why’s he have to suffer so much for being what he is? It’s like he’s, you know, black or Native or something. Five strikes against him from Day One. He never asked to get born.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Lambhood and tigerishness may be found in either gender, and in the same individual at different times.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “There is never only one, of anyone.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Canadians are fond of a good disaster, especially if it has ice, water, or snow in it. You thought the national flag was about a leaf, didn’t you? Look harder. It’s where someone got axed in the snow.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Good writing takes place at intersections, at what you might call knots, at places where the society is snarled or knotted up.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “We are two-legged wombs, that’s all: sacred vessels, ambulatory chalices.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Don’t eat anything you aren’t prepared to kill. Don’t kill anything you aren’t prepared to eat.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Why is it he feels some line has been crossed, some boundary transgressed? How much is too much, how far is too far?”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Temptation comes next. At the Center, temptation was anything much more than eating and sleeping. Knowing was a temptation. What you don’t know won’t tempt you, Aunt Lydia used to say. Maybe.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Every habit he’s ever had is still there in his body, lying dormant like flowers in the desert. Given the right conditions, all his old addictions would burst into full and luxuriant bloom.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I almost gasp: he’s said a forbidden word. Sterile. There is no such thing as a sterile man anymore, not officially. There are only women who are fruitful and women who are barren, that’s the law.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “A Paradox, the doughnut hole. Empty space, once, but now they’ve learned to market even that. A minus quantity; nothing, rendered edible. I wondered if they might be used-metaphorically, of course-to demonstrate the existence of God. Does naming a sphere of nothingness transmute it into being?”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “There were the garden shears, the knitting needles; the world is full of weapons if you’re looking for them. I should have paid attention.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “But I began then to think of time as having a shape, something you could see, like a series of liquid transparencies, one laid on top of another.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “It made him feel invisible – not that he wanted to feel anything else.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “He stops, looks up at this window, and I can see the white oblong of his face. We look at each other. I have no rose to toss, he has no lute. But it’s the same kind of hunger.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “They spent the first three years of school getting you to pretend stuff and then the rest of it marking you down if you did the same thing.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Canada is a balloon-puncturing country. You are not really allowed to be an icon unless you also make an idiot of yourself.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Without the protection of surliness and levity, all children would be crushed by the past – the past of others, loaded onto their shoulders. Selfishness is their saving grace.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Saved by childbearing, I think. What did we suppose would save us, in the time before?”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I began to forget myself in the middle of sentences.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “You can mean more than one. You can mean thousands. I’m not in any immediate danger, I’ll say to you. I’ll pretend you can hear me. But it’s no good, because I know you can’t.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Science fiction is filled with Martians and space travel to other planets, and things like that.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I hate to tell you this, but you will never actually go to a galaxy far, far away and encounter Darth Vader. That’s science fiction; it isn’t going to happen.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “You will always have partial points of view, and you’ll always have the story behind the story that hasn’t come out yet. And any form of journalism you’re involved with is going to be up against a biased viewpoint and partial knowledge.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Here and there are worms, evidence of the fertility of the soil, caught by the sun, half dead; flexible and pink, like lips.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “One and one and one and one doesn’t equal four. Each one remains unique, there is no way of joining them together. They cannot be exchanged, one for the other. They cannot replace each other.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I am a blank, here, between parentheses. Between other people.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Thinking can hurt your chances, and I intend to last.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “The truly fearless think of themselves as normal.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Buttered, I lie on my single bed, flat, like a piece of toast. I.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “To feel that empty, again, again. I listen to my heart, wave upon wave, salty and red, continuing on and on, marking time.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “The adult female body was one big booby trap as far as I could tell. If there was a hole, something was bound to be shoved into it and something else was bound to come out, and that went for any kind of hole: a hole in a wall, a hole in a mountain, a hole in the ground. There were so many things that could be done to it or go wrong with it, this adult female body, that I was left feeling I would be better off without it.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Human reason is a pin dancing on the head of an angel, so small is it in comparison to the Divine vastness that encircles us.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Money was the only measure of worth, for everyone, they got no respect as mothers.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “As they say, history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “If writing novels – and reading them – have any redeeming social value, it’s probably that they force you to imagine what it’s like to be somebody else. Which increasingly is something we all need to know.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Where to start is the problem, because nothing begins when it begins and nothing’s over when it’s over, and everything needs a preface: a preface, a postscript, a chart of simultaneous events.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Her speeches were about the sanctity of the home, about how women should stay home. Serena Joy didn’t do this herself, she made speeches instead, but she presented this failure of hers as a sacrifice she was making for the good of all.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I’ve never understood why people consider youth a time of freedom and joy. It’s probably because they have forgotten their own.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “She had no images of this love. She could offer no anecdotes. It was a belief rather than a memory.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “But in the end, back she comes. There’s no use resisting. She goes to him for amnesia, for oblivion. She renders herself up, is blotted out; enters the darkness of her own body, forgets her name. Immolation is what she wants, however briefly. To exist without boundaries.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “The beginning of Canadian cultural nationalism was not ‘Am I really that oppressed?’ but ‘Am I really that boring?’”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “I’m not used to girls, or familiar with their customs. I feel awkward around them, I don’t know what to say. I know the unspoken rules of boys, but with girls I sense that I am always on the verge of some unforeseen, calamitous blunder.”
Margaret Atwood Quote: “Once a story you’ve regarded as true has turned false, you begin suspecting all stories.”
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