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Maria Montessori Quote: “The child should love everything he learns. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear. Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationalist will disappear.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The objects in our system are instead a help to the child himself, he chooses what he wants for his own use, and works with it according to his own needs, tendencies and special interests. In this way, the objects become a means of growth.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Adults have not understood children or adolescents and they are, as a consequence, in continual conflict with them.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The study of love and its utilization will lead us to the source from which it springs, The Child.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “A teacher, therefore, who would think that he could prepare himself for his mission through study alone would be mistaken. The first thing required of a teacher is that he be rightly disposed for his task.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The children are now working as if I did not exist.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “One of the great problems facing men is their failure to realize the fact that a child possesses an active psychic life even when he cannot manifest it, and that the child must secretly perfect this inner life over a long period of time.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Needless help is an actual hindrance to the development of natural forces.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “What advice can we give to new mothers? Their children need to work at an interesting occupation: they should not be helped unnecessarily, nor interrupted, once they have begun to do something intelligent.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The task of the educator lies in seeing that the child does not confound good with immobility and evil with activity.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The child has other powers than ours, and the creation he achieves is no small one; it is everything.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Bring the child to the consciousness of his own dignity and he will feel free.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Conventions which camouflage a man’s true feelings are a spiritual lie which help him adapt himself to the organized deviations of society...”
Maria Montessori Quote: “But the love of man for man is a far more tender thing, and so simple that it is universal. To love in this way is not the privilege of any especially prepared intellectual class, but lies within the reach of all men.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “We serve the future by protecting the present.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Do not offer the child the content of the mind, but the order for that content.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Bring the child to the consciousness of his own dignity, and he will be free. We see no limit to what should be offered to the child, for his will be an immense field of chosen activity.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The greatest source of discouragement is the conviction that one is unable to do something.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The adult ought never to mold the child after himself, but should leave him alone and work always from the deepest comprehension of the child himself.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “I succeeded in teaching a number of the idiots from the asylums both to read and to write so well that I was able to present them at a public school for an examination together with normal children. And they passed the examination successfully.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “A new education from birth onwards must be built up. Education must be reconstructed and based on the law of nature and not on the preconceived notions and prejudices of adult society.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “For what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the individual’s total development lags behind?”
Maria Montessori Quote: “It follows that at the beginning of his life the individual can accomplish wonders without effort and quite unconsciously.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “As a rule, however, we do not respect our children. We try to force them to follow us without regard to their special needs. We are overbearing with them, and above all, rude; and then we expect them to be submissive and well-behaved, knowing all the time how strong is their instinct of imitation and how touching their faith in and admiration of us.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The world of education is like an island where people cut off from the world are prepared for life by exclusion from it.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “We must clearly understand that when we give the child freedom and independence, we are giving freedom to a worker already braced for action, who cannot live without working and being active.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Great tact and delicacy is necessary for the care of the mind of a child from three to six years, and an adult can have very little of it.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “With younger children the greatest reward is to be able to pass on to a new stage in each subject. It is a punishment to a young child not to be allowed to use the apparatus but to sit still and do nothing.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “It is not in human nature for all men to tread the same path of development, as animals do of a single species.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “A great deal of time and intellectual force are lost in the world, because the false seems great and the truth so small and insignificant.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The first thing required of a teacher is that he be rightly disposed for his task.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “While everyone was admiring the progress of my idiots, I was searching for the reasons which could keep the happy healthy children of the common schools on so low a plane that they could be equalled in tests of intelligence by my unfortunate pupils!”
Maria Montessori Quote: “From the child itself he will learn how to perfect himself as an educator.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “At about a year and a half, the child discovers another fact, and that is that each thing has its own name.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “No adult can bear a child’s burden or grow up in his stead.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “A man is not what he is because of the teachers he has had, but because of what he has done.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “We wish the old things because we cannot understand the new, and we are always seeking after that gorgeousness which belongs to things already on the decline, without recognising in the humble simplicity of new ideas the germ which shall develop in the future.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “In nature nothing creates itself and nothing destroys itself.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The school must permit the free, natural manifestations of the child if in the school scientific pedagogy is to be born. This is the essential reform. No one may affirm that such a.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Such prizes and punishments are, if I may be allowed the expression, the bench of the soul, the instrument of slavery for the spirit.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “If a child finds no stimuli for the activities which would contribute to his development, he is attracted simply to ‘things’ and desires to posses them.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The purpose of life is to obey the hidden command which ensures harmony among all and creates an ever better world. We are not created only to enjoy the world, we are created in order to evolve the cosmos.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The development of the individual can be described as a succession of new births at consecutively higher levels.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Even so those who teach little children too often have the idea that they are educating babies and seek to place themselves on the child’s level by approaching him with games, and often with foolish stories. Instead of all this, we must know how to call to the man which lies dormant within the soul of the child.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “Others, after having studied children carefully, have come to the conclusion that the first two years are the most important of life. Education during this period must be intended as a help to the development of the psychic powers inherent in the human individual.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “If the child shows through its conversation that the educational work of the school is being undermined by the attitude taken in his home, he will be sent back to his parents, to teach them thus how to take advantage of their good opportunities.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The environment acts more strongly upon the individual life the less fixed and strong this individual life may be.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “The little fellow had been about to feel himself a conqueror, and he found himself held within two imprisoning arms, impotent. The expression of joy, anxiety, and hope, which had interested me so much faded from his face and left on it the stupid expression of the child who knows that others will act for him.”
Maria Montessori Quote: “In our system, she must become a passive, much more than an active, influence, and her passivity shall be composed of anxious scientific curiosity, and of absolute respect for the phenomenon which she wishes to observe. The.”
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