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Top 500 Marianne Williamson Quotes (2023 Update)
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Marianne Williamson Quote: “Whomever it is you were born to be, whatever your soul was coded to accomplish, whatever lessons you were born to learn, now is the time to get serious and get going.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Your future isn’t programmed by your past; it’s programmed by your thoughts.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “For every person who might reject you if you live your truth, there are ten others who will embrace you and welcome you home.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “As we become purer channels for God’s light, we develop an appetite for the sweetness that is possible in this world. A miracle worker is not geared toward fighting the world that is, but toward creating the world that could be.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The world is terrified of joyful women. Make a stand. Be one anyway.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “A primary goal of the spiritual life is to learn to quiet the mind through prayer and meditation, through spiritual practice, so that we can hear what in both Judaism and Christianity, is called the small, still voice within.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “As long as there are ways we can serve, then we have a job to do.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Once the light of our awareness is cast on any darkness, then it cannot hide and it cannot remain. Such is the law of consciousness.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is about letting go of the fears that stand in front of our hearts.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “It is absolutely a relationship with food that is a displaced relationship with God. And that displaced relationship with God takes two forms: our availability to other people and our availability to our own thoughts and feelings.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Looking for Mr. Right leads to desperation, because there is no Mr. Right. There is no Mr. Right, because there is no Mr. Wrong. There is whoever is in front of us and the perfect lessons to be learned from that person.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Even a happy life has a sad day. We fail to provide a context which says it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to be sad. So I think making the space for suffering is so important and making space for this expression of feelings in community.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Whenever we feel lost, or insane, or afraid, all we have to do is ask for His help. The help might not come in the form we expected, or even thought we desired, but it will come, and we will recognize it by how we feel. In spite of everything, we will feel at peace.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Every thought creates form on some level and all that our physical experience is – is a reflection of our thoughts.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The transformation from body identification to spirit identification is the purpose of our lives.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Taking the time to meditate is as important as taking the time to breathe. One pumps oxygen into the body, the other pumps peace into the mind.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is all around us all the time. Love is the ethers that we swim in. Love is the amniotic fluid of the soul.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “In the Jewish religion it says – in the time of deepest darkest night act as if the morning has already come.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “There is nowhere you need go to find God, for God is within you. There is no one you need ask if you are good enough, for He has already established He is exceedingly well pleased.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “I embrace each moment as an opportunity for a miracle.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “We live in a world of constant juxtaposition between joy that’s possible and pain that’s all too common. We hope for love and success and abundance, but we never quite forget that there is always lurking the possibility of disaster.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The opportunities for infinite possibility exist no matter what age we are.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “May we not succumb to thoughts of violence and revenge today, but rather to thoughts of mercy and compassion. We are to love our enemies that they might be returned to their right minds.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The universe is wired to give us what we need, yet we have to show up for the experience of life with a positive attitude in order to experience its gifts.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The work of intimacy, of course, is to learn to both show your own illumination, and to see it in a way that the physical eyes cannot reveal. In a way that only the heart can reveal: the illumined beauty in another person.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “When we approach love and creativity with the level of conviction that the powers-that-be in the world today are approaching hatred and destruction, then and only then will we have a chance.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “If our emotional stability is based on what other people do or do not do, then we have no stability. If our emotional stability is based on love that is changeless and unalterable, then we attain the stability of God.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “You have to make a space in your heart, in your mind and in your life itself for authentic human connection.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “We are more afraid of excellence than of failure.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Dear God, Please send to me the spirit of Your peace. Then send, dear Lord, the spirit of peace from me to all the world. Amen.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Carrying the past in to the present, we program the future to continue the past. Letting go the past in the present, we free the future to be something else.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Happiness requires that we give up a worldly orientation-not worldly things, but a worldly attachment to things. We have to surrender all outcomes. We have to live here but appreciate the joke.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Our kingdom is our life, and our life is our kingdom. We are all meant to rule from a glorious place. When God is on the throne, then so are we. When God is in exile, our lands are at war and our kingdoms are in chaos.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Yes, we see that there are problems in the world. But we believe in a universal force that, when activated by the human heart, has the power to make all things right.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “God gives us His strength by giving us His vision of things. Our seeing people as innocent is the only way to achieve God’s peace.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The only real failure is the failure to grow from what we go through.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “What the ego doesn’t want us to see is that our pain doesn’t come from the love we weren’t given in the past, but from the love we ourselves aren’t giving in the present.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The outer kingdom is not our real home. The inner kingdom is our everything.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The path to self-esteem lies in getting over yourself. There is nothing to esteem about our smaller dramas; it’s our commitment to something beyond ourselves that is truly estimable to ourself and others.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The universe is conspiring at this moment to bring you happiness and peace.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The first step in forgiveness is the willingness to forgive.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Relationships are our primary teacher. They are the context in which we either grow into God consciousness, or deny ourselves and others the opportunity to do so.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “No matter what is happening now, events will ultimately bend toward love the way a flower bends toward sunlight.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Hatred is the spiritual malignancy of our species, and like any other form of cancer, does its most terrible work not outwardly, but from within us.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Lives with no more sense of spiritual meaning than that provided by shopping malls, ordinary television, and stagnant workplaces are barren lives indeed. Spirituality enriches culture.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “In asking for miracles, we are seeking a practical goal: a return to inner peace. We’re not asking for something outside us to change, but for something inside us to change. We’re looking for a softer orientation to life.”
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