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Marianne Williamson Quote: “Sometimes when everything has totally apart, the meaningless preoccupations that so often dominate our lives simply fall away. And what is left is who we really are, and who we really are is compassionate and intelligent and wise.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The choice to be used as an instrument of love, right here, right now, is a choice for personal empowerment.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The highest level of creativity consists in being, not doing.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “In any moment, in any circumstance, a miracle will occur when we align ourselves with truth.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The issue is not whether or not you have that power, the issue is whether or not you use it.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The holy child is waiting to be born in every instant, not just once a year.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Dear Lord, please lift me up and heal me. Cast out of my mind all thoughts that are not of You. Cast out of me all harsh and critical nature. Cast out of me all violence and all anger. Cast out of me all demons from my past. For I would be made new. I wish to walk so close to You that we might be as one.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Our power lies in remaining nonreactive.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Trying to suppress or eradicate symptoms on the physical level can be extremely important, but there’s more to healing than that; dealing with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues involved in treating sickness is equally important.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The ego seeks intimacy through control and guilt. The Holy Spirit seeks intimacy through acceptance and release.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “I’ve never seen service as separate from my spiritual practice or my spiritual teaching.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone, and as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Eastern religions tell us that if we go for God, all that is not authentically ourselves will drop.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Jesus lived within this world of fear, and perceived only love. Every action, every word, every thought was guided by the Holy Spirit instead of the ego. He was a thoroughly purified being. To think about him is to think about, and so to call forth, the perfect love inside ourselves.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Sex is not the ultimate high, but the ultimate high hangs out around sex. The ultimate high is the dance with another person, played so deep down and with such abandon that glee returns to grown-ups.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is to fear as light is to dark; in the presence of one, the other cannot exist. So wherever there is a place of fear in your life, think of one thing – even if it’s just a thought you can think-where you can generate love to cast out the fear.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “In the Holy Relationship, it’s understood that we all have unhealed places, and that healing is the purpose of our being with another person. We don’t hide our weaknesses, but rather we understand that the relationship is a context for healing through mutual forgiveness.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Nervous breakdowns can be highly underrated methods of spiritual transformation.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “There is no amount of money, time or energy too great to spend on our children. They are our angels, our future. In failing them, we are failing ourselves.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Forgiveness is the choice to see people as they are now. When we’re mad at people, we’re angry because of something they said or did before this moment. By letting go of the past, we make room for miracles to replace our grievances.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Fear unchecked grows exponentially. Love poured forth has the power to remove it. Thus is the power of God in our lives.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “In each of us, there lies a divine connection to a power more powerful than hate or violence. Today is the day to attune to that power and use it on behalf of peace on earth.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “If I’m convinced that I’m not good enough, I will have a difficult time accepting someone into my life who thinks I am. It’s the Groucho Marx syndrome of not wanting to like anyone who would want me in their club. The only way that I can accept someone’s finding me wonderful, is if I find myself wonderful. But to the ego, self-acceptance is death.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “No one is longing to meet a desperate needy, angry, withholding, controlling person. If your beloved is out there they can’t pick up your signals if you’re dwelling in those spaces within yourself.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “King Solomon, who supposedly was the wisest of all men, described his youth as his winter and his advanced years as his summer. We can be older than we used to be yet feel much younger than we are.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “My ego mind – my own self-hatred masquerading as self-love – would point me always in the direction of fear, luring me toward the blaming thought, the attack or defense, the perception of guilt in myself or others.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “When a woman falls in love with the magnificent possibilities within herself, the forces that would limit those possibilities hold less and less sway over her.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “A long-term romance is like a rose bush. In any given season, a blossom might fall off. But if the plant is well nourished, then the season will come around again, and new blossoms appear.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “When we begin to see each other through what the metaphysician calls, the third eye, we begin to know each other on a level that is beyond what our physical eyes can see.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “When you carry yesterday’s thinking into today, you program tomorrow to be like yesterday.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The field of quantum possibility, in which love has opened doors otherwise unimaginable, is our soul’s true habitat. The world of fear and limitation is not our home, and who among us is not profoundly weary of hanging out where we do not belong.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Depression might have chosen you, but you don’t have to choose it back. Sometimes happiness comes with bootstraps, but so what? Pull ’em up. Choose joy.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Every judgement blocks the light!”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “To forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave in the past, and those that were given you. All the rest must be forgotten.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “What a Beethoven, Shakespeare or Picasso has done is not create something, so much as they have accessed that place within themselves from which they could express that which has been created by God.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Spiritual progress is like a detoxification.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The Queen is coming to reclaim her girls.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed, but can only be hidden.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “We’re often afraid of looking at our shadow because we want to avoid the shame or embarrassment that comes along with admitting mistakes.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Emmet Fox was one of the world’s greatest metaphysical teachers. His works have contributed profoundly to the spiritual understanding of millions of people, including myself.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Our triumph over sorrow is not that we can avoid it but that we can endure it. And therein lies our hope; that in spirit we might become bigger than the problems we face.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “You get to decide what energy you choose to download in any moment. No one but you gets to decide who you wish to be.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Where there is peace, there cannot be chaos; the two cannot coexist at the same time.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The mystical journey drives us into ourselves, to a sacred flame at our center.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “The places in our personality where we tend to deviate from love are not out faults, but our wounds. God doesn’t want to punish us, but to heal us. And that is how He wishes us to view the wounds in other people.”
Marianne Williamson Quote: “Love is a wave flowing in the direction of bliss for all living things. It will carry you if you allow it to flow through you.”
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