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Top 60 Marion Woodman Quotes (2023 Update)

Marion Woodman Quote: “At the very point of vulnerability is where the surrender takes place-that is where the god enters. The god comes through the wound.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “A life truly lived constantly burns away veils of illusion, burns away what is no longer relevant, gradually reveals our essence, until, at last, we are strong enough to stand in our naked truth.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “An addiction is anything we do to avoid hearing the messages that body and soul are trying to send us.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “This is your body, your greatest gift, pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, grief you thought was forgotten, and joy you have never known.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “But if you travel far enough, one day you will recognize yourself coming down to meet yourself. And you will say – yes.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Having a body that is like a musical instrument, open enough to be able to resonate, literally resonate with what is coming both from the inside and from the outside, so that one is able to surrender to powers greater than oneself.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Instead of transcending ourselves, we must move into ourselves.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “We all experience ‘soul moments’ in life-when we see a magnificent sunrise, hear the call of the loon, see the wrinkles in our mother’s hands, or smell the sweetness of a baby. During these moments, our body, as well as our brain, resonates as we experience the glory of being a human being.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The healing of ourselves as healers has to take place first. Bringing ourselves to wholeness, we become more sensitive to other people. In the change of consciousness that happens within us, we bring about change of consciousness in those around us and in the planet itself.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “It is our very fear of the future that distorts the now that could lead to a different future if we dared to be whole in the present.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “There is no sense talking about “being true to yourself” until you are sure what voice you are being true to. It takes hard work to differentiate the voices of the unconscious.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Once we get used to listening to our dreams, our whole body responds like a musical instrument.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Most of us are dragged toward wholeness.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The longing for sweets is really a yearning for love or ’sweetness.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “To strive for perfection is to kill love because perfection does not recognize humanity.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The mystery of God touches us – or does not – in the smallest details: giving a strawberry, with love; receiving a touch, with love; sharing the snapdragon red of an autumn sunset, with love.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “It takes great courage to break with one’s past history and stand alone.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “It is amazing that our souls – our eternal essences, with all their hopes and dreams and visions of an eternal world – are contained within these temporal bodies. No wonder suffering is part of the human condition...”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The more you work with your dreams and your unconscious, and honor it, the more you understand it and it understands you. When you develop a relationship with your psyche this way, you begin to carry that energy into life and your relationships.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The harder we look at our aches and ailments, the more we will be startled by the painful truths they are trying to convey about our dangerously disembodied way of life.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “A life that is truly lived is constantly burning away the veils of illusion, gradually revealing the essence of the individual.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Rage and bitterness do not foster femininity. They harden the heart and make the body sick.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “To love unconditionally requires no contracts, bargains or agreements.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “There is no growth without real feeling. Children not loved for who they are do not learn how to love themselves. Their growth is an exercise in pleasing others, not in expanding through experience. As adults, they must learn to nurture their own lost child.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “If we could allow the pace of our meetings to slow down to the pace of our hearts, we might find genuine understanding.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Transition begins in forgiveness.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Many people can listen to their cat more intelligently than they can listen to their own despised body. Because they attend to their pet in a cherishing way, it returns their love. Their body, however, may have to let out an earth-shattering scream in order to be heard at all.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The images we eat are as important as the food we eat. Think of that in terms of television, and a lot of the movies we watch.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Recognizing the difference between power and love is difficult if we were raised in a home where power was disguised as love.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Kundalini power, the symbol of raising the energy coiled at the base of the spine upward through the chakras, is called by Sri Chinmoy, ‘the power of the Supreme Goddess.’ Repressed or coiled in a circle, she can be poisonous both to the body and the psyche, but once risen and standing upright, she is beneficent. The power of the serpent, rightly understood, is one of the ways the Goddess overcomes duality.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Consciousness will not always solve the problem, but it may make the suffering meaningful.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “What analysis is all about is for one hour a week, you sit and hope that for a flash of a moment you will experience connectedness.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Without an understanding of myth or religion, without an understanding of the relationship between destruction and creation, death and rebirth, the individual suffers the mysteries of life as meaningless mayhem alone.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The body is like an elaborate metaphor. One may be able to taste and not swallow, like the anorexic, or to swallow and not integrate, like the bulimic or obese.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Storytelling is at the heart of life. As a child, I was never bored because I could always get on with my story.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “My soul is the bridge between spirit and body and, as such, is a uniter of opposites. Without soul at center, I would either transcend into spirit or become mired in matter.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “When the power comes from within us and we claim it as our own, then we no longer have to affirm ourselves by dominating others. The irony is that we are actually afraid of our own power.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Only by discovering and loving the goddess lost within our rejected body can we hear our own authentic voice.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The word ‘feminine,’ as I understand it, has very little to do with gender, nor is woman the custodian of femininity. Both men and women are searching for their pregnant virgin. She is the part of us who is outcast, the part who comes to consciousness through going into darkness, mining our leaden darkness, until we bring her silver out.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Often the wisdom of the body Clarifies the despair of the spirit.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “She dreams she is in a glass coffin. From her prison, details have beauty. In her aloneness, she imagines emotions. Her husband is the perfect bridegroom, the trickster, the small boy looking for mother. She is goddess and mirror, siren and friend, femme fatale and sacrificing wife. He is attracted to her girlhood purity, her desire to sacrifice, to serve. At first he may be flattered: she sees him as a god.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “When Matisse was asked whether he believed in God, his response was, ‘yes, when I’m working’.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “The Goddess is the unspeakable wisdom that grows into the very cells of the body. She lives with this sacramental truth at her center: the beauty and the horror of the whole of life are blazing in Her love. She is dancing in the flames.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Why put them through the danger of the fire? And then, I heard, as though it spoke, the voice of the guardian-head: “Each piece must go through the fire. The cowl, the wings, the pneuma, the source, the flow. All must go the way that I have gone. Each may crack in the process, as I have cracked. But look, the crack has healed. I did not break. Without the fire, the piece is untested, unlived, raw. Each must go through the fire.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “In the absence of role models for the new feminine in our culture, the Goddess speaks through dreams and creative imagination, giving guidance to those who chose to listen.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Can I really believe I am worth an hour a day? Am I, who have given my life to others, selfish enough to take one hour a day to find myself?”
Marion Woodman Quote: “William Blake says the body is ’that portion of soul discerned by the five senses.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “Women are, by nature, disposed to relationship and connectedness; yet true relationship cannot be embraced until a woman as a deep sense of her at-one-ment. Without this essential independence from all roles and bonds, she is a potential victim for servitude.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “To me, real love, the move from power to love, involves immense suffering. Any creative work comes from that level, where we share our sufferings, just the sheer suffering of being human. And that’s where the real love is.”
Marion Woodman Quote: “You think of yourself – light, fast, free – free of earth, free of bondage to your body. In your ‘perfect’ body, you are in control, addicted to the light that keeps you out of body. You’re a swan maiden, addicted to wings, addicted to spirit. You refused to eat in order to fly.”
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