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Mark Cuban Quotes
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Mark Cuban Quote: “If it had anything to do with the PC or networking industry I was on top of it. I bought manuals. I read every book and magazine. Then I would get involved with industry conferences and put myself out there.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Find something you love to do. If you don’t make money at it, at least you love going to work.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Information is power, particularly when the competition ignores the opportunity to do the same.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “When you’ve got 10,000 people trying to do the same thing, why would you want to be number 10,001?”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Sweat equity is the most valuable equity there is. Know your business and industry better than anyone else in the world. Love what you do or don’t do it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Sales is the most important aspect of a company, which in turn is about how well you treat your customer and stay ahead of your customer’s requirements.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I love to compete. I want to get out there and kick your ass in the business world. That is what inspires me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “There are no shortcuts. NONE.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “It’s always the little decisions that have the biggest impact.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Doesnt matter what your skill and physical gifts are if you cant get your head right.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “There are no shortcuts. You have to work hard, and try to put yourself in a position where if luck strikes, you can see the opportunity and take advantage of it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The number-one job of the hedge-fund manager is not to make sure that you can retire with a smile on your face – it’s for him to retire with a smile on his face.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Don’t get caught up in how many hours you work. Judge success based on having goals and measuring your results. Hard work, and lots of it, is certainly needed, but focus on what you get done.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “In business, to be a success, you only have to be right once.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The only thing any entrepreneur, salesperson or anyone in any position can control is their effort.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I do everything via email. Which in turn works as my tickler file and prioritization queue. I start at the top every morning and keep on going until I’m finished. I don’t do calls. I don’t do meetings.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that we lie to ourselves. We don’t step back and look at ourselves like a competitor would.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Higher education is a business that doesn’t know it’s going out of business.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Know your stuff. Have an angle. Know how to grow business, how to develop products, have patents and an undeveloped market that could be huge.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “What I’ve learned in these 11 years is you just got to stay focused and believe in yourself and trust your own ability and judgment.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I think college is an absolute. In this world you have to learn how to learn and get in the habit of always wanting to learn. Some kids have that out of high school and may be able to do the college equivalent of home schooling. Most kids can’t. So I highly recommend going to college.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Business happens over years and years. Value is measured in the total upside of a business relationship, not by how much you squeezed out in any one deal.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Business is the marketplace of ideas.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “As far as businesses, I was always hustling. I had to pay for my own school. I got 20 bucks every week or 2 from my dad and that was it. So I had a “whatever it took” attitude.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The one thing in life you can control is your effort. Are there any shortcuts in the beauty business? No. That was the first lesson I learned. You can’t just rocket to the top.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I learned how to become wealthy because I asked the right questions when I was broke.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If you want to deal with me, email is the way you do it. Working via email means that everything I do is searchable. I can go back and check out discussion threads from more than 15 years ago.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The idea that growth equals profitability is a misconception. If you can’t afford the financial or qualitative side of growth, it can just as easily put you out of business.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Recessions are the best time to start a company. Companies fail. Others hold back capital. If you are willing to do the preparation and work, it is the best time to invest in yourself and start a business.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If there was a template for success in sports, everyone would follow it. You do the best you can and trust the people you trust.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “We romanticize entrepreneurshi p so much that people don’t do the work. It’s not just a dream, not just a goal; it’s a lot of hard work. A lot of people are wantrepreneurs, not entrepreneurs.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I’m a believer that you accomplish much, much more with direct relationships than by using an intermediary. And that cash you keep in the bank can be the difference between staying alive as a small business, or not.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I’m the type that thinks if you don’t learn from history, you’re doomed to repeat it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Wherever I see people doing something the way it’s always been done, the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be done, following the same old trends, well, that’s just a big red flag to me to go look somewhere else.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “As I would learn later in life, money makes you extremely handsome.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Being successful entails being able to not only get along with people, but also to give something back.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Sports, music, movies – basically, fans of any form of entertainment don’t do a resume analysis before picking their favorite.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Companies fail for lack of brains and effort.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I hate politics. It’s slimy. Any job where people pander for votes, I don’t like. The country has gotten so partisan that if you’re not on my side, you’re the enemy. The only thing I ever try to support is a third party, like Unity08. We need more parties and more choice.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The reason I do Shark Tank isn’t to try take make more money of the deals, even though every deal I want to make money off of and even more so I want the entrepreneurs to be very successful and make money, but Shark Tank sends a message to everybody that the American Dream is alive and well.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I think you’ve got to be very, very careful when you start making blanket statements about what people say and think, as opposed to what they do. It’s a very, very slippery slope.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “While some people might find it distasteful to pay taxes, I don’t. I find it patriotic.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Patent law holds us back, in every which way, shape or form. There is place for it, in physical products, in pharmaceuticals, but in software in particular, there is no place for it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The Higher Education Industry is very analogous to the Newspaper industry. By the time they realize they need to change the costs to support their legacy infrastructure and costs will keep them from getting there.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Can’t say no one makes money from Twitter now. The NBA does.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “We don’t sell wins or losses. The one thing you can’t control in sports is which games you are going to win or which games you are going to lose. But what I could control was the experience the fans have.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Social media is just a platform. Twitter is a very simple and immediate broadcast platform. Facebook is a very personal, when it comes to friends and when it comes to fan pages, a little bit less but still somewhat personal way to communicate.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If you think back to the first sporting event you went to, you don’t remember the score, you don’t remember a home run, you don’t remember a dunk. You remember who you were with. Were you with your mom, your dad, your brother, on a date?”
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