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Mark Cuban Quotes
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Mark Cuban Quote: “I create offbeat advice; I don’t follow it. I rarely take third-party advice on my investments.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “One problem people have is that they lie to themselves. Rarely is talent enough. You have to find ways to make yourself standout. You do so by playing to your strengths and making people aware of those strengths.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “In the past people used to tell me to shut up a bit. But what I believe is to put out your opinion and let everyone else react. If I’m wrong I’m wrong. People are afraid to put out their opinions and get push back.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I can turn an idea into a business before you know it’s going to be important. My first step will blow by you.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “In today’s world of technology we should no longer be using outdated paper processes to accomplish tasks such as requisitions, reports, approvals, and purchase orders.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Credit cards are the WORST investment that you can make.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “We can’t ever forget that the Internet now is just a staid utility. The exciting platforms are software applications that are very, very simple.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Every job I took was really me getting paid to learn about a new industry.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I look at my annual budgets for everything and anything, and I look to see where I can save the most money on those items. Saving 30% to 50% buying in bulk – replenishable items from toothpaste to soup, or whatever I use a lot of – is the best guaranteed return on investment you can get anywhere.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “When you first start working for me, directly for me, I micromanage until I trust you.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Only morons start a business on a loan?”
Mark Cuban Quote: “You need a place where you can explain yourself. You can write as much or as little as you would like, but the words will be all yours. You can create the context. You can make sure that all issues are addressed. You can take issue with individuals or the media as a whole. Your words, your message.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Brains are far more important than money or connections. Everyone and anyone can create a business out of their bedroom.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “We can talk about republican or democratic approaches to the economy, but until you fix the student loan bubble – and that’s where the real bubble is – and the tuition bubble, we don’t have a chance. All this other stuff is shuffling deck-chairs on the Titanic.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I love helping entrepreneurs. It’s something I really have fun doing. It’s like planting a little seed and watching it grow. Any time I can help somebody, that’s a good thing. It’s fun. If I get to make some money at it, it’s even better.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “To me business is a sport. I love knowing that 24x7x365xforever I’m competing with people I don’t know. To build my businesses. To come up with new ideas. To come up with better ideas. That motivates me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I still work hard to know my business. I’m continuously looking for ways to improve all my companies, and I’m always selling. Always.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I just started a business called HDNet. There never is one area that has a door open to everyone. Try to find an area with something you love to do and do it. It’s a lot easier to work hard and prepare when you love what you are doing.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The one requirement for success in our business lives is effort. Either you make the commitment to get results or you don’t.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If I didn’t like you, I could take any or all of what I found and invent a context that lost you your job, your relationships, your degree. People are so vulnerable online and they don’t realize it. That is scary to me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I wake up every day just fired up. My one rule is, don’t let anyone pinch me, because I don’t want to wake up.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “You’ve got to be very cognizant of the correlation between social media links and business because they don’t always correlate as highly as people would like.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Make sure you are the boss. I don’t think I would encourage executives that work for me to blog. There can be only 1 public vision for an organization.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I had been in the technology business for so long, I had seen the PC-bubble come and burst, I had seen the local area and wide area networking-bubble come and burst, it was no shock that the internet-bubble was going to burst.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “When I got to the Mavericks people were all giving me advice – change this, change that – and one thing that I didn’t do was fire anybody.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “When I started writing this blog more than years ago, it was in response to traditional media’s habit of twisting interviews to fit the headlines they wanted to create.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “YouTube has gotten so big that you’re not a standard unless YouTube adopts you. And that’s a big fight.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I’m a big believer that you always reiterate, you always learn, you always realize your business is evolving.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Once you are prepared and you think you have every angle of preparation covered, you have to go for it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Executives should blog if they have a vision they are trying to communicate, or if they are very visible in the media.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Even when I had nothing, I had everything. Because I love to compete.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “What I do know, at least what I think I have learned from my experiences in business, is that when there is a rush for everyone to do the same thing, it becomes more difficult to do. Not easier. Harder.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Every kid thinks they have something special about themselves. Every adult thinks they have a big idea at some point in their life. Rather than pursue every thing they possibly can to prepare themselves to enable their idea or special talent, they tend to wing it and make excuses.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Yes. And release prisoners who are incarcerated for pot.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “The key is having great players. But there are a lot of teams that have All-Stars and haven’t been able to put it together.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I daydreamed for motivation. I didn’t lie to myself and talk about my passions and how if I was passionate enough about something I could be successful at it.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I have some very special guests tonight, and I would like to give a big welcome to the Wayne State men and women’s rugby team for coming to the game tonight and to be on my TV Show.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I think political people are afraid of me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If you have managers reporting to managers in a startup, you will fail.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I love to compete. To me, business is the ultimate sport. It’s always on. There is always someone trying to beat me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Ideas are easy. I’ve never met a single person who didn’t think they had a world class idea. The hard part is making it a business.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I think that any reporter or columnist will be a little more careful when doing interviews with me.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If I own stock in your company and you move offshore for tax reasons I’m selling your stock. There are enough investment choices here.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Get me selling and I can figure out the industry. Once I can figure out the industry I can start a business in that industry.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If you are active online or texting, there is a good chance I could look at what you do and know more about you than your family.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “You learn in life that a lot of things are the result of effort, but some things, in terms of scale, are random.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Sometimes the best properties aren’t necessarily the biggest properties.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “I like being involved in businesses where you are kicking ass.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “Video for the Internet has become a testing ground for mediums that actually have revenue.”
Mark Cuban Quote: “If you have managers reporting to managers in a startup, you will fail. Once you get beyond startup, if you have managers reporting to managers, you will create politics.”
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