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Top 15 Masaaki Hatsumi Quotes (2024 Update)

Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Any place we can breathe, we can do Ninjutsu.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “The first priority to the ninja is to win without fighting.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Focus on the future for 50%, on the present for 40%, and on the past for 10%.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “No more talk. I’m sick of people talking. Train.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Always be able to kill your students.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “What I want you to do is just take it as it is. Don’t think too much. If you get involved with thinking about it, the whole thing gets lost or loses its purity. Don’t think during practice – DO! The more you think, the further from the truth of budo you get: Budo is NOT an academic subject!”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “When weak or injured always continue training as you should always be able to adapt in any condition.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Budo is simply the study of the best ways to kill.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Nature is your friend; it helps you to win. Your enemy will have unnatural movement, therefore you will be able to know what he is going to do before he does it.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “The simplest is always the most difficult.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Looking for the meaning of life, one man can discover the order of the universe. To discover the truth, to achieve. a higher spiritual state, that is the true meaning of ninja...”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Forget your sadness, anger, grudges and hatred. Let them pass like smoke caught in a breeze. Do not indulge yourself in such feelings.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “You must throw away your bad habits to get good.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Those who desire only techniques will never understand this art. It is everything beyond that.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “You must be on your toes constantly, yet be relaxed.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Move with your feet, the hands will follow.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “If you do not let go of thinking about forms, you will not understand what I am showing.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Learning a technique is not an end in itself, it merely indicates where you need to start.”
Masaaki Hatsumi Quote: “Your life is on the line, practice well.”
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